Woman Disgusted Tony Simmons Received 10 Years Probation

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Raped as a teen, a Brooklyn woman says she’s being violated again because her rapist, a juvenile court counselor, is escaping jail time.

For the first time, we’re hearing from the victim whose blasting everyone involved in what she calls outrageous injustice.

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“He committed the act like he was used to doing and that was it,” “Ashley” told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

Her rape five years ago still seared in her mind, Ashley said she still can’t believe her rapist was Tony Simmons, a juvenile court counselor.

“I thought they were there to protect us,” she said.

The protector turned sexual predator one day in 2005, as Ashley was heading to court.

“This man escorted me into the elevator by himself, which was never supposed to happen,” she said.

Moments later…

“He basically rapes me. No questions asked. Nothing to say,” she said.

She said Simmons gave her a warning.

“He made a gesture like this, basically to shut my mouth,” Ashley said demonstrating.

She did, for three years knowing her past as a troubled teen would cripple her credibility.

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“Just got locked up for falsified police report. Why would she tell the truth about something like that?” she said.

But when two other teens said they, too, were sexually assaulted by Simmons, prosecutors put together a case strong enough for the 16-year court veteran to plead guilty to all charges.

But then she learned on the Internet that Simmons’ plea had strings attached.

“Ten years probation. I couldn’t believe it,” Ashley said.

You heard it right — no jail time after admitting to three separate sexual assaults. It’s a cruel irony considering Ashley went to jail after lying to police.

“It’s a disgustingly great unbalance,” she said.

It’s an unbalance that’s sparking outrage with women’s groups and with this victim at the system.

“I’m throwing blame at the entire district attorney’s office. I’m throwing blame at this judge,” Ashley said.

Her husband calls the no-jail sentence a slap in the face.

“What they gave him as the sentence basically says not guilty in their eyes,” “Hasan” told Hennessey.

Now with a toddler, Ashley said she is trying to look ahead but can’t help but wonder if Simmons’ connections as a court officer had anything to do with his sentence.

“He must have known somebody to get this special deal just for Tony Simmons, just for this disgusting human being he got this special plea deal,” Ashley said.

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Hennessey tried to reach the judge who approved the sentence but hasn’t had any luck. Meanwhile, sources tell CBS 2 the Manhattan district attorney is said to be exploring his legal options prior to Monday’s formal sentencing.