NEW YORK (AP/1010 WINS) — Police say a man suspected in two knife point holdups died after he tried to jump onto a moving subway train in Manhattan to flee from officers.

Twenty-year-old Bryan Feeley fell onto the tracks and was hit by the train early Thursday. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Police say he robbed a 32-year-old man of $150 cash in trendy Tribeca. The victim followed him, watched him go down into the subway and called police.

Officers saw the suspect on an E train platform and told him to not to move. Instead, he tried to jump between two subway cars to get on a train and flee. Police say he fell between two cars and was killed.

Authorities said they did not chase the suspect, but that he fled on his own.

Police say the same suspect was thought to be responsible for a second attempted knife point robbery.

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  1. jimbob says:

    MAybe Brian’s friends/family can get together and sue the city for those “dangerous” subway cars? One last heist for the Feely family…

  2. larry says:

    He won’t be robbing anymore innocent people. I wish all perps would get CRUSHED.

  3. mikeyfatz says:

    RIP Feeley.. 2months sincee ur gonee n its only gettin harderr.. we lovee n miss you kiddd… Fly highh…
    love,,, FATZZ <3

    1. Eric Cuzz says:

      word up mikey its eric

  4. nick d. says:

    brian feeley was an amazing person regardless what wrong he did, he was a dear friend of mine, and everyone saying “karma” and all this nonsense needs to stop because if he was your friend, you wouldn’t be saying any of this alright, RIP BRIAN FEELEY LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU BRO !!! FLY HIGH BOYYY !!

  5. RickDowntown says:

    It’s a shame, but it does not erase the fact that he directly brought this upon himself. Hopefully his death will at a minimum deter others from following in his footsteps.

  6. roger says:

    I cant believe how insensitive people have become these days. A person has lost his life and people are posting bitter comments.

    1. Robbie says:

      I agree. I regret I didn’t get a chance to get robbed by Feeley, it would have been great knowing him!

  7. BIGGUYWORLD says:


  8. Cassidy says:

    agreed with my sister chelsea. brian feeley was an amazing boy with a huge heart, anyone to disrespect/judge him is just not right. iknow that what he did was wrong, but you do not know what he has been through, having him as a family member i would know. i will always hold brian dearly to my heart and shallll his soul rest peacefully<3

  9. Chelsea says:

    Brian was such a loving and kind person. He went through a lot in his life and not saying that his actions are an excuse, but for people who are saying “karma”, etc. You don’t know the things Brian dealt with and how good he was to his family and friends. He cared so much about everyone that gave him the time to prove himself, and had such a big heart. The world failed him, he was such an amazing kid. And everyone who knew him would know that. Rest In Peace Brian, i will miss and love you forever<3

    1. roeena says:

      always in our hearts<3

  10. roeena says:

    this kid was my friend and i known him for so long and he had a very hard life and i dont appreciate the rude comments that he desevered this. not saying it is right to rob someone but for god sake how would you feel is this was your son or friend. RIP BRIAN FEELEY i will forever love you !

  11. Peter says:

    chromatic, so blame the system, not the robber?

  12. Rich says:

    He got what he deserved,. WIINS has the worst writers in the world.
    One victim stabbed in “Trendy Triibeca.” Where did the other crime occur; the Marvelous Meat Packing District?

  13. Chromatic says:

    I don’t in anyway condone the actions of this young man. This is an unfortunate and tragic incident. However for those of you affluent, judgemental, self-righteous individuals consider the fact that their huge portions of NYC residents who are jobless and suffering. Instead of rectifying this we have seen gentrification and the disenfranchisment of poor and middle class. How is this any less criminal? There needs to be some understanding In NY or we will all perish

    1. Art says:

      There is no excuse for armed robbery. Think of the dozens of people who would have been his future victims who will be spared.

  14. valerie says:

    I posted my comment before it was known that he robbed someone.

  15. Me says:

    I hope the cops gave the poor man his money back once they got the guy off the tracks…

  16. Juliana says:

    All I can say is Karma….

  17. Richie says:

    When you play by the sword, you die by the sword. One less criminal makes a big difference. He deserved what he got if he ripped off people no matter what age he was.

  18. jtorres says:

    Hey Valerie, had you been one of his vicitms, I seriously doubt you’d be trying to make excuses for him The fact is that no matter what the reasons were. he stole from someone and instead of manning up and surrendering to the police, he tried to escape and died as a result of his own actions. N o one and nothing else is to blame

  19. Danny says:

    I know somebody who witness what happen. This 20 year old was trying to get away from the Police & went onto the tracks trying to escape, but as you see it was fruitless.

  20. valerie says:

    He may have gotten into a fight and was pushed, you never know. Or he was drunk… It’s still sad that a 20 year old should die.

  21. DanTe says:

    The REAL victims are the subway riders. This stup damaged a train with its carcass and than stopped everyone in the tracks. Just put a cattle prow in front of the trains and shove the trash to the side of the tracks. Stop inconveniencing everybody just because one imbecile wants to do something stupid.

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