BERKELEY HEIGHTS, N.J. (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — A New Jersey teacher is under arrest, accused of teaching students some scandalous and illegal behavior – and doing it all out of his own home.

There was a visible police presence at Governor Livingston High School in Berkeley Heights on Friday as new questions and concerns came from both students and parents.

The topic of those questions was science teacher Frank Melchiorre, now suspended with pay for allegedly engaging in illegal extracurricular activities in his own apartment – with students.

“If the allegations are true, he’ll need to be dismissed, and hopefully he’ll do some prison time,” one parent said. “But let’s find out what the story is first, I think.”

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports.

Morris County prosecutors say the 26-year-old, hired in the district four years ago, is charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, providing alcohol to persons under the legal drinking age of 21, and allowing underage persons them to drink in his home.

“On the first day of orientation, when we saw him, he looked like a student, and he was like, a little bit more interactive,” said sophomore Kerry Mosier.

Melchiorre was known for his outgoing personality in the classroom and it was apparently no secret he socialized with students outside of school.

“I thought it was tutoring, and then I heard all about this, and it was just very upsetting to me that kids, like my friends, would go there and do that with him,” said senior Joey Disarno. Asked if there were drugs and alcohol involved, he said “uh huh, it’s very upsetting.”

Galal Galal manages the pizza shop a few doors down from Melchiorre’s apartment in downtown Chatham. He said he often saw teenagers hanging around the apartment’s front entrance.

“You could tell they’re either high or a little bit drunk, especially when they come in here, get food. I personally don’t like it because I have kids in school and I don’t want to see my kids in the same situation where these kids are,” Galal said.

There’s growing support for Melchiorre on his Facebook fan page, but the teacher, who’s now staying at his parents’ home in Mount Arlington, is lying low.

While no one answered the door, school officials in Berkeley Heights say the matter is anything but closed – and county prosecutors’ criminal investigation continues.

Prosecutors have not disclosed whether the alleged incidents involved current of former students.

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  1. sabrina says:

    i heard him and mike gallaro used to “date” … get jacked all the time

  2. Vinne Barbarella says:

    Yo teach! Get some friends your own age.

  3. John says:

    this guy crossed the line plain and simple. Obviously got hired right out of college and never truly “left.”

  4. Alan Foos says:

    Peewee? Is that you?

  5. Sarah says:

    Melchiorre got hired when I was a senior…he’s a nice enough guy and he got along well with the students but our teachers aren’t supposed to be our friends. I was close with a number of teachers at GL and none of it included anything illegal or inappropriate. There is such a thing as a great teacher who relates to their students without giving them alcohol or doing anything more than acting as the superior.

    As for him being suspended with pay I’m sure that it is something to do with the union and the board will make moves to fire him soon if they haven’t already started the process.

    The students need to understand that even though Melchiorre was a fun guy and he related to you better than the older teachers, he wasn’t a good teacher.

  6. billy da kid says:

    He’s not the only teacher in that school that has ever done that,He’s just the one who was caught…They have had teacher student affairs,coaches giving supplement’s and steriods too athlete’s,blind eye’s turned to student’s behavior due to parent’s status in the town. If he did do this then he’s busted plain and simple..I’m sure the fact that the student’s liked him because he is young and more in tune,aggravated the older teachers,which probably makes them very happy.So let the witch hunt begin,wonder who or whats next ????

    1. sttttutttterrring stttteeeeve says:

      Do you know you made at least 12 punctuation errors in your paragraph? Or are you too stoned to care?

  7. BH999 says:

    This guy was a FREAK, I had him and all he talked about was smoking pot and drinking, we thought he was kidding…apparently he wasen’t
    This is nos surprise based on the stuff hes said, he shouldve been fired a long time ago

    1. johnny mcjohnny says:

      BH999…we are all a part of the same hipocrisy. From your depths shall you consider your shortcomings. Yes? Aha! But alas no more!

  8. johnny mcjohnny says:

    What a great philospher Frankie was. He will rise again like a Phoenix from the ashes of Arizona! Once I graduate from GL, I hope we can start the band that we spoke of and climb Mt. Everest together with our sherpas. We are like Kings Frankie Boy and will let the wind carry us to our destiny.

    1. johnny mcjohnny says:

      After speaking with Frankie, I feel like I lived a 1000 years in a supernova of knowledge, hurling through the cosmos at a speed not even the Gods can comprehend.

  9. Hannah says:

    lay off of melchiorre. he understood us students on a level that not many teachers could. i didn’t even have him as a teacher, but i could have a great conversation with him just as well as any other student that walked by and struck up a conversation. all of you who are ‘concerned’ about the well being of kids in GL.. it’s a lost cause. those kids have been smoking pot and drinking since middle school, just like many other towns. get over it! it’s important for schools to have teachers like melchiorre that relate to students, and as cool as he was he still enforced the rules like any other teacher. i know so many kids in my class who tried to party with him and he turned them down. he’s still young, and much to you’re disbelief SUZIE he never tried to tap jailbait high school girls. from someone who knows this guy, and from a person that wouldn’t like to be slandered for the things that i’ve done wrong just like the next guy… it all drills down to the fact that he’s a great teacher, and did nothing illegal in, around, or about school. paid suspension is completely appropriate. the embarassment that he has to suffer from the lack of confidentiality in this case is enough. young or not, i’m a tax-payer too.


    1. Hannah says:

      mea copa; sting, not suzie.

    2. deez nuutz says:

      sober up, hannah

    3. LESEOS says:

      WAKE UP!!!!
      Great teacher? Doubt it. No GREAT teacher would even think to do something like this. To have been suspended indiacates to me that he MAY have done something inappropriate, and enough said.
      Let the court and jury decide if he is guilty or n ot. Paying him for his suspension is just wrong. I repeat, if found not guilty he could then be paid for this time.
      WAKE UP!!!!!

    4. boubacar doumbia says:

      Dear kids what i can add to your comment is that in a circle like school teachers group, the youngters are watched by the elders from the corner of the eyes and always giving them fake smiles…

    5. stttttuttttering stttteve says:

      An adult boozing and drugging with underage kids is not called “relating.” It’s called a criminal act, both on the part of the kids and the teacher. Your teacher, if convicted, will be known henceforth as inmate number whatever. Maybe if he goes to jail, someone could teach him how to survive jail by giving certain favours and blackmailing the guards. As far as confidentiality is concerned, it’s an open world now. It’s getting harder and harder to break the law and not get caught. Do the crime, do the time. Here’s a lesson for you: all our actions, good or bad, have consequences that are good or bad. Party-boy made his choice and he knew the consequences he would face if caught. Why feel sorry for him? I don’t. He brought this on himself and he dragged these students down with him. He is very unprofessional and very immature and irresponsible. You don’t need teachers like this regardless of how cool he is.

  10. LESEOS says:

    Hopefully the taxpayers who are paying for this guys time off will care. It;s your “who cares”attitude that is really another issue in my way of thinking. It is certainly not ok for kids to drink and party! They are just that, “KIDS”
    i sure hope you are not raising “KIDS”>

  11. Liberal Lefty says:

    Hopefully the kids won’t testify against him. Who is kidding who. Kids drink and party. If he was getting them drunk and molesting them then his balls should be removed. Perhaps they were doing light partying. Who cares.

  12. LESEOS says:

    In any other industry, suspension is not paid time off. This is rediculous. The taxpayers are footing the bill. suspend without pay, if proven NOT GUILTY give him his back pay. What the h____ is going on here….
    Absolutely rediculous,.

    1. Anon says:

      Suspension is almost always paid time off with police as well. Just saying. And don’t worry too much chief, if found guilty whatever fine he has to pay up will likely give that pay right back to the city.

  13. GL's finest says:

    he is a great guy, just look at that smile. relax suzie, its not as if our children are completely sheltered from the temptations of alcohol and partying. binge drinking is a huge problem in our neck of the woods. if anything, i’m sure he’s teaching our next generation how to responisbly incorporate alcohol into their lifestyles. great teachers dont come a dime a dozen, so lets leave the axe in the garage wil we?

  14. Unioncounty NewJersey says:


    While I agree with your first sentence, as for the rest people in this country are innocent until proven guilty. Wait for him to be convicted then fire him. After that you can ask for the back pay since the arrest as a breech of the morality clause in the contract. Knee jerk reactions never solve anything. . .

  15. kmb says:

    he is a SUPER FABULOUS guy:)

    1. Geezer says:

      I hear he’s working on some SUPER FABULOUS new courses as well:

      HTPLAL101 – How to Party Like a Loser. In this course, you will learn how to properly take mood-altering substances, and how to cheat on a test when you’re drunk.

      GPWW101 – Get Paid Without Working. This course will explain to prospective teachers which offenses will get you sent to the rubber room with pay. In the rubber room, you can play cards all day and get paid WHILE \. Why teach to get paid when you can get paid for not working at all?

  16. Suzie McCloskey says:

    Not setting a good example for children.On paid suspension.What are you learning.Fire him and be done.If you do it once you’ll do it again…

  17. mag says:

    teacherr, you’re not a good example to the kids….

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