NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A Staten Island woman tried to fake jury duty, and it backfired big time.

She wanted a vacation, but as CBS 2’s John Slattery reports, she may end up doing several years in prison.

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The woman is 32-year-old Rebecca Thybulle, and according to the Staten Island District Attorney, she took a jury notice that was sent to her father and altered it. What does the head of Manhattan’s jury service say about it?

“Criminal and stupid, and now she’s gonna pay the price,” Vincent Homenick, chief clerk of the jury division for the courts, said.

Thybulle allegedly did some photocopying, then cutting and pasting; she inserted her name and address, and a date that suited her not showing up for work – for eight days.

Thybulle worked at the Children’s Home Intervention Program that provides help for developmentally disabled children.

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The mistake she allegedly made was to leave evidence on her desk – photocopies of her handiwork – which her boss spotted while she was away.

“Her employer did check it out, and realized that it was not even a summons for her, and it was a complete forgery,” Homenick said.

The boss told investigators Thybulle even claimed she was on a vehicular homicide case, but on Thybulle’s Facebook page, she stated that she’d been on a trip to Baltimore.

Now, she faces charges of forgery, and she’s been in trouble before. Thybulle is scheduled to be sentenced next month for attempted grand larceny over her previous employment, handling payroll at a Union Square coffee shop. That’s where $6,400 was transferred from her employer to her own account.

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Investigators say Thybulle also failed to tell her employers that she was convicted of Medicaid fraud in 2002.