Animal Care & Control Will Not Search Its Facilities

Updated: Nov. 13 11:20 a.m.

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Budget cuts are putting your pets at greater risk if they are lost in New York City.

Animal Care and Control will no longer take reports of lost pets, and staffers at shelters will no longer search the facilities for missing animals.

Animal shelter volunteer Laurie Daniels takes care of “Misty,” a stray dog brought in as a stray two days ago.

It’s possible this affectionate canine is loved by an owner desperately looking for her.

But now, in our city with its thousands of lost dogs and cats, getting them back to their homes just got harder.

“There’s a very good chance if their pet is lost they wont be able to find them,” said Jane Hoffman, president of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.

The budget for Animal Care and Control was slashed by $1.5 million in the past two years, and now a change in policy:

Staffers will no longer accept reports of lost and found pets.

“They have homes and who knows? They may be destroyed in a matter of days and that is tragic,” said Jessica Mawhirt of Battery Park City.

Frantic owners used to call Animal Care and Control directly to have city workers search the three main facilities, but that’s no longer part of the workers’ job description.

As a result of these budget cuts the owners of lost pets must come to city shelters in person, including one in Manhattan, and the others in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

The Department of Health, which oversees Animal Care and Control, said there is one exception:

“Animal Care and Control will continue to perform searches for disabled people who cannot physically come to the shelters to search for their lost pets,” the department said in a statement.

While the Animal Care and Control Web site continues to be updated, Hoffman showed Carlin many of the listings that have no photos and those with images can be difficult to make out.

Hoffman said now, more than ever, all owners must license, microchip and keep collars with IDs on their animals at all times. With those identifying clues, Animal Care and Control will still try to get your pet home.

Without them, you’re likely on your own.

Hoffman said, by law, an unclaimed animal can be adopted out or euthanized after as little as 48 hours, although it usually takes longer than that.

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  1. Rosco says:

    This is very tragic. Dog owners who lost their dogs can email Wet Nose Guide & we put their pet’s pic & description up immediately. Best wishes, Wet Nose Guide (

  2. George Johnson says:

    This is governments idea of “cutting spending.” Look at this. They’re saying they can’t find ANY money to cut ANYwhere else. Next it will be Fire Protection, Police Services and Garbage Collection that gets cut. Why? Because they know you will scream bloody murder over that, and tell them “Go ahead and keep spending, but just don’t cut my “Fire/Police/Garbage/Kill Lost Dogs.”

    Sorry, but YOU people fall for it EVERY TIME. It’s time for YOU to grow some stones and tell your government to actually cut BS spending that is out there. Not needed services.

  3. justavoter says:

    Sounds just like democrats talking. Since you want to cut the budget, we just refuse to look for your lost pet anymore. Democrats are extremely greedy people. Democrats do not do anything unless they think they are going to get paid. Democrats have no clue what the word “volunteer” means. Wasn’t that long ago somebody in New York wanted to cut toliet paper to cut costs. I thought, how stupid can people get. The more democrats do, the more re realize just how uncaring for human beings they really are. Everything democrats do is all about me, me, my. What is so ironic is democrats have claimed for years they are looking out for the little guy while they were throwing darts and destroying the little guys all this time.

    1. Phill says:

      My goodness, your clock-radio has completely taken over your mind.

  4. Anisthenes says:

    New York finally finds the stones to cut spending…on lost dogs.

    Is this a joke?

    The City is slipping into a permanent recession, the cost of living is unbearable, taxes are driving out businesses, and THIS is what they come up with?

    New York deserves its fate.

  5. Roberta says:

    It’s the old political trick. Cut spending where it affects the people the most. Police, fire fighters. Now the threat to kill you dog or your cat if you don’t pay more taxes. Wonder why the NYC government just lay out its budget for all to see, and then let non-politicians decide what is important and what can be cut.

  6. Tiffany says:

    It’s pretty terrifying that if your animal buddy gets lost in this messed up city, you most likely will never see them again, if Animal “Care” & Control gets a hold of them. They are obviously much more about the Control part of their name, and have absolutely nothing to do with the Care part.

    If all they do is impede people trying to find their animal friend, and kill most of the animals in their “care” to make room for more animals, so that they can just kill them, to make more room etc, etc.. WHY DO THEY EXIST? It would be better to have no ACC at all, and let the community come up with options to actually save animals.

    Check out No Kill New York. There’s an option THAT WORKS.

  7. gommygoomy says:

    FINALLY. THey’re finally taking the Debt seriously. I mean, they must be saving 50 – 60 Dollars on this. Who says that LIBERALS can’t cut a budget? Who says they’re just a buncha TAX and SPRND Drunken Sailors? Who says that they run EVERYTHING in to the GROUND?

  8. Htos1 says:

    Wow!We had the same issue here in teeny-weeny Fernandina,Fl.Our version of ACC directorship was a political appointment given to lovers,inbred uncles,etc.When the volunteers and local media converged on them,things turned around fast.The “lover” has gone onto politics and was videod running nude in Orlando,Fl.,on taxpayers dime.She’s gone and her wanker inbreeds are as well.PLEASE NY,take care of your pets and destroy the wankers who aren’t fit to clean the cages.We ALL can do this.

  9. Elaine walker says:

    For all those comments that seem to spend their time blaming the ACC an staff for what is n fact a BUDGET CUT BY the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH. If you want to direct your anger and criticism, direct it at the source the Department of Health, not at the shelters that have been under budgeted for years and now the budget is lower then it was 10 year ago by over 7 million dollars.

    Do none of these folks commenting understand the real problem? the fact that NYC, the largest city in the US has an budget at the bottom 10% of all states?

    Blaming the shelter that has miraculously worked with less and less funding every year and still managed to lower euthanasia to just over 13,000 dogs and cats in 2009 from 32,000 in 2003? The fact that staff work long hours unpaid to transfer cats and dogs to over 150 pet partner organizations ?

    Instead there are people out there blaming the AC & C when they should be inundating the Department of Health for: controlling the Board of Directors since the Commissioner of DOH is the chair of the Board and 4 seats out of 7 are held by city official for not allowing ANY ACC Executive Directors for speak to the media. Do you think that Julie Bank didn’t want to comment or make a request for the public to help? Or for directing what the service cuts should be instead of allowing AC & C to determine how to manage the cuts. Do these critics truly believe the AC & C staff and Executive Director wanted these cuts or expected the DOH to control how these cuts would be made? Have none of the critics figured this out yet? Criticizing AC & C (the victim of DOH control) is hurting the animals, demoralizing an already overburdened staff, and expecting some miraculous solution while DOH ties the hands of AC & C management from implementing programs or policies that can help save lives. Direct your anger at the agency, DOH, whose Commissioner and staff could care less if more animals die.


    And while so many comments keep talking about volunteers leaving, how many of these folks have gone down to apply to volunteer? or go and adopt?

    1. Sage says:

      Well said, Elaine. I found my little angel on 69th and York in Manhattan, dodging cars, on the other side of the street from the hospital. I spent 3 months trying to find her person. I deduced from her behavior that she probably belonged to an elderly person and somehow got out, and that perhaps that person was in the hospital there, hence why she was roaming nearby outside. Had her person been incapacitated, and unable to come look for her in the first 48-72 hours after her being lost, and had she been found by an agency she could have very easily been put down. It took 2 years for her behavioral challenges that appeared to be due to panic from her experience of losing her home of the last 6-8 years (the vet determined that to be her approximate age), for her to be considered truly “adoptable.” She was incredibly well trained but would have a panic attack every time I left her for the first 2 years. She wouldn’t even jump on the couch or bed until I tapped and invited her. I made certain she realized that it was now her couch and her bed, too, and luckily that passed. She looked almost exactly like the beautiful little bichon/poodle dog in the video in the article. Seeing that little dog’s face really brought the story home. I had my angel with me for 9 wonderful years before her passing last year, and am so grateful she ran down the sidewalk and leapt into my arms when I knelt and held my arms out after chasing her down upon seeing her almost get hit by a parking Range Rover, whose driver never even saw her.

      It’s a challenging world where we have to divide our resources. Cash strapped agencies need funding all over, and in times of Recession, groups that rely on donations are amongst those that are hit the hardest. As individuals, it is imperative that we act and channel our resources into areas that we feel passionate about. Some are more passionate about saving impoverished children of humans, some more moved by helpless animals. The key is acting. I agree with Elaine’s point that we need to step out as individuals and volunteer to help out somehow when we feel moved, rather than just complaining about it. It’s that transition into realizing that you, yourself, can make a difference even if it’s for one life. I’m also glad that Elaine clarified the agency that needs to be contacted in regard to this matter. At the end of the day, these poor animals need help, and we need to make certain that they receive it.

  10. Genesee says:

    MG in CA is right — put the photos online, and use license fees to provide a decent shelter system. But why does MG blame conservatives? NY is run by liberals, has been for years and years.

  11. Markofthebeast666 says:

    Hey, has anyone thought of cracking down on the horribly abusive puppy mills that continually churn out puppies to sell to the idiot public, and SHUTTING THEM DOWN, and forcing those people to pay up for the fallout from their disgusting trade? Puppy millers are burdens on society…scourges. All those dogs in their concentration camp hell holes need to be rescued, and the flood of puppies into this hellishly over-saturated market has got to END, permanently. Dogs deserve way better from us. These idiots who make jokes about eating them and any other sick garbage, need to go and take out their anger on puppy millers…not the poor animal victims of their greed…and then go to Hell for being cold-hearted morons.

    1. renee' says:

      we just got legislation to regulate puppy mills in missouri passed. now of course, polititions want to overturn the vote of the majority – but we will keep fighting to help the innocent!

  12. jopiper says:

    I see an opportunity. ” I will search for your pet for $25 per day per facility”. you can bet your azz someone will come up with it. Privatization works!

    1. renee' says:

      love it!!! somebody CAN do this as a service and get paid, and do it well.

  13. Janet says:

    I knew this was the next step, about two weeks ago a e-mail went out from our local paper asking for donations of dog food, to be brought to the 3 shelters in NYC area, Broolkyn, NYC, and Staten Island. Seems that the City was no longer going to provide food for the shelters. Cases of food came from all over the world. Now I know why they stopped budging for food, because, they do not intend to keep these poor dogs or cats alive for a second change. What kind of people are we turning into. I thank God for our 4 dogs every night. They are all micro=chiped, and I do not like when my husband taken them for a walk, I would rather they just play in the back yard were I know they are safe. Very Sad

  14. Last Exit says:

    Yeah NYC is so broke they keep putting in bike lanes and wasting $ of BS. Save the BS Bloomberg and fellow crooks.

  15. MadCharles says:

    New Your always hated 4 leg animals. The 2 leg kind they love (terrorist, democrats etc) are fine. Smokers badddd, taxpayers badddd

  16. James BK says:

    We have a multi billionaire as mayor who’s isnt cash-strapped to spend billions of tax payer dollars on needless construction work of subways,roads,parks,landmarks,sport stadiums and every place else.Who isnt cash-strapped to spend 20 million dollars a year on an anti smoking campaign
    to push his obsession down our throats.But animal shelters are lucky to get any money at all.Every program to help animals has been cut during the past 10 years.This is the values of limousine park avenue liberal
    for ya-Things over living things.

  17. jewfromhell says:

    Muslims will still be found!

  18. Jane says:

    A volunteer corps, like the one Obama spoke of. So many unemployed and new college graduates who want to give back to their communities.
    A telethon. The American public is so generous. A tax hike on the rich so a job can be created..

    1. Kc Truby says:

      Sounds to me like a business opportunity for a smart kid. For $99 I will go to all 3 sites and look for your dog or cat. Send me a photo by email and a paypal and I will go to every pound. Will call you if I find them, and you can go down and claim the animal. America changes – so do the opportunities around you.

  19. Bekah says:

    The bottom line is that your pet is YOUR pet. Do you expect to just get on the phone and make a report and sit back while ACC does your work for you? What is the big deal? Go down to the ACC centers yourselves and look for your pets if you care about them. You are the best advocate for your pet. In this age of excruciating budget cuts and layoffs, agencies have to do the best with what they have. I’m not saying the ACC hasn’t been mismanaged, but nearly every city agency is having to slash essential services, and there is just no money left for hiring a staff to answer phones (it all comes back to staffing issues). This particular policy change is not the end of the world if you think about it. Is it that hard to get off your rears and search the shelters yourselves?

    1. Emily says:

      If all dogs owners kept their pets on the leash and did not tie them up outside of every cafe or starbucks while the owner stands on line to get coffee, or even sits down for an entire meal there would not be so many “missing” dogs. for every sorry poster about a dog “last seen” outside of one or another nice eatery there’s a foolish owner who doesn’t think about what can happen to their pet.

      1. Rick A Hyatt says:

        Don’t diss the need for protein. “Black Dog Adobo” is a favorite Filiipino dish that I particularly like: (Black dogs are said to have sweeter meat) it’s simply a slow cooked stir fry of chopped meat, vinegar and shoyu (Garlic helps), served on a bed of steamed rice.
        When I lived on Maui, there would be a plethora of missing dogs before big “Family birthday or baptismal Parties” (Usually connected to meth iportation celebrations as sanctioned by local authorities) and they’d smile, grin, and smirk when they gave me (A white guy) such a “Plate lunch.”
        Having served amongst SF guys while in the Army, it didn’t bother me at all. Unless there wasn’t enough spice in the food, of course.

  20. Marina Guvenc says:

    Animal Care and Control of NYC has far more failings then just not locating lost pets. Last year over 13,000 pets were killed there. The Board of directors of City Officials and cannot challenge the Department of Health when it cuts their budget over and over again, leaving almost nothing left to run a city shelter. Moreover, there is a lot of dirty politics going on. For instance, the ACC also relies on a private charity/fund called Maddie’s fund. In order to keep receiving funds, the Shelter can no longer be killing for space. So, instead of admitting that they are killing because they have no space or resources, they are killing animals and stating reasons like, “too young” “gingitivits” “cold”.
    It’s nothing short of house of horrors. We need reform now!

  21. MG in CA says:

    This is shameful!

    NYC should do like some shelters in San Diego have done — put pet photos online in a searchable database.

    Surely taking reports of lost pets should be covered by the cost of dog licenses (if not, raise license fees a buck.) This is a haertless polcy that will result in animals being needlessly killed and separated from their owners.

    More heartless conservatism at work. Raise revenues,if you’re sick of seeing services cut to the bone and beyond. The rich need to pay their fair share.

    1. Kc Truby says:

      LOL, conservative??? Last I checked NYC was a liberal bastion, it is San Diego that is conservative. Get a grip

  22. SUE says:




  23. angelaone says:

    OBVIOUSLY as always, people who lose their pets need to call and check shelters as soon as it happens so they dont have to depend on these people.

    1. Kit says:

      Really? They should call and check? And that will help how, given that the new policy is that the staff will REFUSE to check?
      They can control their animals, and they can GO and look for the animal – but the shelters will no longer waste time looking for them.
      Which I think is fine – if you can’t be bothered to go look for your pet, you didn’t want it.

      1. Tara Green says:

        That would make sense IF the shelters were accessible by public transportation.

        But only one of the three are.

        So how exactly are people supposed to go in and check each shelter each day to see if their pet is there? Keep in mind, they only hold animals for 72 hours, so you’d have to hit each shelter each day in order to cover them thoroughly. I don’t know anyone….and I know the most ARDENT animal lovers… who could do that.

  24. Mandy says:

    Typical government scare tactic of why they need to raise your taxes. They know the US citizens love their pets and this is where they start cutting. If it isn’t our DMV lines or our rest areas on the interstate highway or some other place they know will make you think we need to raise taxes. This one is so obvious that it should make taxpayers realize how stupid the government thinks people are. “Oh, if we can’t search for Fifi then you must really need to raise my taxes”. Don’t fall for it folks. Make them stop giving $150 million to the Palestine Authority (formerly known as the PLO) first like Hillary did the other day. Don’t be fooled by the crooks.

  25. AlexxelA says:

    It is called the internet! All that is required is a photo and location found. It would cost almost nothing and the owner can find the animal in seconds. So if the animal is found, the owner can pick up their pet ASAP. I don’t understand how a digital camera, Internet and dog food could cost 1.5 million in two years. In fact, it could be cheaper to have foster dog watchers. The city could give people money to watch dogs. Then you could regulate the shelters and cut cost.

    1. Kc Truby says:

      I would start a business. Take a picture of all the animals and post to a web site. Sell access to the site for $29.00 If you see your pet, go get them. You might have to pay off some city officials to get in and take pictures but everyone takes a little beating now and then

  26. DISUSTED inNYC says:

    The ACC ( management & directors) IS a heartless, & worthless shelter. The only thing THIS SHELTER DOES BEST more or less, is KILLING as many pets as possible!!

  27. Kenema says:

    What, don’t socialism leave enough loot to pay for this properly?

    1. Freedom_Isnt_Free says:

      NOPE! They need that money for the Food Police!!

  28. stargirl says:

    of course they cant make any cuts in the city art commission, department of cool roofs, office for film/theatre, language/gateway programs, latin media and entertainment commission, commission on womens issues, etc
    these entities are critical to the well being of every new yorker, right?

  29. Jay says:

    Microchip your pet for $25, it’s really that simple. Even if the dog and the collar disappear, the chip is still there

  30. Debra Mullins says:

    Where I live, the workers/volunteers are instructed to tell owners to come in and look for their pets and to bring a photo to leave in the lost/found binder. I had a woman once insist that she lost her “pit bull with a smushed in face” and was irritated that I told her to come in to look for it. Turns out her “pit bull with a smushed in face” was a fawn/white Boxer! Another time a matted poodle mix was brought in – they cleaned it up and the owner walked through THREE TIMES and didn’t even recognize his own dog. So how is someone talking to him on the phone supposed to know HIS dog?

    So if you love your pet and you haven’t bothered with microchipping, collars with phone numbers, tags with ID info, etc… .then hustle your butt to the shelters and look.

  31. TC says:

    Why the heck would this be the responsibility of the city anyway? There’s a damn reason why NYC has a leash law.


  32. jussayin says:

    Ya know, if they don’t have enough money to pay for the manpower to keep up with your pets, then why not pony up the money. There’s nothing saying you guys can’t start a fund or even a business searching for lost pets. OR, don’t lose your pets and expect everyone else to foot the bill to find them. Just sayin.

  33. olivia says:

    This is so stupid, if there was a missing child the police would be right on it, there is no difference if a animal goes missing or a kid, a life is a life and people need to stop ignoreing the lives that are not like them.

    1. waynewayne says:

      olivia..thanks for a good laugh

    2. Kev says:

      That’s very sweet, and kind, and sensitive of you. I respect you. But is it true? Is ‘a life’ indeed ‘a life,’ equal to human life? I’m sure you don’t include plant ‘life,’ or else we’d have nothing to eat at all – and that would make no sense. So you hold animal life in higher regard over plant life (presumably).

      I LOVE animals, of all kinds – but I also eat meat. I think humans are special – in god’s image (if you will). We (humans) have, after all, accomplished an otherworldly amount (good and bad, to the extreme) more than any other animal, therefore, we (humans) are in fact a MUCH greater species than animals – and there should be no shame in acknowledging that.

      But I respect your sweet heart, I truly do.

    3. kenema says:

      lololololol. Maybe in YOUR family

    4. steve says:

      There is no difference between an animal and a kid?
      Olivia you are one unspeakably sick puppy.
      Liberalism is definitely a mental disorder.

  34. donna says:

    Hey all, the ACC isn’t cutting their own budget, but rather the DOH. The DOH runs this “non profilt” and animal care and control need to be disbanded from them and be run as a stand alone agency. So as much as i rant and rave and hate the ACC, it’s really coming from the Dept of Health. There is a conflict of interest in this dept running an organization about the well being of animals.

  35. Cat R. says:

    I can’t believe they rather let somebody’s beloved pet die, than help it find it’s family. That’s pretty pathetic. I am sure that with a little effort on their side, they could find tons of volunteers that would love to do that for them. In an area, where the kill-rate in animal control shelters must be sky-high, they want to take a chance away from these pets to survive!? How pathetic!
    So what are we paying them for? Just to euthanize them!?

  36. Sloane says:

    I hope one day soon Julie Bank, Richard Gentles and the other monsters who are responsible for the absurd budget cuts at the ACC are treated as poorly as the precious animals. If karma exists then they should be scared.
    Cutting the information phone lines off makes NO sense when you have thousands of animals that need to be placed. It is without a doubt a devastating blow to the innocent animals that suffer at the AC&C everyday. This phone lines helped thousands of animals get adopted. Richard told me that I should go through 311. Well what about the people from out of state? What about when 311 tells you they don’t know how to connect you? They do not have the best interest of the animals at heart and they bully anyone who stands up to them.

  37. AuntChristine NeighborhoodDogs says:

    I am shocked local media isn’t all over this story and isn’t sending in investigative reporters. Our “shelter” system is a disgrace and while we all keep raising our voices, no one is listening. Nothing is being done. Management continues to mis-manage. Money goes down the drain. And animals suffer and die. NYC ACC is NOT the ASPCA. New Yorkers need to know that their pets won’t receive medical treatment owners cannot afford. Injured, sick animals are NOT triaged and given immediate attention. This is NOT the place to bring your pets when you can’t afford medical care. This is NOT the place to bring your unwanted pet thinking he will be safe and get a nice new home. This is a POUND, not a shelter.

  38. Tarah Lynch says:

    NYC has now joined the ranks of third world cities. Good job Ms. Bank! .
    This incompetent sloth should be fired immediately! Along with the entire Board of Directors. The gag orders and firing of “volunteers'” the whole thing is a sham and should be investigated immedately. There is something seriously wrong going on in there. ACC has always SUCKED but this unbeliavable and tops the charts of incompetence. I’m ashamed to be a New Yorker.

  39. Concerned NYer says:

    Dear CBS,
    Why wasn’t the Management of ACC interviewed for this piece? Why didn’t you ask Julie Bank for a comment? The concerned public wants to help ACC out of this crazy decision. Volunteers are FREE. Hopefully, the local news will do a follow-up on this story very soon.

  40. Deborah Wagner says:

    Yes,VOLUNTEERS. Volunteers are a perfect way in which to bridge the gap. They cost nothing, have great skills and a real passion for the animals. Let’s discuss mobilizing a volunteer swat team to help cut thru the bureaucracy. Let’s make this a win-win situation. Julie Bank had stated that she wanted more involvement from the community when she got her post at ACC. Well, now is the time to stand behind your words, Ms. Bank. Allow the public to help.

  41. Denise says:

    Let’s see…thousands of people dump their animals at shelters every year. So someone who is frantically trying to find their pet and get it OUT of the shelter won’t get any assistance in doing so?! Something is wrong with this picture.

  42. Camille Hankins, No Kill New York says:

    @Susan Richard – the problem is that instead of encouraging volunteerism, ACC under the inept management of it’s newest director Julie Bank, is not only discouraging volunteers but throwing up roadblocks to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to help.

    Anyone that looks at the situation at ACC can readily see that something is rotten on 110th Street. Where other communities are moving toward not having to kill stray and homeless animals, New York City is going in the opposite direction. NYC is fast going from a world class city to a NO CLASS CITY. Shame on all of us New Yorkers for tolerating such a cruel and slipshod operation. In the end, our beloved companion animals pay the ultimate price when they are dragged to the killing room where they experience the terror of being killed by fatal injection ending their precious lives.

  43. Sheila says:

    THE CACC SUCKS….Has NOTHING to do with lack of money….THEY ALWAYS SUCKED. KILL KILL KILL. That’s their mantra. And FYI, they have been KNOW to kill animals as they are dragged in the door. 48 hrs my a$$. They also do NOT give medical treatment even to animals in severe pain. THEY SUCK. GET RID OF THE MISSERABLE “MANAGMENT” and BOARD OF NON DIRECTORS. Now they even make volunteers PAY money to volunteer and they make them sign a “keep your mouth shut” waiver. THEY SUCK. The REAL problem is that they have cruel and VERY inept people running the show. I HATE THEM.

  44. Outraged and disgusted!!! says:

    The failrue in leadership, the inertia, the lack of will is so widespread that animals don’t stand a chance these days!!! The cards are stacked against them and the house of cards is about to collapse. No Kill is no longer on the table; volunteers, care of animals, food, medicine lacking, no services for lost animals, switchboard not answering…what next? And you thought that things were bad for animals in 3rd world countries???

  45. Bob P. says:

    The killing continues in full vigor, I presume?

  46. Tara Green says:

    The harder independent, private and non-profit rescues step up to fill the gap, the wider NYCACC makes the gap. They are supposed to be working WITH us towards a more humane shelter system. But from no longer looking for lost pets within their own system, to charging rescuers exorbitant prices for cardboard boxes to carry the animals they just saved the ACC from killing, to suspending the volunteer program at a time when it was needed MOST, it seems as though ACC is simply relying on rescuers to be the only lifeblood that the animals in their care even have.

    Its wrong. And its shameful.

  47. ACC Sucks says:

    Have you not heard? The new executive director has suspended the volunteer program and fired good volunteers who were there for years. Her paranoia running San Diego was legendary. It was against the rules for volunteers to socialize outside of the shelter. Doing so would result in immediate firing of volunteers.. All for speaking up. There is a terrible storm brewing in ACC and her name is Julie Bank.

    1. Get it Straight says:

      Thumbs up!

  48. Susan Richard says:

    @Aunt Chrisitne: Yes, that’s a great idea. I would encourage ACC to recruit a special team of volunteers specifically for this purpose.

  49. AuntChristine NeighborhoodDogs says:

    It seems to me that there are tons of talented, caring, able New Yorkers who would surely sign up to volunteer in all the boroughs to fill in this gap. People who can take phone calls, fill out paper work, get updated photographs posted on the website, and check the facilities for pets that might be lost. Isn’t there a volunteer program in place at the facilities?

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