EAST ISLIP, NY (WCBS 880) – In a lawsuit, Rachel Primm, who is now 21-years-old, claims she began having sex with her East Islip, Long Island high school basketball coach during her senior year.

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At that time, Rachel was 18-years-old.

Now, that coach, Matt Johnstone has resigned from his position at the school and surrendered his teaching certificate. That means he has waived his right to ever teach again in New York state.

Primm is looking for $40 million, claiming she suffered severe and serious mental anguish.

Calls to Johnstone’s attorney were not returned and the school district’s spokesperson says they cannot comment on personnel issues.

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  1. Frank says:

    She was 18 and 17… not moral but not against the law! She was old enough to enlist in the armed services, and get her butt shot off in Iraq? buy a pack of smokes? get an abortion? Get married, go to real prison?
    this new invention sex stuff and is just a faze. with priests , teachers mankind This stuff didnt happen in the 1950’s and 1960’s the 1800’s for that matter! I Blame the internet ! lol
    . Ms. Prim will im sure have many more lovers in her hopefully. Was she a virgin before meeting Mr. Teacher?
    Was she raped? How many times did she have sex with him?
    Teacher: shouldda got a slap on the wrist
    Student- Wait till future employers google her name- The judge will give you $5 K , and you will be flipping burgers until you hook a rich guy.. And if you do get a real job, wait till you dont move up, but co-workers who kiss the bosses butt or more (wink wink) move up! WELCOME TO LIFE. In 80 years we will be worm food Rachel Primm, Remember when you were 14 or 15? remember when you thought you knew everything then. and you now know you didnt have a clue. Right?
    Welcome to life.
    I know its hard to think of, but did her parents have kinky sex? Pre marriage sex? or was she conceived in a test tube?
    How old was her mom, your female friends? when they were active in the sheets?
    Just remember, every restaurant parking lot beach, car, school, collage SEX happened!

  2. Danielle says:

    Disgusting on both accounts…really she was old enough to know better, and he had a family at home. What the hell is this world coming to? Gross..

  3. g says:

    I thought to myself this girl has parents that close there eyes to everything. Maybe if parents educate there children more these things would never happen. I agree the teacher was wrong but she was surely old enough to know what she was doing…he breaks off the booty calls n she files a lawsuit…..unbielevable…this girl should learn how to close her legs maybe her parents should have taught her that..I am 34 yr old woman and when I went to school I would have never done anything like. But I have morals and self respect….

  4. Greg says:

    He was definitely wrong for what he did, but like someone said there are 3 sides to every story and being close to this story I know so many things that happened and that the parents were warned and actually brought into the principals office to confront the parents, teacher and student. The parents didnt believe it and said there is no way this is happening. The teacher is just a great guy trying to help their daughter get into school. Then when the student freaked out because she heard certain things about the teacher trying to end everything she freaked out and when to the authorities. She was into this 100% the parents were warned and denied it and now want a huge payday. Was this teacher wrong for what he was doing? Absolutely. But there should be no law suit against the school. They took every action they had to to make sure nothing was going on

  5. what a joke says:

    this happened 3 years ago, if she suffered so badly, it should have been handled then. plus, she was 18, and originally dropped the charges. 40 million because you had sex with your basketball coach that you thought was hot at the time? give me a break. she probably realized how much college costs when you dont have a full ride with the basketball team.

    he stepped down from teaching and gave up his whole life, i think he suffered enough… hes got a wife and kids. while what he did was stupid, 40 millions not gonna erase what happened.

  6. liz says:

    where was this girls parents when all this was happening? she really should have a lawsuit against them and not the coach. Shame on the parents!

  7. arty says:

    What did her neck smell like ? I’m guessing lemonade. Anyfarts , are we open on Veterans Day ?

  8. deb says:

    She was old enough to know better. Now she wants money.

  9. Really NY says:

    There are 3 sides to every story. He is also a husband, father, brother, uncle. Really people? Don’t talk unless you know the story.

  10. cmmmm says:

    This was reported Oct. 2008 and he was forced to resign Nov. 2010.??!!Keeping him on admin leave put an additional $200k plus in his pocket. I guess his union calls it a parting gift.
    Superman is not coming!

  11. Shady says:

    what the teacher did is Actually not “illegal”….But it is against school policy and any kind of moral standard

  12. Apparent says:

    She was 18, case closed.

  13. A parent says:

    He was having sex with multiple girls throughout his years as a teacher in the district. It is well known within the town. Though 17 may be a legal age of consent, it is illegal for a teacher to carry on a sexual relationship with a student.

  14. Hope I Am A Juror says:

    Yup…she couldn’t hit him with criminal charges, as in NYS, 17 or older is fair game. Wonder if she was smart enough to start seeing a shrink right after banging the Coach? I bet not. Intentional infliction of Emotional Distress is rarely proven in NY Courts, and must show conduct that proves malice. Consensual sex with teacher, won’t fit the bill.

  15. Widow Maker says:

    Get rich quick scheme.

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