Frito-Lay Loses Idea Of Biodegradable Bag Due To Noise

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — They are easy on the environment, but hard on your ears.

Noisy bags have prompted a backlash against an eco-friendly potato chip brand.

The sound of it, the complaints about it, the he health factor … each have some thinking the popular Sun Chips brand of snacks isn’t so sunny anymore.

Since the company switched to a different, more environmentally friendly bag back in April of 2009, chip lovers have been torn.

“I mean I’m not bothered by it. I’m not sneaking out into the middle of the night, trying to hide my Sun Chip,” said Kelly Childress of Manhattan.

“We like the chips, but we don’t like the loud noise,” added Andres Guerrero.

CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis tested the noise of the bag on a subway platform, full of noise already. Shaking the bag, he got more than 100 decibels. Compare that to a lawn mover at 90 decibels, the good old subway at 94 decibels and a motorcycle at 95 decibels.

Then there was Dennis’ bag of Sun Chips that was off the charts.

“Pour ’em into a bowl; don’t eat them out of a bag you know,” Childress said.

The maker of Sun Chips had good intensions, after all this is a biodegradable bag, healthy for our environment, but not so healthy on an already loud subway.

“I find it extremely annoying. I might not buy the bag just because I don’t want to hear this in the house,” said Jacqueline Jollie of Manhattan.

She wouldn’t be alone.

Complaints about the noisy bag have been pouring into the offices of Frito-Lay. It’s even made its way to YouTube.

And the company has responded, planning to replace the loud bag on most of its Sun Chips back to the original, quieter packaging.

It seems the shake of the bag, has shaken the powers that be.

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  1. Rita says:

    I hope he took that bag out to dinner

  2. Edward Kowal, Ph.D. says:

    How did they measure the sound levels? I find this _very_ difficult to believe. Almost _any_ sound can outdo that of a New York City subway train if the microphone is held closely enough, and the gain on the mike is cranked high enough!

  3. Joan says:

    I am upset this bag is getting so much criticism. I love these bags! They are fun and good for the environment! They remind me of the scrunchy things in baby toys – no body objects to them. Why not add a little character to your chips? Lighten up everybody! I buy those chips in particular because of the bags! I am also sad that you spent so much time reporting the negative instead of looking for the good they have done – you should be praising the company for all the bags that aren’t in the landfills taking 100 years to decay!

  4. bam says:

    obviously the clueless to db levels have come out of the wood work. 90db+ is an unacceptable noise level in an office or anywhere. except in situations where it is ok to just sit there rambling nonsense in a low screaming voice at random intervals. you know like the random vagrant does on a subway to get your attention. if thats ok then its ok to interrupt everyone with these bags which hit 90db+ just by touching the bag, a simple touch causes 90db+

  5. nbmcm says:

    Are you kidding me? There are real stories and real issues that should be covered and you give air time on the 11:00 news to this silly piece of fluff. You should be ashamed.

    Further, they are attempting to do something good by using these bags .. why slam them and give attention to these ridiculous complaints? You are giving credence to this stupidity by giving it air time.

    Lastly, who care if they are loud. Pros and cons .. get over it.

  6. Anon says:

    I think it’s pathetic that people are complaining about the noise of the bag – its good for the environment so for nature’s sake – pour them into a bowl if its so terrible.

  7. j.r. fields says:

    Oh, PLEEZZZ. Turn up the ipod or mp3 and you won’t hear the crunch of the bag. Don’t chew the chips, that’s really loud!

  8. Anon says:

    “The maker of Sun Chips had good intensions, after all this is a biodegradable bag, healthy for our environment, but not so healthy on an already loud subway.”

    ……intensions…? really.

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