ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch says his fellow Democrats should dump one of their leaders, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Silver is the only top lawmaker who refuses to sign onto Koch’s agenda for cleaning up Albany’s dysfunction and corruption.

Koch says Silver should be voted out of his seat, something he says won’t happen in his lower Manhattan district.

But Koch says Silver should be removed as the state’s most powerful legislative leader if he refuses to sign the reform pledge.

Silver didn’t immediately comment, but has said he has a policy against signing pledges. He’s also noted that his chamber has passed many reforms and is open to exploring Koch’s ideas.

Koch says Wednesday he still hopes his friend of 40 years will join him.

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Comments (5)
  1. wayne serbin says:

    Sheldon, come on sign the pledge.

  2. Josh says:

    Is Koch too in the corner of Mike Bloomberg? Wasn’t it Silver who stood up to Bloomberg’s buillying of NY legislators? Wasn’t it Bloomberg who gave more money to the NYS GOP than any other person in the past few years? How’s this for a fair deal, if Silver goes, Bloomberg should go to? Dear Mr. Koch, please enjoy whatever time you have left on this earth in the sun. Stay away from politics as you are way past your prime.

  3. towp says:

    Shelly sould have been gone long ago…he owes to many favors to NYC and has no concern for any part of NY but the city..

  4. Don Juan says:

    I say vote Koch out. Oh, too late, he’s already out . . . too bad.

  5. joe blow says:

    Yeah VOTE HIM OUT!

    Vote the bums out!

    Vote new fascist bums in!

    Whoo hoo! I love politics!

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