NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Federal authorities have arrested and accused a Staten Island doctor of being a human pill dispenser and handing out oxycodone like candy.

Undercover agents found that 83-year-old Dr. Felix Lanting was writing at least fifteen oxycodone prescriptions a day, seven days a week, 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reported.

1010 WINS Reporter Juliet Papa with details

Authorities said the doctor wrote over 3,000 prescriptions for the pill in total.

Many of the so-called patients didn’t even get an exam — bringing in a fraudulent MRI just in case.

Court papers said neighbors were complaining of the comings and goings out of Lanting’s home office since April.

Some of the activity slowed after a family put an ax to his front door when their child overdosed.

Lanting also hired bouncers for protection. However, authorities said the bouncers recruited people to make out on the deal themselves — selling the oxycodone which carried a street value of $3,000 for 180 pills.

Lanting was released Tuesday on $100,000 bond. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.


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  1. joeffrench says:

    There are numerous pain clinic doctors writing thousands of oxycontin per year, are they arrested? certainly not. I don’t know what this author is heading to. MD has the right to write prescriptions as long as medical history or clinical presentations justify his writing. Did he engage in kick back? What was the amount? How was he compensate? As a pharmacist, I see too many phony activities that government fail to act or open one eye close the other. Tthere are doctors recruited by gangs, who are going around recruited medicaid patients for oxycontin, oxycodone all abusives stuffs, even even reported, DEA does nothing and so is the medicaid office, in the end tax payers pick it all. There are cases pharmacists, or the owners selling narc themselves and DEA get to them but does nothing, it is also a disappointment. I doubt this doctor will be in jail. But surely, it is a lesson for others not to be tempted and involved wrong doing.

  2. Scott says:

    I think this is amazing that the public would pay about $111.00 per pill just to not be in pain for four hours. I just can’t imagine someone paying that much money for a pain pill. I don’t know much about street drugs but I have read articles and to me the Oxycodone seem to be more valuable to drug addicts than heroin is, could this be true? How do the poor people who are the drug addicts raise that much money for one pill? It is beyond me how 180 pills would be worth $3,000.
    Is the authur of this article sure about his figures?

    1. dumbfckus says:

      you idiot, do the math. that’s about $16-$17 a pill…

  3. Skip says:

    An 83 year old man doing 20 years??? Yeah, right.

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