NEW YORK (AP) – Two brothers who were falsely accused of selling drugs to undercover police have reached a settlement with New York City.

Jose and Maximo Colon were charged with selling two bags of cocaine worth $100 in January 2008. But a video from nightclub security cameras in Queens backed up the brothers’ accounts that they did nothing wrong. The charges were dropped months later.

The Daily News said city lawyers filed a notice of the settlement. The notice did not disclose the amount.

Prosecutors brought charges against two undercover officers. One pleaded guilty to filling out an affidavit describing a drug deal that never happened.

The other pleaded not guilty and his case was pending.

Both have resigned from the force.

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  1. Cos says:


    I apologize… I didn’t word that correctly. I meant to say that it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s lived in the city, that these two power-seeking ex-officers tried to make criminals out of innocents.


    I couldn’t agree more… It is probably the toughest job in the city.

  2. jtorres says:

    It’s way past sad. It’s pathetic. Being a cop is hard enough without these two lowlifes making it worse. I see them testi-lie in court repeatedly and only once did I see one officer break the blue code of silence. Most of them, though, I think are trying to do the best they can in a very difficult city to be a cop

  3. COS says:


    In what way is this story ridiculous…? This is a mere spec in what actually goes on with a good portion of officers… Although I agree that one bad apple should not spoil the whole bunch, but I’m a realist as well… They will always cover each others back – the blue code of silence – no matter how illegal it can get. It is sad, though….

    1. tea says:

      i didn’t say the story was ridiculous, more the actions of cop and them falsifying information is ridiculous

  4. tea says: about serving and protecting the citizens in the name of justice. It’s stories like this that makes people distrust the police more and more. I am aware that one bad apple doesn’t make the rest of the bunch bad, but this is ridiculous.

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