On Wednesday, December 1st WFAN and Mike Francesa will host a very special “Breakfast with a Champion” at the Hard Rock Café in Manhattan with Joe Torre!

It’s a one-on-one with Joe as we go through his days as Yankees manager and much more. And there’s always time at the end for the audience to ask questions.

Tickets include breakfast. Doors will open at 8am and we’ll get started at 8:45 so you’ll be out and off to work shortly after 10am.

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  1. wayne o says:

    like others found sold out by 2:06pm worse, next day found them being sold on Ebay for $135 and up…gotta be a better way

  2. Ed says:

    I was able to get 2 tickets but might be out of town that day. These might become available if anyone is interested….

    1. catherine cereste says:

      Yes, I would love the tickets. Please let me know if there is a chance, if not, I plan to check stub hub for availability. thanks, Cathy

  3. LJS says:

    The link appeared a few minutes after 2PM. I clicked about 20 times, if not more, and kept getting a message that no tickets were left so I was bummed. On a lark, I went back and clicked one more time and lo and behold, I got in for 2!

  4. Justin says:

    wow, tickets went in 2 seconds. I was on here at 2 and no link.

  5. Batista says:

    You missed grade school where they taught you how to read. It says tickets go on sale on the 11th at 2pm on wfan.

  6. Cole says:

    Did I miss something… where can I get tickets?

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