Department Spending $24,000 Per Unit; Will Have 21 Around City

NEW YORK (AP) — Along with fingerprints and mug shots, the New York City Police Department is now taking photographs of the irises of crime suspects.

The NYPD says the images will be used to help avoid cases of mistaken identity. The process takes about five seconds. Every suspect will be scanned again using a handheld device shortly before they are arraigned to make sure the irises match.

Police say the software, handheld device and cameras cost about $23,800 each, and 21 systems will be used around the city.

Central booking in Manhattan started taking photos Monday. The devices will be in use in Brooklyn and the Bronx in the upcoming weeks, and later in Staten Island and Queens.

Police say the photos cause no damage to the eye.

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Comments (74)
  1. Ridiculousness says:

    But they won’t catch the thugs. Because the thugs run the system and are immune to prosecution. These are simply a convenient way to keep anyone from complaining as the aforementioned thugs steal more and more money from the poor.

  2. Gordon Preston Brown says:

    Communism is king. Let the People be enslaved by their Master. Those who resist will be promptly put to Death!

  3. MK Ultra says:

    The Minority Report has finally arrived. Orwell must be turning in his grave!

  4. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    I don’t like cops.

    1. Rudy Pons says:

      Maybe Cops don’t like you and probably for good reason

      1. fart says:

        Said the thug of a cop.

  5. Wolfgang says:

    No more visits to NYC from Europe.

    1. Rudy Pons says:

      I feel the same way about Berlin, it was such a beautiful City, now “the pits”. Too bad

  6. Bryan Bowley says:

    When did you get out of Belleview? I know you weren’t released. I’ve heard saner statements from people with people with severe schizophrenia

  7. jerry says:

    Shut up you mu-slime puke !

  8. Dustin says:

    I used to work on Face/Fingerprint/Iris matching technology at Lockheed Martin. Fingerprints are more accurate, and databases containing fingerprints of past offenders are MUCH more complete. This is a waste of money–the NYPD equivalent of having a new 4G iPhone–except if the iPhone we less useful then your previous regular phone.

    1. J.T. says:

      Fingerprint is most decidely NOT more accurate. The odds of two separate single fingerprints matching are 1 in 1200. The odds of two iriscodes matching is 1 in ten to the 78th power. Iris recognition can pull you out of a database of 100 million iriscodes and never ever get it wrong. AFIS uses the entire hand plus palm prints and is accurate but single fingerprints are not. In the entire history of iris recognition there has NEVER been a false positive. There is no better method of identification than iris recognition in the world. It is even more accurate than DNA, it can be done in less than 5 seconds, it is 100% non invasive, and requires no PIN for use. Fingerprint/Facial/hand and anything else requires a PIN and only performs a verification e.g. the presented hand matches the template used by the PIN. Iris recognition uses no PIN and performs IDENTIFICATION, not verification. I could go on and on here.

      1. Biometric Engineer says:

        Your first statement is accurate, iris is currently the best way to go for 1:n biometric identificaiton. However, the rest of your argument is B.S. “There has NEVER been a false positive iris match”? Wrong. Even the most accurate iris algorithm in use (Daugman) produces occasional false positives when your database is in the millions. “It’s more accurate than DNA”. Wrong. Iris is much easier and convenient than DNA but definitely not more accurate. “It can be done in less than 5 seconds”. Wrong. Depends on the device and the number of templates your verifying against. Typically, against a 100K iris database, it’ll take between 12-15 seconds to match. Fingerprint/Facial/Hand requires a PIN and only performs verification. Wrong. You can peform 1:n identification with any biometric modality, although Iris is currently the best.

    2. Rudy Pons says:

      This move is just the beginning, a first step to the next level

  9. Christopher McMahon says:

    This is VERY bad. It is amazing the citziens of the US don’t remember or learn from our forefathers. These technologies are designed for ONE purpose only. It is years in the making. They have done an amazing job at making people passive and accepting compliance to their rule.

    1. A Patriot says:

      You are exactly correct!

      This is to be used to tag us like cattle – did no one see minority report?

      Are govt. is being run by nationalist socialists (both parties) who will stop at nothing to centralize full control and undermine our constitution!

      Time to throw these neo-fascist bums out!

      Vote only Independent or true Constitution loving Americans into office!

      (Read Edward Bernays work from the early 20th century – he laughs at how the two Party system was cemented in this country to CONTROL and IGNORE us – the American Citizen!)

  10. Ross says:

    So … what exactly was wrong with fingerprints?

    1. J.T. says:

      Nothing is wrong with fingerprints. They will never be replaced by iris recognition because they are forensic but for pure virtually instant identification of the prisioner there is nothing, and I mean nothing, more secure than iris recognition. The iris never changes from birth to death except for rare diseases and physical damage. In small county jails for instance, there are hundreds of prisoners that are unknown to the officers. If they are enrolled in the iris recognition system when they are booked into the jail, they will never have to worry about releasing the wrong person.

  11. john smith says:

    Ah, buit to the Obama version of American Government; all Americans are suspects (Unless they are of a specific religious sect) . The Joys of Marxist belief attack us daily. Hiddious state of affairs and there is little we can doi about this. Our Republican electees already appear to be joining the Obama-team.

    1. Proggie says:

      With all the ties of the NYC police to Obama you MUST be right…the police are SOOOO Marxist….try reading s little something about Marxism besides Glenn Beck’s website before broadcasting your ignorance

  12. Contrarian says:

    Unbelievable… you New Yorkers will fall for anything, won’t you? It’s like you were born perfect little submissives.

  13. Charles U. Farley says:

    There’s more of US than there are of THEM. Prepare.

  14. Michael Vincent Austin says:

    NY State is in an economic death spiral yet finds $23,000 per unit? Its good to be an imperialist NY democrat.

  15. Joshie Versace says:

    Who guys crack me up and are just complaining for the sake of wanting to complain about something. If you were alive when they implemented fingerprinting I’m sure you would be complaining about that too.

    Don’t you get tired about whining about every little thing? You guys are like a nagging wife for crying out loud (no pun intended) 🙂

    1. Proggie says:

      Ask the citizens of Fallujuah about that….

  16. Htos1 says:

    Why do dims hate priviatization EXCEPT for jails and judicial system,hmmm?

  17. Proggie says:

    New York? I think they mean New Fallujah!

    1. matthew miner says:

      you guys that are saying if you don’t get arrested than you have nothing to worry about you can’t say that because if you go along with this you will have to do this to get a job or buy food this is more of the police state coming to the free country of America

  18. sbisking says:

    If you don’t get arrested, then you have nothing to worry about.

    1. John Vanden says:

      watch the movie minority report. Check out mexico they are scanning all citizens irises and have real time scanners in all public places that can read real time from thirty feet.
      Total constant realtime surviellance.

      1. Scott Freeman says:

        And i bet that robots are stealing your luggage down at the airport,,,,,,

    2. MagnusT says:

      You sound suspicious of…something. Where do you live? I’d like the police to come over and interview you. If you have nothing to hide then this should not be objectionable to you.

    3. Proggie says:

      Wow I didnt think people were that ignorant to keep using this line.

    4. Drew says:

      There are over a million codes/laws. You think your perfect, just wait.

    5. Jason Quinn says:

      seriously, that is your attitude? there are politically well connected corporations that make enormous sums of money through these government contracts. the war on terror is about these people getting filthy rich, not about keeping you safe from the boogey man. considering the US has the highest prison population per capita in the world, and considering that the penal and “correctional” systems are always thirsting for new people to fill up their multimillion dollar state-of-the-art cages, i’d say you have something to worry about. why are you so quick to roll over and let other people trample all over you? don’t you have any self respect?

    6. Steve Haven says:

      Yep, AND if you don’t get arrested, you don’t have to worry about the RFID chip we inject into each SUSPECT. And if you don’t get arrested, you don’t have to worry about the detailed facial scans that will allow the cameras all over New York to track your every move.

      Americans have turned into sacks of oatmeal.

  19. Jimney says:

    Big brother is here the game is almost over. All we need now are the inplantable transponders and gas ovens for each neighborhood and we’re all set.
    God have mercy on us all.

  20. The Analyst says:

    Tested on the Tango’s used on the Sheep. Oh they have learned so much in Population Managment.

    The problem…not all are [Thugs.]
    Shoplifters [ Misdemeanors] aren’t far behind, care to take the bet? or just a mere Questioning. You say you forgot [Lost] your ID ?

    “Ooops, sorry” we have the wrong guy. “Oh, no we don’t take the Data out of the Database. ”

    The more we let go…the closer our ankles get.

  21. J says:

    New York City is a Communist City. The government just keeps pushing and pushing until a revolt ensues. History always repeats itself. Our Democracy is laughable. I for one would probably refuse to look at the device. What will they do beat me up? charge me with resisting a parking ticket? All citizens have to do is refuse to take the test simpling by closing their eyes.

    1. Michael Axel says:

      I no longer have any reason to go to NY. My liberties are worth something to me. You would think that NY, of all states, would have some reverence for freedom, given what happened there in 1776. Are they out of their minds? What kind of “state” are they trying to create? It’s becoming a prison planet.

  22. Lobster Frank says:

    Just like what the military did in Falluja, eh?

  23. bear says:

    Gee, one more toy for the security state. New York is a theme park

  24. Omar says:

    Here is Obama’s stimulus package going down the drain. Instead of creating jobs, the government is buying toys for NYPD.

  25. injun93 says:

    if it puts thugs away it is good.

    1. ne0teric says:

      Sheeple like you will be next… I for one look forward to that day

  26. Off Duty says:

    What? DNA and finger prints are no longer viable? What’s next…..brain scans?

    1. JohnK144 says:

      “What’s next…..brain scans?”

      No. Full, body cavity searches. Not because they’re effective for anything. Just because these miscreants enjoy abusing citizens.

  27. injun93 says:

    watever get the thugs.

  28. Guest says:

    This should only be used only for the convicted and not for the arrested. People are still innocent until proven guilty Ray Kelly.. Time for a new chief that understands the Rights of People or ask Putin to recall Ray and Mayor Bloomberg back to Moscow !

    1. ne0teric says:

      No no no… in the real world, you are guilty until proven innocent. Don’t believe me?… test it out

  29. patriot says:

    I used to respect Ray Kelly but he’s turned into a Communist/fascist apparatchnik Absolutely no sense of America’s tradition of freedom and what we stand for. Note they are not even bothering to justify this one as combatting terrorism. It’s to guard against clerical errors. They have figured that New Yorkers have turned into complete sheep. This happening in New York once the international beacon of freedom. How low we have sunk.

  30. J says:

    From what I can see this is a handheld system used on the spot, not a monitoring system. This means when they have a few people narrowed down they can use this to make sure they have the right one out of the bunch.

    It seems to me this would cut down somewhat on the wrong person living out their lives in jail while the actual criminal gets away free. Sure, they would produce better results if they did the job right to begin with, but do you really expect that to happen?

  31. anon says:

    Americans are no longer freeman.

  32. dave says:

    I understand that Ponzy, madeoff, and Mayor Mike were the test dummys.

  33. Who Wants to Know says:

    Half a million in tax dollars to be sure they’ve got the right person between jail and judge???!!! Are you kidding me?? How often do they pull the wrong person out of jail, and if they do, when is it noticed? I have a very hard time believing that there is any reasonable justification for this – and there certainly are privacy rights issues. Enough is enough.

  34. janejoey says:

    They should need a warrant to do that. The NYCLU needs to sue t

  35. ETEE says:

    Yet one more reason not to go to New York.

  36. Sam says:

    They first employed these in Iraq.

    Is the mark an actual mark or your OWN PHYSICAL EYES?

    I can’t wait for the xtians to pluck out their eyes.

  37. bopper says:

    foolishly insane im not with it. do your job right and we wouldnt need all the pricey gadgets of illuminati

  38. Raymond Leslie says:

    This is worse than Orwells 1984

  39. Da truth says:

    The mark of the beast is just around the corner.

    God help us all.

  40. tom paine says:

    Fascist Police State

  41. Forrest Hawthorne says:

    What is spenfing?

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