WYANDANCH, N.Y. (AP)¬†— Police say a Long Island policeman shot and wounded a man who drew a gun after being pulled over for a traffic infraction.

After stopping the car at 11 p.m. Monday, Suffolk County police say patrol officers smelled marijuana and asked the two occupants to step outside.

The passenger, Jalane Latif, then allegedly pushed one of the officers and pointed a handgun at them. Police say one of the officers discharged five rounds from his weapon, striking Latif twice in the arm.

Latif was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police charged the Wyandanch resident with criminal possession of a weapon. It was not immediately clear if he had retained a lawyer.

They charged the driver with unlawful possession of marijuana.

Police say they recovered a .40-caliber semiautomatic pistol.

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  1. enuff-is-enuff says:

    Now more than ever there needs to be real changes to the way law enforcement is conducted and overseen. The technology exists and, (in leau of the cost of a human life), is inexpensive enough to implement. Lets see recorded video and audio from each weapon drawn on suspects, and hear police conversation tied to each initial radio call and with subsequent radio chatter from each officer involved with full capture forwarded to multiple servers (Date and time stamped, live recorded streaming to the public and private sectors, useable in the court system by defense and prosecution). Lets record the racial profiling, epithets and bias or the many qenuine positive efforts of law enforcement to put their best foot forward in conflict resolution, and let the chips fall where they may… after all does anyone involved really have anything to hide!?

  2. Queen Latifa says:

    Jalane Latif has brought shame to my good name.

  3. mr. b fair says:

    to djenkins you are as dumb more more ignorant as kriegs. shame on both of you.

  4. djenkins says:

    Tahnks Krieg, nice to know ther are still enough white racist Republicans in the great country of ours.

    1. Hey now says:

      Ignore Kriegs spam-postings. She’s a middle-aged loser living in her parents dank cellar of fail.

  5. Wife of Cop says:

    yea, you try it. Get a gun pulled on you, get your adreneline pumped up wondering if you are going to get to see your spouse and kids again because some degenerate from the streets is going to be dumb enough to pull a gun on a Police Officer. Then lets see how accurate you are in your aim. Its not a range, its real life and police officers are people too.

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