NEW YORK (AP) — New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has failed to report that his expenses at the Harvard Club have been covered by a private foundation for the past eight years.

His spokesman, Paul Browne, told The New York Times that the practice was legal and the expenses were incurred while Kelly was conducting city business. But he said Kelly may have erred in failing to report that the tab was picked up by the nonprofit New York City Police Foundation, as required by the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board.

The spokesman said Kelly would amend the filings for the expenses, including the club’s annual dues of about $1,500, drinks and meals.

The website first reported on the arrangement between Kelly and the foundation on Monday.

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  1. Tyncpion says:

    Хай!! Дико отличный пост! Обязательно буду читать и другие посты.

  2. NYPDoody says:

    I don’t see how getting a free pass and meals at the Harvard Club for 8 years is legal. As a public servant, it’s my opinion that he should be paying taxes on the value of these gifts. It’s not a ton of money, but since it’s going on for 8 years, it’s a lot in back taxes and penalties. Again, just an opinion.

  3. pat says:

    The federal prisons are filled with disgraced public officials who have made the same ‘OVERSIGHT”.

  4. pat says:

    Hey Ray, when you beat the check as we know now is one of your favorite hobbies do you at least leave a few bucks on the table for the waiter or waitress? Or do you rip them off to?

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