KINNELON, N.J. (AP) — A woman in northern New Jersey says a coyote snatched her 20-pound pug dog.

Kinnelon police Lt. John Schwartz tells The Daily Record of Parsippany the woman let the dog outside on Oct. 6 and soon heard barking.

Schwartz says she went out back and saw the pug in the coyote’s mouth. The dog was never seen again.

Police are warning residents to be wary.

Sparta police reported a similar incident in August when a coyote attacked and killed a 20-pound miniature pinscher.

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  1. Carla in NJ says:

    So sad! My sympathies to the dog owner, who must be inconsolable as I would also be.
    This is what happens when overdevelopment and loss of natural habitat happens. This link shows an example of a coyote in a natural NJ habitat hunting what it’s supposed to hunt:

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