Lawyer Claims Injuries Were Suffered At Hands Of 'Cowboy Police'

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP/1010 WINS/CBS 2/WCBS 880) — A lawyer said three college football players were brutalized by police when they tried to help a teammate who had been shot by a New York officer.

Attorney Bonita Zelman told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria that one player, 22-year-old Daniel Parker, begged police to let him perform CPR on his friend after he had been shot.

According to Zelman, an officer put a gun to Parker’s ribs and threatened to shoot him before he arrested him.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi with comments from the attorney

“He begged police to let him perform CPR on his friend, who he believed was dying,” Zelman said. “They told him that if he did not back off, he was going to end up the same way as his friend, that he would be next.”

She said two other players, Yvez Delpeche and Joseph Garcia, were subdued by stun gun.

“[Delpeche] was standing with his arms up in the air. He said to the police, ‘Why did you do this to my friend? Why did you shoot him? What did he do to deserve this?'” Zelman said.

Zelman told 1010 WINS that after Delpeche argued with police, they instead pointed the stun guns at his stomach and shot him.

“At that point, they arrested him and charged him with obstructing governmental administration,” said Zelman. “[Garcia] tried to help [Delpeche], and he was also tasered.”

Police said Danroy “DJ” Henry was shot early Sunday when he sped off in his car, striking two officers who had responded to a bar disturbance.

Another player, Desmond Hynes, 21, was in the car with Henry. Zelman said he suffered a concussion after police threw him to the ground when pulling him from the backseat.

“These students were not committing any crime,” Zelman said. “These same cowboy police who were improperly trained and given weapons that could cause death were running around the area with firearms out.”

“They brutalized the four football players and then charged them with a crime to cover up the brutality.”

Zelman is demanding that the officers involved be publicly identified and pulled off the police force. She is also calling for the Justice Department and Attorney General’s Office launch an “independent and unbiased” investigation into Henry’s death.

Those closest to the fallen student, though, said they are focused for the moment not on blame but on the irreparable loss of a friend.

“We honestly just came here to pay respects. Just an amazing individual. We love him; we miss him and were just going to leave it at that,” former coach Justin Grandinetti told CBS 2’s Lou Young.

An update on the joint county-state investigation into the shooting is expected early Thursday.

Pace University’s next football game, against Belmont this Saturday, has been cancelled.

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  1. Rolston says:

    It seems as though that in the U.S if an individual is found to have a blood alcohol level higher than the amount allowed by law, it is then okay for the police to beat or shoot them. It is also apparent that the judicial system gives them the implicit okay for them to do this by focussing on the fact that the victim had a high blood alcohol level and not on the fact that they are either dead or badly beaten. Correct me if I am wrong ,but these are two seperate issues for the law to deal with. The Judicial/legal system has for a long time been used to further racist causes. Perhaps consevative tea baggers need to look into these situations and challenge real issues. Then again, many of them are the perpatrators who encourage this vulgarity. May they continue to blissfully support the likes of Sarah Palin, a dunce, a quitter and an international embarrassment who will never ever be president of the great U.S of A.

  2. drew says:

    Why is it that in the U.S it is always a white cop shooting an African American or Hispanic Kid? Very rarely is it the reverse, and you hardly ever hear about white cops shooting down white teenagers. Is it that the white cops exercise greater levels of restraint when its their own kind. Finally, why do white authorities skirt around the issue of institutionalized racism. Expose these racist cops for who they are. Its time for the hypocrisy and blatant disregard for the lives of blacks and hispanics come to an end.
    A website of all the cops who shot and killed minority youths in the past 20 years should be developed to expose these vile racists for who they are. Let them experience some of the turmoil they have put the families of young African American and Hispanic men through for years

  3. The Good Samaritan says:

    The innocent photo here of Mr. Henry wearing a NY Yankees baseball is ridicuolous.

    A lot of people out there like Mr. Henry and his friends think that is cool to disobey the police park their cars illegally and blast their radios with rap music.

    Mc were you there?

    Mr. Henry broke the law by speeding away away from the police and disobeying their orders.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

    1. The Constitutionalist says:

      “Mr. Henry broke the law by speeding away away from the police and disobeying their orders.” ….and this gives the police reason to KILL?The Good Samaritan is an undercover mole for the NWO! http://WWW.INFOWARS.COM ….free your mind people! The Constitutionalist has spoken!

    2. Gloomy says:

      So that means he should die? IDIOT!

  4. avx says:

    DD: the pro-cop “movement” worries me even more. It is a threat to the very foundations of out society and of our country.

  5. DD says:

    Let the cops do their job. If you accelerate away from a situation where cops are involved you don’t look very innocent. No one is above the law. Retrain cops? are you on crack? Their every action is under a microscope…..maybe people fleeing from the police who potentially put the officers lives at risk should be the ones under the microscope. This anti-cop movement is ridiculous and is supported only by criminals and friends/family of criminals.

  6. terri says:

    same story different day. police need better training and not by other police who are nervous and trigger happy.this just keeps on happening. if you find yourself confronted by cops dont move at all dont blink because your going down for sure. you might make it if you have the completion connection!!!!!!!!

  7. jon says:

    The cops story doesn’t make any sense. The officer got hit by the vehicle, was able to stay on the vehicle’s hood, pull out his gun while the vehicle was accelerating at a high rate of speed, and was able to pull out his gun from the holster and shoot multiple shots into the car. THIS ISNT HOLLYWOOD. This seems way to far fetched to be accurate. Plus, there were 50 officers there at the time of the incident. I’m sure each one of them were itching for something to do. That probable made them more trigger happy. Just my opinion.

    1. ilvedanny says:

      Where does it say that the cops who shot him were the cops he hit? Also, sorry if use your car as a weapon then the cops should shot you

  8. Josh says:

    Why are so many quick to believe the Police’s version of events? Getting your story out first doesn’t make it the truth. If you jump in front of a car that is flooring the accelerator, it is highly unlikely that you are going to hang on, pull out your revolver and then shoot through the windshield. This isn’t the movies. Oh wait, a second cop tried getting the first cop off while the kid is flooring the accelerator? If you believe that version of events, there’s a lovely bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Let the FACTS come out.

  9. c says:

    sorry but i di dnot hear or read about what exactly happened as to why police wer called and on who the police were called and if this young man was even involved with this issue. can someone pls inlighten me … thxs

  10. sk says:

    Why is this the first time this story is mentioned. There isn’t always truth to what people say. People are often pressured to say certain things and that is not always teh truth. So don’t believe everything you hear!

  11. MC says:

    how ignorant can you be? i’ve read at least 50 different articles about this story, and there are new reports coming out everyday. The driver was obeying police orders to move the car, then one of the police officers jumped on his hood and started shooting. I don’t know about you guys but MY FIRST INSTINCT WOULD BE TO GET OFF THE CAR, GET THE PLATE, AND CASE HIM. You can read this story 5000 times and notice that the shooting aspect did not need to happen. The true attitudes of the police officers truly surface when you see what they did to his friends when they tried helping him. If everything in this story went by the book, there would not be national attention drawn to it. To leave the kid, handcuffed, dying on the ground for 15 minutes is absolutely inhumane. Those who say that the police were doing their jobs have absolutely no heart.

  12. c says:

    this is not right a young mans life was taken … cops are killing people for sinceless reasons they are no better than the common thugs in the street pulling guns for sinceless reasons. this young man was loved by his family and freinds he was somebody and di dnot deserve to be gunned down. police officers need to be retrianed when dealing with siutaions like this. we cant keep making excuses that there lives might be in jeporday ever time someone calls the police because all situations are not life threating.

  13. jer says:

    even if the people who argue that “cops can’t be trusted or that many of them are thugs themselves” then wouldn’t you want to avoid places/situations where they have to be called? Its like a whole race of people who enjoy seeing how far they can push the police. educated people know this

  14. vince says:

    cs – wrong as wrong can be. The moral of the story is, when confronted by police, obey their instructions and this won’t happen. I guess you have never watched shows like COPS or Worlds Dumbest Criminals. If you had you would realize that in almost every case, these things happen because those involved fail to follow policde instructions. White or Black. All those that cry about race can watch any episode of COPS and watch White people get the same treatment when they fail to follow instructions.

  15. vince says:

    Kinda – obviously you know very little about procedure. If a police officer fears for his life, he is allowed to use deadly force. If i was in my car and I tried to run YOU over, would you fear for your life?

  16. vince says:

    Tony – incidents like this happen every day and when people follow the police orders, everything is fine. You seem to be very naive and unaware of reality. Of course you only read about the tragedies but do you think this stuff doesn’t happen all the time? Very naive indeed.

  17. vincent brindisi says:

    What’s next, his mother wailing at what a good kid he was? Why would you try to run down police officers? if you tried to run me down and I had a gun, I would shoot too. Of course, these kids were just innocent boys coming home from a late church meeting……Can you say cash payoff????

    1. TheLight says:

      No, they are drunken thugs who’d just robbed the bar and murdered a few people in there and so they ran before they could get caught. Vincent…’re an idiot! GTFO YOU TROLL!!!

  18. jer says:

    Cops are not “soft” because if they where people like the ones at this gathering would be running a muck constantly. Animals created a situation and then expect the police to bend to them when they show up. Its people like this who create a need for cops and further the need for them to carry guns. life lost but c’mon

  19. Tony says:

    If the cops had shot a white kid from Cornell – the sentiment would be different. You just can’t shot to kill because someone is driving away.

    I hope they get their butts sued.

  20. Clarence says:

    It was a per-emptive strike, there could have been WMD in the car, but was there?

  21. b says:

    The cop jumped on the vehicle from the side. They did not try to run him over. There must be a video from one of the stores. Little town cops got nervous.

  22. L says:

    only someone named “Gigi” would think a car is 20,000lbs – lol. There are no reports of any of the officers going to the hospital with car related injuries…

  23. Darrell says:

    Stand up for your second amendment rights!!!

  24. Kinda says:

    Cops don’t shoot at tires no more? Or they just shoot to kill?

  25. jo says:

    How insensitive can you be? A human life was taken and all people are worried about is what these young people had in their car! In case no one took notice, there were no charges against any of the passengers…there were no drugs found…no weapons yet deadly force was used. Has anyone even considered that the police drew their weapons while a bar brawl was taking place?! Who was attending to the brawl while the police focused on the three young men in the car.

    1. Phil says:

      There was nothing found after the fact. The shooting happened while the cop was being run over. The cops also sustained broken bones .

  26. C.J. says:

    Here we go now. I’m sure the lawsuits are coming.

  27. Gigi says:

    Saw that coming. There is chaos going on. I don’t believe half the things the witness say. All I know is that I see a 20,000 lb vehicle coming at me and I am shooting. The scene needed to be controlled, who knew what was in their car.

    1. Peetie Wheatstraw says:

      Thats Right, There was 15Lbs of plastique, 10 Lbs of Weed and 2 lbs of H and the driver was from al-Qaida.

      1. Phil says:

        I guess you are trying miserably to be sarcastic. There could have been a gun in that car.

    2. cs says:

      Morale of the Story: Avoid the police or end up Dead

    3. Josh says:

      20k lb vehicle? That’s 10 tons, if you can do the math. You’re talking about a Mack truck, not a car or even Chevy Suburban. Regardless, Why do you doubt the witnesses story? They witnessed it. Police are trained and coached to make the paperwork justify their actions. Essentially, they can say whatever they need to after the fact, in order to minimize their errors. How many non-armed civilians need to die at the hands of the Police before we demand changes in their training. Their lives are not on the line 99% of the time.

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