NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Eight of the nine suspects in the brutal Bronx gang assault were arraigned on Sunday, making their first court appearance. They’re facing a variety of charges, including hate crimes.

Police continue to wait for the last suspect, who remains on the loose, reports CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

Ruddy Vargas-Perez, 22, is expected to turn himself in, though police continue to actively search for him.

Earlier Sunday at Bronx Criminal Court, family members of several of the accused huddled with an attorney.

No cameras were allowed inside the courtroom for the proceedings, but relatives cried as their sons and brothers stood before a judge, facing charges in a horrible anti-gay torturing of three men.

Seven of the suspects were paraded before a line of media members early Saturday.

Suspect Nelson Falu’s family said there was no way he took part in the attack, which happened inside an empty apartment building.

“I know my son. He’s not like that,” his mother, Caroline Falu, said.

“I know he didn’t do nothing because he was home with us all day,” his sister, Gabrielle Falu, said. “He was spending time with his girlfriend.”

I court, the suspects showed little emotion as the judge heard the disturbing details of the case. The young men, ages 17 to 23 years old, are accused of torturing and beating two teenage boys and a 30-year-old man.

The district attorney said the suspects sodomized two of the men with a plunger, chained one to a chair, and used a cigarette lighter to inflict burns.

The suspects allegedly used anti-gay slurs and told the 30-year-old, “we know you have sex with boys.”

Most of the suspects have prior arrest records, and they’re reportedly part of a gang called the “Latin King Goonies.”

However, one defense attorney said there was no gang – that the young men were all just friends who were hanging out and drinking.

“These accusations are serious. I take them seriously. But I’m an attorney, I have a job to do, and the system has to work for everybody – even those charged with the most serious crimes – or we have no system.”

The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force, along with the Bronx Robbery Squad, the Gang Squad and Special Victims detectives, are all following Mayor Bloomberg’s zero tolerance stance against bias crimes.

All of those eight suspects remain in jail. Bail was set for two of them at $50,000, while the others are being held without bail. They did not enter pleas, and will be back in court Thursday.

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  1. jb says:

    Yeah, they are going to get theirs. And to the parents who are so quick to scream no not my child. You know good and well that your child is a mindless gang member who has no regard or respect for anyone else. Heck they have no respect for themselves.

  2. Necio says:

    Is Carl Paladino one of the suspects?

  3. silence says:

    were the victiims investigated?

  4. iRunThis says:

    This must be “W” ‘s fault…right?

  5. Jojo says:

    Shame on the mother who said she knows her son did not do anything because he was home all day. Give me a break. Mothers need to stop defending their monster children. If my kid did this, I would be the first one to turn him in.

  6. Jojo says:

    Sane on the lying mother who said she knew her son did not do anything because he was home all day. Give me a break.

  7. Nemesis xyz says:

    Drop all 8 of them into Jupiter, or at least exile them to the Moon to do physical labor. The prison system doesn’t work. Rehabilitate them into Construction Astronauts.

  8. Kammy says:

    These people are monsters. The ones who commited the attacks, and the heartless monsters who defend them. The attacks are designed for this. To make gay people afraid and nervous to express themselves, or to ask that, like all american citizens, we have the same rights. And when they cant kill, they destroy in horrific, sexual ways, to ensure such a person will always be afraid, and in an attempt to destroy that which scares the evil attackers so much. They will stop at nothing. Apologize for nothing. They even cheer the attackers on. No More.
    Today, lets change one thing, one big thing that we shouldve done ages ago. These are not hate crimes. We’re far beyond hate crimes. This is unambiguous Domestic Terrorism, perpetrated by the religious, rightwing extremists, ones who seem to be trying as hard as they can to catch up with their middle eastern counterparts. They hate gays, they blame them for all of society’s ills, especially their own failing relationships. They think its perfectly fine to murder someone, and to harass a whole community, because the person has a lifestyle that makes them blindly enraged. Combine this with all the horrific comparisons with sexual predators and the sheer evil with which they hope to take away gay rights. Add a bit of “God sent a hurricane because gays.” and poof! Domestic Terrorism is born. These attacks are, quite literally, designed to kill, to main, AND to cause fear across a community. They are over the top and horrific on purpose, to send a warning to others who might get ‘uppity’ that this is what will be waiting if you do.
    These terrorists need to be treated as such. And those who supported their actions? I really hope you are wrong about your religion being true..Because if it is, you’re gonna go to hell. Im pretty sure that sort of thing is not looked on kindly by god, the one with the infinite love and compassion who has made ALL in his image. If you are right about that..Ohh man, thats gonna be pretty sucky for you. Im pretty sure any deity that isnt pure evil would much rather welcome someone to heaven if they honestly tried to lead a good life, than have someone who thinks they can just say “Praise Jesus!” as they viciously torture their target of hate and get a free ticket past the pearly gates.
    “The Devil’s Greatest Trick was convincing humans that God is real, and that murder and death in his name is a good thing. It has been working very well.”

  9. brandy doelle says:

    We need tougher anti gang laws to discourage our young men from joining a gang. Gang mentality is a dangerous thing.

  10. tim says:

    They’re all GAY!!! They are just in the closet!!

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