NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s Independent Budget Office said nearly $15 million in street vendor fines went unpaid in fiscal 2009.

The agency’s new report said the city’s street vendor regulations are costly, confusing and “leave many disgruntled.”

An organization called the Street Vendor Project agrees. Its legal director, Matt Shapiro, said many officers and inspectors find the laws confusing. He says that makes enforcement “extremely difficult.”

Vendor Rosa Cardoso told The Wall Street Journal she got about 20 fines last year, with over $2,000 in penalties.

Several were for parking her midtown Manhattan food cart too far from the curb. Cardoso says she has daily hassles competing with other vendors for a space.

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  1. James Brandenstein says:

    Just another case of NYC toturing the Little Guy by buying them with massive fines to pay off the bloated city budget deficit .

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