Medical Examiner IDs Body Of 18-Year-Old Found In Hudson

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBS 2) — CBS 2 has learned that the two students accused of broadcasting a classmate’s sexual encounter could face additional charges.

John Metaxas reports authorities are trying to determine whether bias played a role in the alleged crimes.

On Thursday authorities confirmed the worst, identifying the body of that student who was videotaped and then committed suicide.

The Rutgers campus is reeling.

On a grey day in New Brunswick the grieving was not yet over for Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi, whose body, which was retrieved from the Hudson River, was officially identified.

At the state capitol in Trenton legislators observed a moment of silence for the 18-year-old, who leaped to his death off of the George Washington Bridge last week.

But the debate has already begun as to how responsible for his death are the two students arrested for placing a web cam in Clementi’s dorm room and broadcasting his romantic encounter with another man.

“There’s no getting around it. They’re responsible. And they are going to have to live with it the rest of their lives,” Rutgers senior Jack Murtha said.

“They’re definitely not responsible for him committing suicide because that was his own choice,” junior Nicolette Cobbold said.

Already there have been calls from at least one gay group to upgrade the charges against the students accused of deploying the web cam and streaming the video – 18-year-olds Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei. They are currently charged with invasion of privacy and could face up to five years in prison.

Some friends of Wei are apparently trying to shift blame to Ravi, writing on a newly created Facebook page: “Molly is being wrongfully accused of conspiring in this crime. This page does not support Dharun Ravi or any of his actions.”

At least one legal expert said upping the charges would be problematic.

“There would have to be specific evidence of knowledge by the actors that the victim, this boy, was vulnerable, had emotional problems, would likely and foreseeably react in the way he did,” lawyer Gerald Lefcourt said.

It’s the job of the legal system to sort out responsibility for this tragedy, but students here already have gotten a crash course in the subject of unintended consequences.

One Rutgers student said deploying the webcam was wrong, but there’s plenty of blame to spread around.

“I think they’re very responsible but who’s really responsible is our society for not making gays feel that they are as accepted in our society,” Laura Klobusicky said.

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  1. voiceof reason says:

    Remember that TWO people were involved in this sexual act, but only one committed suicide. It was a foolish to videotape this act, but the accused people could not have anticipated the outcome. If he had not committed suicide, would we have even heard about this?

    1. lbrophy says:

      What type of outcome were the accused expecting?? Think about it…they premeditated this video with the intent of ruining these boys’ lives. Little did they know they would ruin their own lives with their little “prank”.
      As a mother with two kids away at college, I fear for our society that is accepting and tolerating of such evil and hate.
      Wake up and start holding people accountable for their actions…maybe the world will be a better place.

  2. says:

    It’s soft, namby-pamby bleeding hearts like Fred giving constant excuses for these little budding sociopaths that really have all the answers.

  3. J says:

    No crime other than an invasion of privacy was committed. There are invasions of privacy taking place all the time. While I feel bad that the young lad took his own life, he acted inconsequently. The kids should not be held responsible for his decision to take his own life. Prosecutors know this. At worst its a privacy issue, at the very least its about kids being kids- unfortunately this had to happen, and no this is not a hate crime, which is why some people would like to see it be classified as a hate crime.

  4. Fred says:

    How do we know Tyler jumped as a result of the encounter being on web cam? He didn’t leave a note to that effect. It could have been due to a breakup of some sort perhaps with his partner or depression. When police went to ask the people on his dorm room floor how many knew him, only 3 out of the 50 gathered raised their hands. So he was a low key guy.

    I’m not making excuses for the taping. That was crass. But that sort of thing has been happening for years, remember in the movie version of MASH when Hawkeye slipped a p.a. microphone under the tent flap of Major Houlihan to broadcast her tryst with Major Burns to the entire 4077 camp?

    This wasn’t murder, it wasn’t manslaughter, it wasn’t a hate crime. The two students involved did something wrong and should be punished for invasion of privacy. But their intent is a byproduct of the generation y “look at me look at me” hunger for immediate recognition and gratification, enabled in part by the urge to upload their every experience to YouTube, twitter, Facebook etc.

    They won’t serve any time in prison. It will be a misdemeanor plea, fine and probation. Bias of the courts? No. I’d rather have a bank robber in that cell than an 18 year old who just needs a maturation adjustment.

    1. fern says:

      Another case of inability to differentiate fiction from reality ain’t that so Fred?
      A bank robber by his action rejects society as he perceives it and these two impose society has they perceive it.
      Where is the difference?

  5. gonzo says:

    Wow, these messages spun out of control. This isn’t a hate crime nor is it about being or not being gay. This is about two children who lack a moral compass. They will carry this with them. To say or insinuate violence, humiliation, or intimidation is bullying…which if my gauges are correct, is exactly what these two did to that young man.

    Pray for the young man and his family, then pray for the two that took him away.

    It’s hard, so its probably the right thing to do

    1. fern says:

      Pray, pray, pray. He committed suicide, he will not go to heaven, he is gay he will not go to heaven, these two will ask for forgiveness of their sin and will go to heaven, “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing”.
      What I know you should be doing Gonzo is go back to church and never come back out again.

  6. gonzo says:

    Wow, these messages spun out of control. This isn’t a hate crime nor is it about being or not being gay. This is about two children who lack a moral compass. They will carry this with them. To say or insinuate violence, humiliation, or intimidation is bullying…which if my gauges are correct, is exactly what these two did to that young man.

    Pray for him and his family then pray for the two who took him away.

  7. gnatpiz says:

    Molly hot? A pretty plastic shell with zero for morals and integrity. Yep, quite the looker, quite the prize.

  8. John says:

    Molly Wei is hot… anyone have a bikini shot?

  9. la says:

    Sorry gnatpiz then we need to tell Justin to read

  10. gnatpiz says:

    It was I that said further up the thread that the dirtbag perps should get 15-to-life…

  11. gnatpiz says:

    Um, la? I was replying to Justin…

    1. la says:

      Justin Did Gordon Ramsay secretly video tape an intimate situation and cause someone involved to commit suicide??
      If so then yes he should

    2. gnatpiz says:

      No, you silly person, he should not. THE RAMSEY SITUATION WAS CONSENSUAL. Does no one think anymore?

      1. la says:

        gnatpiz.. read the words printed on the page in front of your dense self…
        The two are and should be held responsible for the kids death bc they VIOLATED his rights to Privacy !!!!
        Just in case that wasn’t easy enough for you to Comprehend lets try it this way.
        And then exposed to the rest of the world to see without his consent or knowledge. When he found out what had happened and I’m assuming he was not ready to come out of the closet he probably panicked then made the fateful decision to commit suicide.
        I don’t believe at the tender age of 18 or 19 a person is mentally capable of 1. choosing to be gay and 2. ready to tell people about it!!! he was probably shameful not for the act he committed but how to explain it to his parents.

      2. justin says:

        Gnatpiz: It’s called sarcasm, something most readers would get. The argument for a hate crime is as logical in this sad case as it is with the other one… that’s the point. Invasion of privacy does not equal murder or hate c status

  12. margaretV says:

    I hope that Dharun Ravi spends a minimum of 10 years in prison, for a Hate Crime. The guy is so filled with HATE he deserves to face big bubba in the Pen.

    1. Nicola101 says:

      Hey Margaret thats funny that way he can get a taste of the GAY life too !!! maybe someone in prison can tape his butt raping and we can all look at it on line see how he feels..

      1. D L says:

        Many of You all are sick. You need jail time, What if they committ suicide beacuse of your posts? Think about it.

        This young man was mentally unstable and if somoen had reached out to him, he would not have committed suicide over being embarassed about HIS actions.

        It is sad, but not these 2 at fault, surely not murder. What is a hate crime, the opposite of a love crime? All crimes are either hate or greed, please use yiour minds noit your emotions.

      2. Nicola101 says:

        hey dl if they commit suicide then they will then know how it feels

  13. Fred Farkey says:

    The real shame is that two of the students from this so called elite university have the book smarts to get accepted but don’t the common sense and decency to respect the differences in people on a personal and sexual level.

    This is a shame. While I want to throw the book at them, I also dont want to leave a total path of destruction. Perhaps if these two can change their ways, they can save their lives.

    But this is not a hate crime. Its a crime plain and simple. Diversifying and categorizing these crimes just debases the victims and waters down the crime.

    Its a horrible filthy crime,

    1. Nicola101 says:

      So I have a question Fred Do you think that these two precious morons would have taped the kid if he was having sexual relations with a female instead of a male??? I think not they did it bc the kid was gay. and that is what makes it a HATE CRIME

    2. cinmatzo says:

      You are correct, Fred< As a high school teacher, I have seen this kind of behavior perpetrated by "the good kids, the smart kids" for several years. We are raising an entire generation of privileged,self serving, entitled, sociopathic, children, who are given a pass on the most vicious behavior because they are "honor students". That expression is a complete oxymoron. There is no honor among these kids. Their parents makes sure they are delivered of consequence for their actions, and their victims become utterly demoralized by a public school system that only wants to make it to the top of the rankings by claiming the most AP test takers.

  14. A says:

    RON A, You really sound like a complete idiot. Are you from WI. by chance? Thatt would justify your comment.

  15. Think says:

    The punishment for these two bozos should be something that torments them for the rest of their lives because the kind of video they were putting up on the Internet would do exactly that to the person in the video. Things never go away once it is on the Internet.

  16. justin says:

    What is it with the gay lobby? Hate crime this, hate crime that–it’s creepy and Orwellian. This was a sickening act of invasion of privacy, and it ought to be treated like that.

  17. Ron A, WI says:

    There is NO SUCH THING as a “Hate Crime”!! These are thought crimes used only to coerce obedience to ideological agenda!!

    The fact this guy was gay has nothing to do with what happened!!!

    Yes, it was wrong!! Not the worst thing college kids have ever done; but, nothing more than a prank gone bad!!

    And committing suicide does NOT warrant “Victim” Status!!!

    1. fern says:

      Without these two idiots he would be alive today you moron.

  18. dave Smith says:

    The irony here is the adults who want to hang these prank students are far more guilty for the hatred they spew.
    What they can’t take is the guy felt so much shame he took he took his own life. The classic fight between good and evil.

    1. fern says:

      “The classic fight between good and evil.”!!!
      A prank???
      I wonder what kind of tobacco y’all smoking in them churches?

  19. Nicola101 says:

    Ok the kid that teased him and placed the Video online needs to be charged with a hate crim and charged with murder in the second degree !!!! Not to mention I’m guessing the Bully here was a Muslim with a name like RAVI So he should be DEPORTED or HANGED or BOTH ENOUGH SAID….!!!!!!

  20. Rutgers Cook 80 Grad says:

    I agree it is a tragedy the kid took his life.

    But why should the 2 students who set up the webcam be charged any differently if he was kissing another boy vs kissing a girl? If it were my kid, and he was with a girl and this happened and he took his life, I would not want them punished any less than for what they’d done to my son.

    Rutger, Cook College grad, ’80

    1. It’s easier to walk around and let people think you’re not gay and LOTS of LGBTQ people do that all the time. It’s easier than being treated differently. That’s why this should be treated differently. That video could have made his life substantially more difficult, than it would have for a heterosexual man.

  21. Mike says:

    This case is BS. If I got offended that one of you called me names and I went and jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, would you go to jail? Should you? Seriously. Yes, the suicide was a tragedy but I would not call it manslaughter, murder, hate crime or otherwise. There was no homicide.

    1. la says:

      Mike.. There is a underlined problem here the Ravi kid SHOULD BE CHARGED with the very least of murder in the 2nd degree…
      If the rag head hadn’t put the video online the kid wouldn’t have committed suicide.
      His rights were violated and the ones who did it should be Deported or Hanged or BOTH….

      1. la says:

        American government just needs to take the upper hand and USE THIS TO SET EXAMPLES IN AMERICA that it is not ok to come to this country and bully whomever they want

  22. gnatpiz says:

    This doesn’t need to be a hate crime, and it doesn’t need to be any sort of gay rights issue. What it needs to be however, is a very serious case of cyber-bullying and negligent homicide, or whatever the correct charges need to be to make the two perp dirtbags fully responsible for the young mans death. Give these two 15-to life, and this sort of campus “fun” will stop right away.

  23. paul says:

    At least the glorious “diversity” that lefties moan about all the time is working well. An indian guy and an asian girl cause the gay guy to kill himself. I thought minorities were supposed to be extra “sensitive” and “tolerant”? I guess not………

  24. Todd says:

    Maybe NOT living the lifestyle of a twisted Sodomite would head off embarassing (and tragic, sometimes) repercussions………God bless the tortured soul that took his own life.

    1. KPMc says:

      You get internet in the cave you live in?

  25. Razor says:

    “There would have to be specific evidence of knowledge by the actors that the victim, this boy, was vulnerable, had emotional problems, would likely and foreseeably react in the way he did,”

    The sole intent by the pair was to embarrass and humiliate the victim to a potentially WORLDWIDE audience. I don’t care whether or not the victim exhibited prior emotionally instability—again, the intent was meant to cause the maximum amount of embarrassment and emotional trauma and damage to not only the victim, but his friends, family, coworkers, associates, professors, etc.

    The argument by the attorney is akin to saying that “the criminal stabbed the victim, and it’s the victim’s fault that they bled.” It doesn’t matter if the perps knew whether the victim would commit suicide—they DIDN’T KNOW THAT HE WOULDN’T EITHER.

    Also, this was no isolated incident—the two tried on multiple occasions to collect the video and distribute it online. That shows aggravated intent to commit a crime. Not only should both be expelled from Rutgers, but both should be held liable in both criminal and civil court. Their actions are directly responsible for placing the victim in a state of mental duress which led to his suicide.

    Period—over, done.

  26. May says:

    I have experienced workplace bullying, and that knowledge was passed along to my pastor (yes!) and a church,and has spread throughout a small city. I cannot go to a doctor, dentist, the post office, shopping without being harassed. I am suicidal as a result.

    Bullying comes in all forms: boom boxes continually disturbing people who live near an intersection is an example. We live in a sick, sick, sick world.

  27. Tony says:

    I’d like to ask the rocket scientists here that are calling “murder” and “hate crime” a question. What do they do about the other guy in the video ? Attempted murder ? Gimme a break !

    Be real ! As unfortunate and sad as it might be, he and ONLY he is responsible for his own death (look up “suicide” in a dictionary).

  28. Bob says:

    Revi and Wei have already been tried and convicted of hate crimes and murder by the press, politicians, and “gay rights” groups with a sentence to rot in jail forever.

    Of course, it won’t be so easy for the actual DA to convict these two.

    Right now they’ll threaten them with everything they can and scare them to cop a plea. The hype has gone so far so I’m guessing they already have tons of big name lawyers who will jump on this case to defend them… sounds like a great way to get your name out there and probably win a case.

    My guess is one of two scenarios happening: #1: Wei is given immunity and they try throwing the book at Revi using her testimony. They go to court and he has a 75% chance of being found not guilty or having a hung jury.

    #2: They try to get them to cop pleas. Wei gets probation, Revi gets 1-2 years in prison.

    I think this case will ultimate hurt the “gay rights” movement as people start realizing gays are putting themselves in a “protected class” meaning you don’t mess with them by accident much less on purpose. Avoid gays like the plague or you’ll pay.

    Everyone should be treated equally, and if a witch hunt is set on these two simply because the victim happened to be gay, there is no justice in that.

  29. Old guy says:

    If Rutgers had some real men, this would be taken care of. Used to be a time when men did not tolerate some punk harrassing others. Little Slssy and punk boy friend would be droping out of school by now.

    1. Another old guy says:

      used to be a time when guys like Tyler would get beat up by your “real men”

  30. D L says:

    Look, I feel terrible for this young man and his family.
    But emotions are out of control, here. You all are lynching these 2 young people.

    This young mans was obvioulsy very emotioanlly unstable. If his acts were so embarassing to him, why do the acts, especisally in a shared dorm room?

    He committed suicde he was not killed by these 2 strudents. I do not condone their actions, but if you get fired and you commtit suicide do you blame the boss, if you kill yourself? If someone breaks up with you, do we charge them with murder.

    Please control yiour emotions and stop lynching these 2, they could not have known this young mas was so unstable.

    Go ahead and call me names that will prove that your emotions are out of control. I pray for this young mans soul and his family.

  31. MikeH says:

    I’m sorry, they were stupid but they didn’t create a world where the kid would rather be dead than have people know he was gay. Lets not end three peoples lives because society has issues.

    1. fern says:

      They did just that, they created a world this kid could not face at the time.
      How would you react if you had a son in the same situation?

  32. Gman says:

    Punjab is gonna get filled out more than the census once he hits Rahway!

  33. onceproudamerican says:

    As others aer pointing out -EVERYONE is resposible for their OWN actions an NOT the actions of others.

    Since this was his house too, I don’t see a successful procecution being possible.

    It is sad, but he decided to kill himself…

    1. fern says:

      One can be proud and stupid at the same time too.

  34. joed says:

    Punks, sorry the student felt the need to take his own life but this generation of young Americans make me want to puke. For the most part your all losers. Paperweight people. Not much to any of you all.

  35. Bob says:

    It’s not the job of the state to try to bring charges that are not warranted. It was a stupid act, they will have to live with it, the justice system will punish them, the civil court system will impose a financial judgement against them I’m sure, but to fabricate a hate crime is a bigger injustice.

  36. JensenAg says:

    Sadly, the hate came from the boy himself. Reprehensible that he would kill someone (himself) just for being outed as gay. He can’t enjoy the perks and pleasures and not pay the price of being out. Just another awful case of a guy committing a hate-crime against himself.

    1. GSW says:

      I’m not sure “perks and pleasures” require the price of unwanted, pre-planned public humiliation from someone you trust. But, I am kinda old school.

    2. KPMc says:

      Wow.. you’re a complete moron.

      “the perks and pleasures of being outed’???

      It’s his choice… just like its your choice to let everyone know you’re an idiot. You could have chosen to just keep your mouth shut but you decided to come out on your own.

  37. Nate says:

    What caused this young man’s to end? Was it the fact people now knew he was gay? Was it the fact that he starred in a sex video distributed online? OR – was it the fact that he killed himself?

    Who’s to blame for HIS death – only himself. Who’s to blame for his humiliation – the one’s who invaded his privacy. Who’s to blame for his feeling of shame for being/acting gay….society, friends, family, himself?

    1. independent says:

      Good points and questions. But, I’m curious. Many are outraged because this young man was gay. What if he had been transgendered or intersex? Would the reaction be any different?

      1. It’s definately true that it’s easier to be an L or G than it is to be a B,T, or Q, but the fact remains, we all should be angry when this happens to ANYONE.

        The fact that he was gay just leaves less room for the social conservatives to make jokes about it, since Gay is far more accetable.

  38. tim says:

    Im assuming the guys who braodcasted this are also gay… Its obvious from this kids pic. I suppose when your that age its alot different. I found out many years ago, people that wig out about gays, Get them in the exact right situation for themselves and mark my words they will be the very first to drop their pants. AND THATS A TRUE KNOWN FACT TO ALL HETROSEXUALS!!

  39. Obamamammajamma says:

    This was a freshman hazing. Sorry, I know that many of you would like it to be more, but it is not. It happens to hetrosexuals regularly and is equally embarrassing. It does not always end in suicide because the victims make different choices as to how they will respond to their embarrassment..

    1. KPMc says:

      And people should just take it? Where the hell are you people sending your kids to school?

      What kinds of lessons are you teaching them?

      Hell in a hand basket… hold on folks!

    2. fern says:

      Lay off the crack pipe, you’re hazed enough as it is.

  40. Zooboo says:

    The person responsible for the death is the individual who chose to kill himself. Putting the blame on a couple of college dorm pranksters is wrong.

    1. GSW says:

      Not exactly a harmless prank. More like a premeditated act designed to humiliate your roommate to make yourself look cool. Seems to have backfired a bit.

    2. KPMc says:

      Putting syrup on a door handle is a prank. Short-sheeting someone’s bed is a prank. Invading someones privacy, videotaping them having sex and putting it on the internet is a despicable felony.

    3. fern says:

      back to the zoo where you belong.

  41. chuck says:

    i wonder how many of those ‘outraged’ laughed through the ‘American Pie’ movies. The point is that there isn’t anything funny about this kind of thing, but when Hollywood does it & makes millions, folks think it’s super funny., Hypocrites.

    1. KPMc says:

      Some of us can tell the difference between fiction and reality.. farce and real consequences.

      I laughed when John Belushi conducted a panty-raid in Animal House but I never climbed a ladder to spy into anyone’s sorority house window.

      Have people just given up taking responsibility for themselves now that they have movies, TV, internet and society in general to blame?

      Here’s a tip… blame your parents that didn’t teach you between right and wrong.

    2. fern says:

      Anyone told the difference between fiction and reality?

  42. Sloane says:

    I also blame anyone who actually clicked the choice to watch this act online, and still stayed with it once they saw what it was. I hope each of them will be haunted with that guilt forever. Shame on them.

  43. Cecelia says:

    Some sick joke, causing a young man to destroy his life. Your consious will never be clear. I feel so bad for the young man who took his life and for his family and close friends.

    1. scott says:

      saying “Your consious will never be clear” is pretty hateful

      1. truthorfiction says:

        What they did was “pretty hateful.” They are alive and he is not. What would you suggest? I’m not even sure they have a conscience. I woudl bet not.

      2. fern says:

        And Cecelia had the right to be hateful as am I, such actions should never be allowed.

  44. noosch says:

    Fern mentioned that the bigs one beat the small ones. As far as I’m concerned, the kids who committed the invasion of privacy act are considered the small ones. The young man committed suicide was just weak and needed advice or a shoulder to cry on – it may have prevented him from ending it all – just like that.
    I believe that society is changing. People need to look within themselves, are they cruel animals – would they have performed this invasion of privacy on their own brother or sister?

    1. fern says:

      You are wrongly concerned, these two felt they belonged to a majority therefore they thought it was right for them to act like they did.
      The NAZIs were part of a majority once too and what happened?
      And yes, I get hateful when I see a big one beating on a small one.

  45. stickwithfacts says:

    I think its ridiculous to turn this into a hate crime or make it a “gay rights” issue. heterosexual girls have been subjected to the same type of exploitation for the sake of someone’s laugh. Just because someon is gay or black or a woman doesnt mean that when they are vicitimized we shoudl make it a “rights” or “hate” issue – sometimes people are just dispicable adn mean adn nasty adn shoudl be punished but when we create specail treatment for certian type of people then we start focusing on our differences which ultimately further divide us…

    1. KIM says:







      1. bardmagik says:

        The issue with your comment is that to say that the recording of this act caused this kid to kill himself proves that this kid was ashamed of his own actions to the very core of his being. If this kid accepted who he truly was, this would have been a point of pride, not a point of shame so great as to cause him to take his own life… and as you said, this boy plunged HIMSELF into the river. You’re sauce is weak.

    2. thinksurright says:

      Yes! Well said “stickwithfacts.”

    3. fern says:

      I would like this divide especially from people like you who considers this “type of exploitation” acceptable, you sound like the other dork who mentioned M.A.S.H. and major Houlihan’s tryst, if you can’t realize the seriousness of this or the difference between reality and fiction you belong in the cuckoo’s nest.

  46. Roy says:

    are you talking figuratively,or literally Fern, or are we talking about our politicians…..?

    1. fern says:

      Literally our society is in a mess and it’s not getting better. Two nice looking kids with good grades, give them a chance and they’ll be worse than Bernie Madoff. Good grades and no morals and trust the politicians to show the “good” example.
      Don’t take my word for it, just check the moronic and hateful comments.

  47. fern says:

    I would love this to be considered a hate crime.
    It’s a bout time kids are taught how to behave, and come to think about it Doomberg wants to fire a good teacher because of her past, why not fire all these teachers looking the other way when witnessing some bullying.
    As long as we allow the big ones to beat on the small ones we’ll be a failed society.

    1. independent says:

      Which part of the Costitution prohibits establishing penalties based upon motivation? I’m thinking that penalties are different for premeditated murder vs manslaughter as just one example. Please clarify.

      1. ALS111 says:

        Good point.

        But I am wondering how premeditated murder could ever not be a considered a hate crime.

    2. Anne C says:

      Sodomy is when your wife gives you a blow job. You think that’s worse than secretly video taping someone having sex?

    3. Dr. DidLittle says:

      No, they are not. You are deluded, my child.

    4. fern says:

      Video taping is one thing invading one’s privacy is a crime, if you don’t understand this is because your head is in your A and suffer diarrhea of the brain.

      1. Mark Matis says:

        It was done in his OWN room..Keep on suckin’!

    5. rick says:

      ann, if you think sodomy is a blow job, i feel sorry for your lover!

    6. mike says:

      Hate crime? They didn’t kill this kid or MAKE him kill himself. He decided to do that on his own because he was obviously mentally ill. How many people kill themselves every year because they lose a job or get dumped in a relationship? Should we charge all those employers and ex-partners with crimes because their “victims” were too wimpy to handle a little adversity? Come on… he was obviously a thin skinned, mentally ill person–and you are an enabler.

      1. Oberon says:

        A person doesn’t have to intentionally murder another for his/her actions to be a hate crime.

    7. AJ says:

      No you idiot, we’re a failed society when a crime suddenly becomes a ‘hate crime’ because said victim belongs to a ‘victim’ group. If the kid went to a lawyer instead of taking his life, these 2 aholes would be receiving the same just punishment they will get – trespassing, violation of privacy, etc. People like you who claim you want a colorblind society are the very people preventing us from becoming so.

    8. RE: “As long as we allow the big ones to beat on the small ones we’ll be a failed society.”

      Someone once said (something like), a society should be measured not how it treats it’s most celebrated citizens, but by how it treats its least. That was in response to ecenomic disparity, but I think it makes sense here too.

      Clearly, the LGBT community has been treated as the least of America’s citizenry and America treats them poorly. Why do we allow it to continue?

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