NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A surprising study links a common virus with the childhood obesity epidemic. A healthy diet and exercise will go far in protecting kids against childhood obesity, but there may be another factor putting kids at risk – a virus.

CBS 2’s Dr. Holly Phillips has more on how the common cold could be making our kids overweight.

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  1. Nemesis xyz says:

    Why the big hullabaloo when all they have to do is ship these overweight kids to the Moon, where they’ll only weigh one sixth of what they weigh on Earth!!

  2. billy smith says:

    One study says that fat kids get colds and everyone jumps on the bandwagon! Lets wait until we get more studies until we jump on the bandwagon. Anyway, it is a good idea to keep your kids fit and away from the tv and games.

  3. royalfuzziness says:

    Those are some right smart kids in the article!

  4. royalfuzziness says:

    We very rarely had colds when we were kids, we were all skinny as sticks as well.

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