ROCHESTER, NY (AP) – Anyone for Go Fish? From gin rummy to solitaire to Texas Hold ’em, card-playing has been universally enjoyed across centuries by people of all cultures, skills and ages.

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Playing cards are the latest iconic diversion – in some eyes, a pack of trouble – to land in the National Toy Hall of Fame in upstate New York. They’ll be enshrined Thursday along with The Game of Life, a perennial favorite first devised in 1860 by American board game pioneer Milton Bradley.

The pair join an all-star lineup of 44 classics, from the bicycle, kite and teddy bear to the stick, cardboard box and Mr. Potato Head. The 12-year-old hall was acquired in 2002 by The Strong, a children’s museum in Rochester, from A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village in Salem, Ore.

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