NEW YORK (CBS 2) – A judge refused to release 911 calls and other key evidence to the family of the Pace University football player killed by police.

Prosecutors said the evidence in the killing of Danroy Henry must be kept secret until it’s laid out before a grand jury.

The judge said the family did not provide enough reason to overrule prosecutors.

Police shot and killed Henry in a Thornwood parking lot after Henry hit two officers with his car and refused to stop. Police had been responding to reports about fighting outside a popular club.

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  1. Bob Rynes says:

    Why would he have tried to run down the cop if not to kill him? Looks like an attack to me…. with deadly force at that!

  2. Sakky Jones says:

    To the family of Danroy Henry, STAND STRONG!!!! Our prayers are with youl. Unfortunately, the police will never be convicted, sentenced and imprisoned for such an atrocity. Live long enough and it will be apparent that similiar crimes have been committed over and over again in this country. Shame on America that the police are the modern day KKK. They won’t necessarily hang a person of color from a tree but they will put a bullet in your head with impunity!!!! What a disgrace!!! Danroy Henry was not a thug. He was a good kid, from a good family. Shame on America!!!

  3. DanTe says:

    Love the gangsta bangers here. Yes, get the names of the 911 callers so that you can go to their homes and “verify” their story. Yep. Sure.

  4. Sally Rogers says:

    If it was a child of any one of us, we would want to know. Privacy was assured and they still didn’t release the tapes and evidence. Absolutely disgusting! The parents have been so patient and reserved; bless them, because I wouldn’t couldn’t be this stoic.

  5. Jackamo James says:

    And we think Burma is corrupt.

  6. Antoinette Meijrink says:

    Thanks for a platform CBS

  7. Antoinette Meijrink says:

    Justice calls out to Eyewittnesses. Do not believe for one moment that you have a chance to prosecute a Police Force. No Justice is the State of Internet by the Royal Internet we are we are interned and in need of intervention by United Nations

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