An overview of the latest round of City agency budget gap closing actions:

Police Department:

Eliminate 350 civilian positions.

Reduce funding for maintenance of police vehicles by extending the fleet lifecycle.

Fire Department:

Redeploy staffing at 20 fire companies overnight.

Department of Correction:

Eliminate 51 correction officer positions.

Department of Sanitation:

Eliminate 200 supervisor posts and redeploy to frontline sanitation worker positions.

Administration for Children’s Services:

Reduce homemaking services.

Eliminate 80 vacant Child Protective Supervisor and other managerial positions.

Reduce administrative and support staff through 118 layoffs.

Increase Child Care Copayments.

Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services:

Eliminate 96 currently vacant positions.

Department of Homeless Services:

Eliminate 15 percent of security guards in directly-operated family shelters.

Department of Youth and Community Development:

Reduce Summer Youth Employment slots by 2,140.

Reduce Out of School Time holiday programs by five days or nearly 30 percent.

Reduce funding to 66 Beacon schools by 10 percent.

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene:

Eliminate City funding for Mental Retardation and Developmental Disability clinical programs.

Eliminate supplemental funding for two school-based health centers.


Reduce subsidies by $20 million, reducing the average days of service per week by approximately one day per week citywide.

Department of Cultural Affairs:

Reduce subsidies by $8.8 million resulting in approximately 190 layoffs at cultural institutions.

Department of Aging:

Eliminate 14 staff positions.

Reduce funding for case management and restructure services.

Department of Probation:

Lay off 57 employees.

Department of Housing Preservation and Development:

Lay off 14 housing supervision employees.

Department of Finance:

Lay off 129 employees to consolidate and modernize organizational units and create efficiencies.

Department of Transportation:

Lay off 35 managerial, administrative, clerical and planning employees.

Lay off for one week 641 Street Maintenance and Arterial Resurfacing employees, resulting in 9,000 fewer potholes being filled.

Department of Parks and Recreation:

Reduce the work year from 12 months to 9 months for 1,468 full-time positions to conform with the lighter workload in winter months.

Eliminate 15 percent of seasonal staff positions.

Department of Education:

Reduce funding by $350 million.

Civilian Complaint Review Board:

Eliminate 3 investigative staff positions.

Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications:

Eliminate 59 call taker positions at 311 through attrition.

Comments (11)
  1. Peter Tom says:

    I am a city employee and city agency”s are aver crouded with employees.Terminate all provisional employees and hire lower title employees.

  2. Peter says:

    Those that are just floating by should not be given a lay off — they should be fired.

    As a civil service employee, I am appalled when I hear that public employees don’t give a damn. How bout some self pride and responsibility!

  3. Glidmokk says:

    Comments by George and Amin are both excellent. The problem is that once created all governmental service agencies just tend to live forever and grow, grow, grow – this is the problem in the federal government as well. There’s nothing good about the economic meltdown — except that it is FORCING government to shrink. Can Washington follow New York’s lead on this. PM Cameron is doing this in the UK too — something like 500,000 UK government employees being let-go. The UK economy will benefit enormously through lower – or anyway more-slowly-rising – taxation. Washington are you listening?

  4. Glenn says:

    Funny how no value was calculated on the refuction of our quality of life. I guess it is all good we have more bike lanes then ever before in time for the winter months.

  5. Sheldon Tashman says:

    The middle and lower income class is directly suffering. These are the wrong people to hurt. Many families and individual lives damaged. We could instead add taxes onto the people earning 500,000 dollars or more. Or to be perfectly just add taxes to wall street big earners. They caused the pain and the increase in taxes would not hurt them. Sheldon

  6. William says:

    Cut salaries by 15 % for management and/or exempt staff. Anyone choosing to leave could easily be replaced with a lower salaried replacement.

    1. Beatrice says:

      Agree 100%

  7. x employee says:

    The problem is that the mayor is supportive of privatization of all mayoral agencies. Unfortunately he loses sight that when you privatize quality of services are lost. In addition, as he lays-off he continues to hire provisional employees for the same position. Moreover, people need to question these practices For example, he lays-off employees on lower level to keep the higher level employees and pays them $70 k and more. How is that saving the city budget. it is completely the wrong way to restructure.

    1. George says:

      “Unfortunately he loses sight that when you privatize quality of services are lost. ”

      You have got to be kidding. I have worked in three different city agencies and my experience is that 20-30% of the people there could not give a damn and are just floating by on their union protected job. Privatizing could not make things any worse.

  8. amin says:

    hire 50 whistle blowers
    and will have a 50 billion surplus loleeen
    sign ——————the arab dude

  9. graysond says:

    Why doesn’t the billionaire mayor donate some of his own funds to help City employees?

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