RIDGEWOOD, N.J. (CBS New York) — The light at the end of the tunnel has just been turned off.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has terminated the Hudson River tunnel that would have doubled train capacity between New Jersey and Manhattan, saying his state just can’t afford it.

“This decision is final. There is no opportunity for reconsideration of this decision on my part. I am done,” Christie said.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell with Sen. Frank Lautenberg

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney with latest details

After weeks of trying to find a way to keep the ARC Tunnel project alive, Gov. Christie said, no one in the federal government or New York cam forward with the at least $2.5 billion it would take to cover projected cost overruns that New Jersey taxpayers would then have to pay.

That means the project will soon shut down, and with it will go about 6,000 jobs.

“It would totally devastate a lot of workers,” one construction worker said. “There’s a lot of workers laid off.”

While Christie took pains to praise Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s efforts through Sunday to make the project happen, LaHood issued a statement on Wednesday blasting Christie.

“I am extremely disappointed in Governor Christie’s decision to abandon the ARC Tunnel project. [This] means commuters will see no end to traffic congestion and ever-longer wait times on train platforms,” LaHood said.

Susan Schneider, a commuter from Ridgewood, said that is exactly what she’s worried about.

“People are out of work, people need jobs,” Schneider said. “People don’t want to sit on trains for two hours.”

So what about commuters who thought they’d be getting some relief?

“For the better part of the last 20 years, my wife made that commute. Believe me, I heard about that commute often,” Christie said. “But the fact of the matter is that I don’t have the money.”

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  1. stan r. says:

    penny wise and pound foolish. this project would keep cars off of the overcrowded roads, reduce pollution and help bring area transportation into the 21st century instead of being stuck in the 19th.

  2. Kramer says:

    I’m Proud of the GOV. for standing up for common sense! The last thing we need is another 20 year money pit where half of the money goes into “private” accounts. The people that are bitvhing are the ones with their hands in the pot! No “real” commutewr is compalining because its not going to be finished for 20YEARS!!!! Don’t believe me, just look at XANADU…How Much Money? Still not Open, Same BS about Constrution jobs…PLEASE…I guess they didn’t steal enough from the tax payers!!!

  3. steve says:

    where is bin ladon

  4. Ken says:

    Isn’t it interesting how the City of New York has not stepped up to contribute any money to the funding of this very important project?

  5. Florence Kozlowski says:

    How can Governor Christi stop this job? Incredible. What about all the money put into this job so far! The voters should decide this issue not one person.

  6. bobpreivdi says:

    So now NJ has to pay back $600 million.
    This is a very short sighted deicsion. The Northeast can’t even attempt to grow its economy more unless it gets more cars off the roads. And the roads need to have less traffic on them. This might seem like a good political gamble now, but in a year or two when the economy bounces back and ridership on NJT and the bridges and tunnels start to see their normal back ups, Mr. Christie and NJ will start to see the error in his decision.

  7. JIM says:


  8. Jack says:

    Who cares.. 6,000 jobs lost (just for the construction) 25,000 more cars on the road.. even when the govt offered to pay for the overuns Gov Tweed and his limo riding buddies dont need it so WHO CARES! They get chaufferred into NYC as Marie Antoinette said let them eat cake!!!

  9. Doug says:

    Christie is putting NJ at risk,not only is killing this project costing NJ thousands of jobs but will also cost us millions in the long run the feds are already giving NJ 3/4 of the money,which now can go to another state just like the education money.This guy is costing NJ alot and only cares for the very rich of NJ you know his friends.

    1. maria says:

      Yeah and where will the rest of the money come from ? from your pocket???? NJ is already at risk and has no money. Chris Christie cares for NJ residents like me who are drowning with the high property taxes the highest in the nation. I bet you don’t even pay property taxes because if you do, you will not even comment.

  10. Shawn says:

    Your kIdding right,Port Security: Congress passed into law Senator Lautenberg’s amendment to the 2006 Homeland Security Appropriations bill to require that all federal port security grants be allocated entirely on the basis of risk. (109th Congress, Senate Amendment No. 1197, adopted on July 14, 2005) All federal port security grants are now risk-based (109th Congress, H.R. 4954 He also Put the bill that made the drinking age 21 and thats just 2 out 100 things he has done for NJ,What has big mouth Christie really done for NJ,Please tell me one thing that will do any good for the people of NJ and don’t talk property tax tool kit…read it..it doesn’t help anyone but the rich of NJ.

  11. Bill Lamoreaux says:

    And just what has Frank Lautenberg done for NJ? Just because you, senator, are “at work,” does not necessarily equate to success. According to govtrack.com, the senator has sponsored over 200 bills, but 87% have never made it out of committee and only 1% has been enacted. You may be present, but putting your name on others’ bills does not mean to me that you are really working for the state of New Jersey.

    This project needs killing. The only way the project continues should be based entirely on Federal funding, which I oppose as well. Put the laborers who would have been employed on this project to work on projects that actually improve the infrastructure of the state.

  12. Steve says:

    Governor Christie (along with Mayor Bloomberg) are two politicians that I actually like. The economy is in an extremely bad state – and there’s no getting around very tough, unpopular decisions (including the need to control spending). I also praise both men for their balanced, open-minded comments on the (so-called) ground zero mosque – in refreshing, sharp contrast to the likes of Palin, Gingrich, and their other pea-brained adherents who were NOWHERE NEAR Manhattan on 9/11, yet seem hell-bent on pushing the country into a 2nd civil war.

    1. Joseph Salamone says:

      He is a complete idiot….

      1. Maria says:

        I hail Gov. Chris Christie. I am so glad that I voted for you. The people who want this project done do not even live in New Jersey and do not feel the pain of the already high property taxes that we as NJ residents suffer. Bravo Gov. Chris Christie, you are one of a kind.

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