Michael Benoit's Son, Chris Benoit, Killed Wife, Son And HimselfBy Marcia Kramer

HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS 2) — There was another round of rough and tumble politics in the Connecticut Senate race on Monday.

The father of a wrestler who killed himself and his family is asking voters to reject Republican Linda McMahon, the former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO.

The father of pro wrestler Chris Benoit wants Connecticut voters to put a choke hold on the candidacy of McMahon, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

“The only reason that woman wants to go to Washington is to protect the dollars that WWE makes and be damned with the rest,” Michael Benoit said.

Michael Benoit, a Canadian, admitted that his trip to Connecticut was paid for by Democrat Richard Blumenthal. Benoit has been an outspoken critic of the WWE since his son killed his wife and 7-year-old son and then committed suicide by hanging himself from a weight-machine pulley.

McMahon quit as CEO of the WWE to run for the Senate.

“You are 20 times more likely to die before the age of 50 if you are a pro wrestler rather than working in the NFL,” Michael Benoit said.

Michael Benoit claims his son’s actions were the result of chronic brain damage suffered from blows to the head during his years in the ring.

McMahon dismissed Benoit’s attack, saying, “[He] wants to find an answer and also someone to blame.”

Meanwhile, a new poll has McMahon trailing Blumenthal by 13 points (56-43).

For their part, the McMahon campaign is trumpeting the endorsement of “Cheers” star John  Ratzenberger, a Bridgeport, Conn., native.

“She’s really a force of nature. She gets it in her mind to do for the state of Connecticut what she wants to do and I pity anybody getting in her way in Washington,” Ratzenberger said.

The McMahon campaign raised questions Monday about Blumenthal’s actions as attorney general in going after mortgage giant Countrywide. They claim he cut an $8.6 billion deal that shortchanged tax payers and retirement funds.

Marcia Kramer