NEW YORK (WCBS 880/1010 WINS) — One block in midtown Manhattan is considered by some critics to be a bruise on the Big Apple, WCBS 880’s Monica Miller reports.

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The winner of the title for ugliest block in midtown is 35th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. Municipal Art Society member Frank Addeo told the Daily News that the boring brick and shuttered back entrances on the block drive him crazy.

“It kinda looks bad, it really does,” one New Yorker told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan.

“In the night you see all trash…garbage all over,” another man said, “yeah, it is the ugliest block.”

Addeo highlighted the block during the “Ugly Streets” walking tour that was part of a two-day summit focused on the challenges the city faces.

The presence of Macy’s loading dock, scaffolding, the lack of natural light and little street life were the determining factors in the Municipal Art Society’s designation for the block.

Addeo gave the prize for “most-improved” stretch in Midtown to Broadway near Herald Square.

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  1. Jerome Howard says:

    I agree with the dissenting views above. This is a joke. I always enjoy the streets in that area for a little classic New York feel. Ugliest in all of Manhattan? Not even close. To pick one example, I had the misfortune of eating lunch downtown near the hideously modern family court building recently. Ugh.

  2. Chris Kennedy says:

    I guess for the last 10 years no one has been on Broadway & 29th
    street down to 27th street,the Bootleg gangs dominate the daylight hours
    and 29th street between Broadway & 6th avenue is the ugliest street
    with Afro-youth gangs selling drugs and illegal items.and no tax collect
    peddlers abounding.
    Just ask the 13th precinct about this neighborhood and NYPD Midtown South.
    And these nuts pick west 35th street?t,it’s heaven compared to Broadway
    and 29

  3. alex says:

    I really like this block. I used to walk it every morning from the Herald Square subway stop to my job at 35th and Madison. The early morning light was incredible right there on that block. I felt like I was walking through a Stieglitz photograph. This block is what the real, unvarnished working New York looks like. It’s perfect just like it is, thank you very much indeed.

  4. HUGO says:

    It’s a very ugly block. I usually walk through it on my way to White Castle on 33rd and 7th. It’s part of my crave routine. Honestly though, it’s not very different from any midtown block.

  5. Bloomberg says:

    Just close this block to vehicular traffic and put out some lawn chairs. That seems to work as long as I say it does.

  6. TIM says:

    To my most dearest Glidmunk, if only you knew half of what U THINK U KNOW!!!

  7. Glidmokk says:

    Thanks, Rakzulee and Poe, for your kind words. And “loser!!!” you are indeed such a loser that you seem to have stupidly (incredibly stupidly, actually) overlooked the fact that the name that you enter in the “name” space is supposed to be YOUR name, not an insult hurled at others. In failing to notice this, you insulted yourself, ha ha. That said, I must say that your insult takes me back. I have not heard the use of that particular ethnic slur for many many years. In addition to being a loser, you must be an OLD loser. Keep up the good work of self-denunciation: You need it.

  8. E.A.Poe says:

    Well stated Glidmokk. I also think it’s a shorter route to the 34th St entrance for Penn as I come down Broadway. Or maybe it’s due to the fact that I tend to pick up my pace on that block after dark as I sense the cold dead hand of my ultimate destiny just inches from the back of my neck.

  9. loser!!! says:

    Thats what YOU W// O// P// S deserve!!

  10. Rakzulee Mop says:

    Wow, Glidmokk really puts you in a sense of danger with that summation.

  11. Glidmokk says:

    Well it’s no day-at-the-beach, but there is something thrilling about W. 35th between Broadway and 7th. That special sense of being in the very heart of Midtown Manhattan, at its worst. You can’t beat this block for that eerie feeling. Especially at night, OMG! You haven’t lived until you have experienced the raw error of this block in the deep, dark, silence… of the night….

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