ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York State Police are preparing to launch their annual Thanksgiving seat belt enforcement campaign for holiday travel period.

The statewide crack down on motorists who don’t use seat belts is set to begin on Monday and continue through next week’s Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Troopers will be setting up dozens of roadside checkpoints around the state as well as running patrols to look for motorists violating the state’s mandatory seat belt usage law.

State police say troopers issued nearly 19,000 safety belt tickets statewide during last year’s Thanksgiving holiday enforcement campaign.

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Comments (6)
  1. TIM says:

    Does this mean if Im pulled over by the right trooper with my seatbelt on I can get into his pants?

    1. Jim says:

      Only if you share him with me Tim!

  2. AnnonUSA says:

    “Thanksgiving seat belt enforcement campaign”= Revenue enhancement day.

  3. Matt Matthew Maciej Wiater says:

    Only the driver and a front seat passanger are required to fasten seat belts. Does it mean that in case of crash/accident, the passengers in the back seats are safer?

  4. tomdiservio says:

    I will sleep so safe at nite knowing that all the soccer moms will be properly ticketed by all these courageous troopers. I’m sure every junkie is happy that they can shoot up in all the parks and leave their needles behind without fear for all the 5 year olds to find. Bravo, New York, bravo!!!!!!

  5. right says:

    why dont you say the truth, its overtime bonus monies

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