SAYVILLE, N.Y. (CBS 2) — Two weeks ago, thieves robbed a sick little boy of his cystic fibrosis medication, as well as donations collected to help pay for his care.

On Sunday, a non-profit organization – angry over that disturbing crime – held a fundraiser to help the family replace that lost money.

Pirates were singing and firing their weapons, and all for Eric Antos, who couldn’t help but smile. Knowing that it was all part of an effort to raise money for him made it even more special.

“Thank you for helping me,” he said.

The eight-year-old’s family said thieves broke into their home in Sayville two weeks ago, stealing more than $700 in donations, along with expensive medicine for Eric’s cystic fibrosis.

“You feel very uneasy that somebody has broken into your home,” Eric’s mother, Stacey Antos, said. “It’s become not a home anymore – it’s just a house.”

In fact, the little boy said he was afraid.

“I was scared to go to sleep,” Eric said.

The day of fun and fundraising on Sunday was organized by a husband and wife team, and they say the public has been generous.

“Through previous donations and all the raffle prizes, we’ve raised about $3,000 already,” Karen Overin, of “Ye Pyrate Brotherhood,” said.

Someone even sent the group a box full of goodies.

“All full of Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise, a lot of it autographed by cast members,” co-organizer George Overin said. “We’re going to be auctioning this off for the family. It all goes to this family.”

The Antos family said that kind of generosity is overwhelming, including other gestures to replace Antos’ missing Make-A-Wish Foundation teddy bear.

“I had a woman come by the house and drop off a teddy bear for Eric,” Stacey said.

Police still won’t say if they have any suspects or leads. Jim Antos said the whole thing has made him feel helpless.

“I mean, they really don’t need that as much as my kid does to get by. It’s frustrating,” he said.

Organizers are still counting the money raised from the event. Friends of the Antos family plan on holding another fundraiser next weekend.

The Antos family said Eric’s doctor also replaced all of his medicine – free of charge.