NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Kids love Halloween because they get a ton of candy, and they get it fast – but that can often be a cause of concern for parents.

Parents should check their kids’ candy hauls as soon as they return from trick-or-treating, reports 1010 WINS’ Dr. Brian McDonough.

It’s vital that parents are vigilant in monitoring what their kids are eating to make sure no one has contaminated the candy in any way. Wrappers should be checked for tampering, and open candies should be discarded.

In addition to that, there are concerns about candy that has been processed in plants where there’s possible cross-contamination with nuts.

“If you have a child who has peanut allergy, you may not be checking the [candy] labels as much as you normally would,” Dr. McDonough said.

Other kids who can have problems are those who have issues with dyes, such as Blue-1 or Blue-2, Red-3 or Yellow-6. You have to make sure that the candies don’t have those specific dyes if there are issues.

“The bottom line here is parents need to be vigilant. They need to check it out closely,” Dr. McDonough said.

Parents should also try to monitor their children’s candy intake.

“Make sure you slowly give the children candy – don’t let them overdo it all at once,” Dr. McDonough said. “And make sure you know what they’re taking in.”


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