WEEHAWKEN, NJ (AP) – Members of a Florida dance troupe caused a scare when they dashed through the Lincoln Tunnel in their camouflage costumes.

The group was supposed to appear Wednesday on BET’s “106 & Park” show when they hit gridlock.

The five young women and three young men left their adult chaperones behind ran through the toll plaza and into the tube which links New Jersey and New York City.

Port Authority police were in hot pursuit.

Eternity Odom told The Journal of Jersey City she could see the lights of Manhattan when police caught her. The 16-year-old said police forced her to her knees and drew guns on the others.

Odom says she knew they “were in trouble.”

The Ladies of Envy group made its way back to Jacksonville, Fla.

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  1. TLWiz says:

    Luckily nobody watches BET so there is no damage done…

  2. jim says:

    Idiots, shoot them anyways , there very sick puppies and should not reproduce

  3. Alex Seredin says:

    The whole country is paranoid. Pretty soon they will be arresting people for wearing red.

  4. Glidmokk says:

    Very poor planning to arrive in at Newark Airport (or be driving into Manhattan from wherever in NJ) on the same morning they were to appear on the show. BET should be checking on the travel arrangements of their out-of-town guests, as of course people from other parts of the world may underestimate the amount of time it can take to enter the city: “Oh,our hotel is just seconds from Midtown, in NJ…” Right. Appearing on morning TV in Manhattan? Make sure you bottom is in Manhattan near the studio the night before…also practice your route to the studio the day before, just to get the hang of it. Taxi driver may not know the best way: You should know the way yourself, even if you are the hottest new singer or dancer. You are on your own! Too expensive to stay in Manhattan? Well that’s what it takes to get on national TV. Put it in the budget and keep it there so when lightening strikes, you’re ready.

  5. Mike Bloomberg says:

    Good job chaperones ! I guess none of you had cellphones, tuff break.

  6. LARRY w says:

    I can’t believe it didn’t occur to them that their actions were suspicious and coiuld cause panic. Or that it didn’t occur to them that they could’ve been killed by police or military security forces. The show must go on, but a little common sense,please. This could have ended tragically.

  7. Roy says:

    Idiots,they are lucky they didn’t get shot……………..great chaperones

  8. Semra Yildiz Ozcag says:

    when did this happen? today, yesterday?

  9. C.J. says:

    Idiots!!! They should have known better…

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