NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Osteoporosis is a silent disease that haunts millions of women in America by slowly breaking down their bones.

But a new treatment could dramatically change life for women suffering from it.

CBS 2’s Dr. Holly Phillips tells us more in her report.

Researchers at The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine need post-menopausal women to participate in a study on osteoporosis.

Women selected for the study must not currently be on treatment for the condition that results in bone loss. All participants will receive a free bone scan from the research team.

If you are interested in learning more about the study, please call 800-872-3653.

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  1. charlene solan says:

    I am interested getting more information about this treatment. I live in New Jersey & can travel to New York.I have osteoprosis in my hip. Other treatments have disagreed with me. Thanks

  2. Lynn Silverman says:

    I’m a 66 yr old women and would like to know if they are testing in NY or even better Long Island ? Thanks for your help Lynn

  3. Dotty Swan says:

    I’ve been on Fosamax for 8 years and I still have osteoporosis of my hip and osteopenia of my spine. My doctor is taking me off it because I’ve shown no improvement. I’m extremely interested in this study.

  4. simone Palmer says:

    Are there any studies going on in Brooklyn New York. Both my mother and myself would be interested

  5. miriam says:

    I am assuming that you must live in the Pittsburgh area to be able to try for the study- or do they have NY sites also>

  6. Linda G says:

    I am taking Forteo injections every day for osteoporosis. I would like to know if this is the p.t.h.r.p treatment that you are talking about or is it something else.

  7. janetmclaughlin says:

    I would like to know the name of the treatment, and the side affects; most treatments I’ve tried did not agree with me.

    Thank you,
    Janet McLaughlin

  8. Dr. Stephen M. Goldstein says:

    I have a post-menopausal lady friend with post menopausal osteoporosis of the hips and a newly diagnosed compression fx of T-10. She has taken Arimidex but has been finished for about 1 yr. She would be ideal for your clinical trials. The compression fx may be traumatic in nature or possibly post menopausal in nature.
    She lives within a short drive to any major New York City Hospital. Please let me know of any further results of the study and/or if she would be a candidate for future trials.
    Dr. Stephen M. Goldstein

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