NEW YORK (CBS 2) – After the Department of Transportation called CBS 2’s Bike Bedlam reports false, they reneged on its claim and admitted that there was a lack of bike safety data in New York City.

Now, the New York City Council is taking steps to document accidents involving bicycles, CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reports.

The Councils’ Transportation Committee is now considering a bill that requires the DOT and the NYPD to collect data on bikes hitting people and other bikes.

“We cannot assess traffic safety without knowing how many accidents are caused by bicycles and where,” committee chair Jimmy Vacca said. “It’s an important part of our attempt to improve pedestrian safety in the city.”

Critics said the city should have started collecting bike safety data before spending millions on all the new bike lanes.

“This has been done in an abrupt and high-handed manner and again the public is paying through the nose for it,” bike safety advocate Jack Brown said.

On Thursday, Council members slammed the transportation agency, pushing for better safety data.

“We’re happy to keep working with the Council on all the legislation they’ve raised,” DOT member David Woloch said.

Woloch admitted bike safety needs a lot more attention but refused to endorse a specific bill.

Sponsors hope to bring the bill before the full Council by early next year.

Tony Aiello

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  1. chris says:

    I doubt it will solve the problem but hopefully more people will become more self aware about their environment when travelling the city streets. Just bacuse you’re driving/riding/walking doesn’t mean you’re safe or in the right.

  2. Marsha says:

    Bingo. The streets were NOT designed for bicycles and no amount of retrofitting will make this folly work. This city is not full of people out joyriding for fun. Most of the vehicles are on the street because they have to be as there is a tremendous infrastructure that has to be serviced. Look around – there are delivery trucks, emergency service vehicles, taxis, utilities and the like. There are so many things that any urban planner would have done to measure the success of the bicycle lane push. How many incremental cars are off the road as a result, what has happened to the traffic elsewhere (which looks nightmarish because of the narrowed streets) and dozens of other metrics. But no, DOT just makes things up and now that it has been caught several times, I hope that the press will keep the pressure on.

  3. arlene says:

    so glad to see there is talking going on to correct this problem… all starts with awareness, then talking, then problem solving and impllenmentation

  4. Mr. Safety says:

    I’m all for safe and respectful bicycling, but one problem that exists that everyone overlooks in this argument, is that ‘bike bedlam’ in large part exists because the roads unfortunately, are built for cars, not bikes. Until that problem is solved so that bicyclists have the space they neeed and deserve, one could consider this campaign more of a persecution against bicyclists than real safety progress for all, allowing motorized vehicles the priviledge of dominating our roadways as usual, which includes killing many people every day. 1.2 million deaths per year according to the World Health Organization.
    Is CBS owned by an oil company?

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