NEW YORK (CBS 2) – When former President John F. Kennedy ordered his Secret Service agents not to ride on the back of his Dallas motorcade, agent Clint Hill knew he shouldn’t have listened to the Commander-in-Chief.

Almost 50 years later, Hill still blames himself for not taking the fatal bullet.

“Because I didn’t fulfill my responsibility of getting there to protect the president. That was my job,” Hill told CBS 2’s Don Dahler in Eye on New York.

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  1. CKennedy says:

    Kings and Presidents, Prime Misnisters and Chancellors all are expendable when profits are at stake. History will reveal the plot to overthrow the Kennedy Administration and that the Coup d’ etat came from the milittary, not Lee Harvey Oswald, Mafia, or Cubans. The CIA was the Black Ops of the Intelligence agencies during the 1960’s. When you look at the Kennedy Assassination, look at the military and what happened immediately before and after Kennedy”s death…Look at the Generals. There is only one way to seize power ina democracy and that is through the military. Any other way will be resisted with force. There was no such resisitence in Kennedy’s murder. Why? Because the military carried it out and the civilian government covered it up!! Wake up, America. If there was no conspiracy, why haven’t all the records been released?

  2. craig monte says:

    Is it true remorse or is it based on financial gain? 47 years later what exactly are you saying that you have not said before? I believe the notion on holding yourself accountable for what you could and should have done but i find it very sad that at the end , you agree that Lee Harvey Oswald was all alone in the killing of Kennedy. You were there!!!! End result you were grandstanding to sell your book and were tutored on how to speak and act. in front of the media!!!!!.

  3. Josh says:

    Considering the kill shot came from the front and blew JFK’s head onto the trunk, riding in the back may not have prevented much.

    1. SI Bob says:

      Why didn’t they talk about how the whole Secret Service detail allegedly got drunk the night before and partied all night? Why didn’t they mention that there were people impersonating Secret Service Agents up on the grassy knoll? Why didn’t they explain why the JFK limousine was washed out and cleaned destroying evidence while the president was inside Parkland Hospital on a slab? How about explaining why the final nail in the destruction of forensic evidence was the complete “refurbishing” of the limousine very shortly after. There are also conflicting stories about who ordered the Secret Service to stay behind and off the presidential limousine. I’m sure the interviewer didn’t want to upset the two elderly gentlemen but the cover-up goes on.

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