Police, Media, Onlookers Try To Figure Out Weird Objects

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A lot of people saw it, but no one’s quite sure what it was.

We’re talking about something in the sky spotted over Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon.

CBS 2 cameras captured the objects while shooting up above Chelsea at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue.

Local media and the NYPD received several calls throughout the afternoon.

However, as CBS 2 cameras showed, the objects appeared to be yellow balloons, although there has been no official confirmation from the NYPD. On the streets below there was a lot of intrigue about the mystery going on up above.

Weird sightings in the sky are not new to our area. Back in January of 2009, strange, red, blinking lights could be seen across Morris County, N.J., and officials thought they had figured out what caused them.

In the end, though, it wasn’t exactly a close encounter.

It turns out the lights were part of a hoax. Prosecutors said two men with too much time on their hands pulled off the trick with five flares, fishing line and helium balloons.

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  1. jerseyg says:

    balloons? You’re kidding right? It’s the premiere of Project Blue Beam. Read about it here:


  2. The guy who predicted this is probably the same guy who released the balloons.

  3. Rosario says:

    What I don’t understand is why is there no video of the objects from any of the six helicopters that were hovering around the so called balloons. All the news helicopters are equipped with high resolution cameras very capable of zooming in thousands of feet. There should be some video from that perspective. Why is this not being released to the public?

    1. sawyer says:

      I hadn’t heard of the helicopters nearby but if so they are afraid to give the public too much “proof” of what may actually be space alien presence in our skies. Imagine the military concerns. However, if you want to hear straight but very unusual talk related to what’s happening, check out my various offerrings that are NOT for sale and not a recruitment mechanism but simply information exchange from my vast experience with the subject and related subjects.

  4. David says:

    First multiple sightings in China and now this one in New York. Looks like the aliens are targeting the two largest economies. Maybe they think it is time for the truth to come out. It is the US military/intelligence community that does not want the truth about advanced aliens visiting from outer space to be revealed, since that would undermine US military and economic dominance of the world. This elaborate coverup has been going on for almost 60 years. See http://www.ufocoverup.org for more info

  5. Tom Hingst says:

    George Bush is responsible

  6. Tom Cruise says:

    Guys guys guysss. Common. Really. Everyone knows those were just flying pizzas.

  7. Mike says:

    Its George W Bush’s fault…I crack myself up!!!

  8. daliscar says:

    look at the neighborhood it originated in – It’s a performance art piece/prank – I used to do the same thin in my small town

  9. walter12 says:

    Yeah sure, the so-called authorities are always telling us thery are balloons, airplanes, the planet Venus, swamp gas, etc. They know what the truth is and a certain very secret and select group knows the whole story.

  10. Kelly says:

    The Russians are dropping bed bugs from helium balloons!

  11. ksat says:

    There are likely balloons. Rather than your typical colored, rubberized balloon, these may be Mylar – the shiny, aluminum foil-like balloons. They tend to reflect sunlight very well and in calm wind conditions, horizontal movement will be minimized and they will appear to simply sit stationary when, in fact, they are ascending in altitude. Given enough time, they will eventually disappear from sight. Hot Air Balloon pilots use toy helium balloons to gauge wind currents at different altitudes and it often appears these piballs appear to be standing still when they are either moving directly away from you or straight up. And, the mylar material will relfect sunlight for quite some time, making them very bright in the daylight sky.

    Just my 2 cents…

  12. Spock says:

    Um….the headline is a redundancy.
    How can a witness mistake an object as being unidentified?

  13. Tex says:

    If the story about the releasing of the balloons is true, then that’s another reason not to release balloons. The first being it might kill innocent turtles. Now we shouldn’t release balloons because it might confuse gullible New Yorkers.

  14. Htos1 says:

    I would love to see aliens as much as the next guy,but there aren’t any!

  15. Randino says:

    Seems strange to me that over NY air space that at least a helicopter would have been sent to check it out. Smells like they already knew and chose to ignore so they would have a easy way out. Would have made to much news if military jets were all over the place.

  16. jimmy boy says:

    Lol i love how the show the picture of 3 together
    what about the other 50 that almost 500 people saw
    Its crazy to think that these are balloons

    Who the heck lets of 50 balloons that stay in the sky for hours then glow at

  17. Beowulf says:

    According to Madrid major, it is a campaign to promote main street in Madrid in its 100th anniversary, releasing yellow balloons in time square.

  18. Clifford says:

    Obama is an Alien.

  19. hardrain77 says:

    The Government is now admitting to flying unmanned drones over our skies the way they’ve been flying them over the middle East for years. No relation. Nothing but little green men here.

  20. David says:

    First multiple sightings in China and now New York! It looks like the aliens/UFOs are getting serious about getting the truth out. It is the US military/intelligence community that does not want the truth about advanced aliens visiting from outer space to be revealed, since that would undermine US military and economic dominance of the world. This elaborate coverup has been going on for almost 60 years. See http://www.ufocoverup.org for more info

  21. Mylifeyourhobby says:

    It definitely was yellow balloons I also saw them released in Times Square from my office today.

    Don’t mean to be a buzz kill.

  22. Brad Jones says:

    Someone was releasing dozens of yellow balloons in Times Square. I saw them go up over a period of at least 2 hours. Some of them went really, really high. It must have been some kind of promotion but I don’t know what. You can check Twitter and it’ll show you people talking about them.

    1. wesufmnpradio says:

      Yellow Balloons /These recorded by News and people on the street did not see yellow balloons but bright objects that were not even yellow but stationary.

  23. Anonymous says:

    New Yorkers are a bunch of dorks!

    1. I hope they bring back Elvis! says:

      But they’re all so well educated and call the rest of us in the Mid West inbred hicks…

  24. anonymous says:


  25. Jesse Ventura says:


    1. Mia says:

      If I may offer a solution, http://www.earthcam.com/usa/newyork/timessquare/ turns out there was a massive promotion using, you guessed it, yellow balloons.

      1. wesufmnprradio says:

        Problem with your comment these were not yellow that were observed

  26. JasonS says:

    I honestly feel like the only sane person surrounded by a sea of lunatics. These were PARAGLIDERS, not UFOS, not balloons. It really was quite obvious, at times you could make out the arched shape of the sail and upon closer inspection there was a smaller dot dangling under each one – a person. The strong sun was reflecting off the sails and making them look like lights. They’ve been visible in the sky from New York on many occasions before this and nobody has ever made such a big fuss about them. I first saw them about 6 years ago. There were a few people watching them from the street but everyone pretty much agreed what they were because it was freaking OBVIOUS. For some reason, this time around a whole bunch of morons have gotten into their heads that it’s some kind of eerie unexplained phenomenon. They were not directly over the city, they were very high up and far away. These paragliders can reach the cloud base if they ride the thermals up there when conditions are right. Let’s have no more of these stupid stories which make New Yorkers look like a bunch of wide-eyed hicks.

    1. Roberto says:

      excuse me sir.paragliders are not authorized on restricted Class B airspace that is controlled , also they will show on radar. Sorry

  27. student1776 says:

    Doubtless the UFOs were watching New Yorkers trying to understand how people who built all these tall buildings and industry could be so stupid as to consistently elect leftist politicians who will inevitably destroy the wealth and industry.

    1. Vincent says:

      Yes, I think you’re right. No intelligent life could possibly understand how liberals think.

    2. tim d says:

      you’re a moron.

      1. Droopy says:

        Gahuhuh, you sure got a purty mowath

    3. Droopy says:

      How the Funk can anyone describe any part of US politics as ‘leftist’?
      Bucking morons.

  28. fel says:

    There was a camera crew following them, how long did they stay aloft, where did they go, what direction. This seems silly, broad daylight millions of people in the city watching and it remains a mystery, come on.

  29. Molly says:

    Balloons aren’t stationary. They drift.

    1. tom s says:

      Not if the winds are nearly calm…which they were.

      1. swails says:

        There’s always winds at that elavation

  30. Aunt Bee says:

    They stole Long Island from the Indians for a bucket of shinny glass beads. Don’t make the same mistake again and sell off your sanity for a bunch of Mylar balloons. This is more diversion so you don’t ask real question and demand real answers. This stuff doesn’t work anymore and just makes the old media look even older.


  31. Bill says:

    Anyone notice 2 strong flickering lights in the North Eastern sky that aren’t moving? I thought it was odd walking home and logged on to see if anything was reported anywhere. Now I read this about earlier this afternoon. I never believed in UFO’s but something’s definitely going on here.

    1. bobby says:

      I saw one around 8:40 too

  32. jane doe says:

    abovetopsecret.com the place for the ufo discussion

  33. Joe Bloe says:

    I work at 23rd & Madison and saw these personally. No way in heck they were balloons. Firstly, they were extremely high up and stationary for the most part. I’ll guarantee winds aloft were not stationary above 5k feet.

    Sorry CBS, not buying it, I have video from my cell phone, trying to process that to bring out the objects better.

    1. pilot says:

      Um, one of the “balloons” broke from the others and dived ~300′ and stopped. Sorry, not a balloon.

    2. believer says:

      Thank you for a common sense observation. The government has been delivering “disinformation” since Roswell. It’s part of the protocol to keep the American public stupefied. Those of us simpletons who believe our lying eyes and the top 10 knowledgeable retired USAF, NASA, and NORAD officers who recently went on CNN Press Club to validate what we already know (http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=96E63B7F08228601); don’t need any government to to validate what we know. It’s an interesting coincidence that the NY Airport was shut down today because of gas lines. Wouldn’t or couldn’t of been because UFO’s were in their airspace.

      1. infojunkie says:

        You said: “the NY airport,” huh? That’s real convincing.

      2. Linda says:

        All three NY area airports were in fact shut down for a short time

        (CBS) CBS News has received reports that normal operations have resumed after a halt of all departures and arrivals at New York airports.

        The FAA website reported earlier that all three New York airports have halted takoffs and landings due to fumes, smoke and odors at the regional air traffic control center.

        New York TRACON controls the airspace above John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport and LaGuardia Airport.

        Reported departure delays are about one hour, while arrivals are delayed about 30 to 45 minutes.

        “Local fire department is on scene,” says Jim Peters of the FAA. “A few controllers stayed behind to handle flights remaining in the air. However, with limited staff most flights will be held at the gate or put into holding pattern.”

        Peters expects possible major delays in the region as soon as the situation is resolved. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/10/13/national/main6955751.shtml

    3. C says:

      Please forward the video to me

    4. sawyer says:

      one link to many

  34. john smith says:

    5 helium ballons couldn’t lift 1 flare let alone 3

    1. Wallace says:

      Uhhhh….there’s more than one size balloon. Ever think of that?

  35. Yaranna says:

    Conspiracy!!! The media’s trying to cover up the truth!

  36. crypto says:

    it’s an ad for an holy wood movie

  37. granni says:

    oh np!!! another gov’mnt coverup????:)

  38. Keith G. says:

    Feels like a PR stun whose purpose will be revealed shortly. My guess is based on information from various news reports that people have been ‘standing around for 45 minutes’ to determine/discuss what the objects are. Seriously, who would really put in that much time standing around pondering unless they were paid actors posing as ‘regular’ people.

    1. truth says:

      Who would? NYers would.

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