RONKONKOMA, NY (WCBS 880) – Insisting his low standing in most polls is no indication of what will happen on Election Day, Carl Paladino brought his ‘mad as hell’ message to a Long Island train station Thursday morning.

LISTEN: WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs reports

At the Ronokonkoma Long Island Rail Road station, the Republican and Tea Party candidate for governor of New York was clearly irritated by any mention of those insignificant polls.

“Why do you keep bring up the polls?” Paladino said to reporters including WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs. “Get them out of your head! They mean nothing, nothing at all and I mean that… They’re totally insignificant.”

While the often combative candidate admits making mistakes during the campaign, he says he has no regrets and is following the will of the people.

He says, “They say ‘Go get ’em Carl!'”

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  1. Glidmokk says:

    The country has been driven to elect seemingly wacky characters, because those wacks don’t have any investment in the current political slop trough and are the only people prepared to dismantle it and close down a lot of government programs. Unless many governmental programs are shut down and widespread government employee layoffs occur, the deficit can never be reduced. The current conservative prime minister of the UK has realized this and is planning a half-million government employee layoffs there. This is what the “Tea Party” types will try to do here, too. I’m not worried about their wackiness: Their policies will be more economically sound, certainly more conservative and less liberal, and I believe they will not send the armies marching indescriminantly: They will obtain advice for the things they don’t have experience with. So here in NYC yes he’s odd but Paladino is the correct choice.

  2. MissJusticeNY says:

    I’ve always felt the same way. I wonder, how can polls say whose going to win if the elections aren’t fixed? Warren Redlich is my favorite for the Governor race, but in our form of deMOCKracy, we only focus on two candidates- i don’t understand why. I’d vote for Paladino over Cuomo.. he may be crazy, but at least he isn’t a career politican with a known history of corruption..

    1. Sgeo says:

      Statistics. Polls can’t say for 100% certain, but they can say, for example, that they have 95% confidence that x plus or minus y percent of voters support candidate z. Increase y, and you can go about 95% confidence. Or poll more people. None of this is a function of how many voters there are, but just of how many people polled. There are various biases (people refusing to respond to polls, people lying, etc.) that could throw things off base

  3. Jackamo James says:

    He may be right, he wouldn’t be the first psychotic person elected to a high political office

  4. cbsnetworkfan says:

    He says, “They say ‘Go get ‘em Carl!’”

    I say, “1-877-Kars-for-kids, K-A-R-S kars for kids, 1-877-Kars-for-Kids, donate your cars today.”

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