NEW YORK (CBS 2) — After seeing video of two city morgue workers dragging her late brother’s body through the hallways of his Bronx apartment building, Sandy McBeth-Tuitt was distraught.

“I’m just very offended with the way he was handled. And I think about it every day,” Tuitt said.

The video shows Ropell McBeth’s body being dragged and shoved into an elevator, CBS 2’s Chris Wragge reports.

When the workers reached the first floor, one man could be seen peering around the corner to make sure no one was looking. The workers then continued to drag McBeth out of the building and down the cement stairs.

McBeth’s family is now suing the city for emotional distress.

Their lawyer, Salvatore Desantis, said the workers threw the man’s body like it was “garbage.”

“Once I saw the video, I got very inflamed and wondered to myself how many others have been treated in this fashion,” Desantis said.

“There was just no reason for the way that they removed the body,” Tuitt said.

The city’s only comment Monday night was the following statement:

“Since the case is in litigation at this time, we feel it would be inappropriate to comment on case details.”


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Comments (29)
  1. Rodney Beethoven says:

    The only thing worse than this treatment is the way I was treated at the airport yesterday.

    The TSA agent would NOT get his hands out of my pants.

    Listen to me NOW and believe me later !


    And NYC official show some respect for the dead and DO NOT DRAG THEM ON THE FLOOR, STEPS, GROUND….get it !

  2. Chadway J. Rutherford VII says:

    This is an OUTRAGE !
    It doesn’t matter what the dead person feels this video clear shows a TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT for the dead AND THE DECEASED LIVING RELATIVES !!


    Many people should be FIRED.

    The family should be given HUGE JUDGEMENT (in the million$ if I where on the jury) as punishment for the incompetence of local government must change their behavior. Without a large judgement you can be sure they will NOT change !

  3. Anthony a says:

    If anything they should be fired. Sueing the city is nonsense. Just more tax dollars going to undeserved people who are taking away from kids education. way to go u lousy NYer

  4. JQTaxpayer says:

    A totally victimless crime! The dead could care less what is being done to the remains. Whoever leaked this video footage to the family and the ambulance chasing lawyer is the one who should be sued for causing any distress to the families. As for the families, they just hit the lottery! Instead of suing all of the taxpayers of NY, who had nothing to do with the “misdeed,” why not simply sue the workers? Oh, that’s right, the workers don’t have millions of dollars that can put you on easy street! This family and their lawyer are just as much to blame for what’s really wrong with this country as the morgue workers.

  5. Chris says:

    The sad thing is all this will result in is morgue workers being careful for awhile until everything dies down, then it’s back to business as usual. That they didn’t lose there jobs and only got a write up is very telling.

  6. Maxine Parkins says:

    All who have been so emotional caring for the dead and not in living time open a dead insurance policy where the dead can cover in the slightest mistake . but i do know its just a full waste. because that insurance money will not lost feel broke again so people act sensible rather than hungry starving culprtits missing out of real education instruction. its the reality. only time will tell.

  7. Maxine Parkins says:

    MVB what you have said in your comment cannot justified the problem in any way. that the workers were wrong doing.. . honestly it was no wrong doing . I am not a family or family friend to the dead not even known him . more over I never shield family and family friends to believe life is always sweet. many fools use the same words out of contex that you used …… ever heard this , soft answer turn worth away did you ever heard this phrase.

  8. Maxine Parkins says:

    The picture of the dead and the employees shown it was two morgue workers. How ever it look more likely they lost control of the weight which is normal many of us lost control of weight been carring. beacuse of locking of insufficent and help. the video did not show intentionaly it shown weight, tiredness, and lost of control. poor Morgue workers those two guys must be so frighten. we do all frighten when things suddenly goes wrong that it is not suppose to be. they would more scared and frightening even injuried if the dead come alive in their presence . take a good look on the object carring the dead. I went to funeral and seen dead lower in the grave and still get real bumped and they were using the real equiptment….. I go to funeral and see front row seat break and the same front row damage seat have those people fell from it. ….. so life cannot get any easier on the dead.

  9. TG says:


  10. Maxine Parkins says:

    fair is fair and I can understand many of plenty human errors of plotting. If I am not mistaken ! the man is homeless and if the sister and his relatives is so interest why did not they take care of him in the first begining of command…… is he was or living with his relatives or families in the care of their custody at anytime? or is he living with them at the time of his death? . how was this man treated by his family members?…. As I do know many uncaring families show concern when it’s is a disaster to obtain money. me personall cared for my family sacrifice for them spend on their welbeign so any problems I will go head on. this man is dead and the news read his body toss like garbage. I would realy like to seen it because the camera did not reconized the dead image picture as toss. I am a deep security. I can read any files throw. what is on consentration is money problem than reading the dead profile on living condition . Is he homeless without a families mamber.

  11. Alan Foos says:

    Same way he was treated every day of his life. Pray that Jesus takes him now.

  12. Inday Maria says:

    In the Philippines as in many Asian countries, the dead is carefully washed and cleaned in the presence of dedicated member/s of the family. All procedures including embalming are witnessed at least by one member of the family or a hired caregiver, who does not leave the body alone from the moment of death. The dead is carefully dressed and made-up to look as nice as possible. We respect the dead. To put the dead in a body bag and dragged around is a crime.

  13. MVb says:

    These workers knew that they were doing wrong. One played the look-out, indicating that they were fearful of being seen. Do not just place a note in their files. They should never be allowed to handle a body ever again. Let’s grow up!!!

  14. Marc Sablad says:

    Are there procedures in place for handling the dead. If none, why not? If there are indeed procedures, who makes sure that they are followed? Who is the Top Man in that Morgue? He is accountable for the actions of his workes. It is such a SHAME and it happens in the United States of America!?!

  15. cate m says:

    i witnessed the same in nyc ten years ago after the suicide of an acquaintance. i described it with the same expression-“like taking out the garbage”. they didn’t even lift the body bag off the stairs. how it took this long for a lawsuit to develop as it obviously is quite common i imagine?!

    1. Lucy says:

      The same thing was done to my brother 10 yrs ago. He was dragged thru 3 long staircase and they were laughing. At the time my cousin and I my made some calls to some attorneys and I believe to the congressman and was told that they were sorry for our loss, but there was nothing we can do about it. Also it happened on a very hot summer and it took a whole day for them to come to the house and pick up my brothers body at that point my brother body began to decompose, it was very emotional, heartbreaking the way he was treated and that we could not have an open casket to say our last goodbyes.

  16. Dolly says:

    Stupid A## workers, don’t they know they were being videod? These are the types that have these jobs. No respect. Fire them!
    How did the family member get access to the video?

  17. Yvonne says:

    What a shame. I hope this family get’s what they deserve. This was a disgrace.

    1. Ricardo says:

      What they “deserve” is a quick kick in the pants. They didn’t care while he was alive. They only care now because they see an easy way to make a buck!

  18. Jessica says:

    Very disgraceful. Those morgue workers are committing a heinous sin by handling the body that way.

  19. Joe says:

    I agree with John: put them in a body bag and drag them around !!!

  20. Domingo says:

    Another oppurtunist looking for money

    1. Sandyabdullah Muhammad says:

      Be for real “B” wouldn’t you feel upset if someone disrespected your family member like that? No amount of money can compensate for this -but maybe it will deter someone from dragging your body across the floor, I’M JUST SAYING….

    2. P.E.R says:

      @Domingo: I cannot believe you actually posted such a comment. Only way you can understand it, is to put yourself in their shoes; imagine your beloved one (if you have one), dead and their corpse being treated in such a fashion. This is sad, horrible and outrageous!!!

  21. MW says:

    Shame! I’d be mad if that was my own family member inside the body bad

  22. Doubledeuce Assetmanagement says:

    Disgusting, I can’t refer to them as animals, seeing how I am an animal lover but i could equate them with child molester or rapist as they are as low and disgraceful. They should be imprisoned as such, because their crime is every bit as horrifying. Make no mistake this is a crime and should be treated as one.

  23. john says:

    lets put the workers in some bady bags and drag them down the stairs and see how they like it.

  24. Eddie A. says:

    I’m disgusted by these actions. Can you imagine how you would feel if your family member’s body was treated in such a manner?

  25. nox says:


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