Stacy Galette Now Suing Winthrop University Hospital

MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — A simple surgery has turned into a living nightmare for a Brooklyn mom.

She was supposed to be in and out of the hospital on the same day. Instead, both her legs had to be amputated because of an alleged medical mishap and now she wants justice.

“It’s hard. Knowing before this happened, I was normal. I didn’t have anything — but, now, I won’t be able to walk unless I have prostheses,” Stacy Galette told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

Galette went to Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola one year ago for what she said was supposed to be a minor gynecological procedure. However, something went wrong and both of her legs were amputated.

Galette said she’s been left with unimaginable anger.

“Knowing that I’m not the same person that I used to be. I’m not walking,” Galette said.

Mother and 10-year-old daughter are still close, in spite of everything. Galette claims that during surgery at Winthrop Hospital, her intestine was punctured, which ultimately led to gangrene and the amputation of both legs below the knees. On Thursday she and her lawyer filed suit against the hospital.

“It’s horrifying. She will have to use prostheses for the rest of her life, for a double below the knee amputation — because of medical malpractice!” attorney Sanford Rubinstein said.

Over the phone, a spokesman for the hospital told Guzman: “As a matter of policy, we don’t comment on pending litigation.”

Dr. Tracey Zivin-Tutela, from St Luke’s Hospital’s infectious disease unit explained what might prompt an emergency amputation.

“In a routine operation something would have gone wrong to cause a blood infection. A blood infection can cause an inflammatory response and cause damage to any organ,” Zivin-Tutela said.

Guzman asked Galette what she can’t do with her daughter now that she misses.

“Walking … doing her hair,” she said.

Since losing her feet, Galette has not been able to work. She had been a medical technician.

Since the double amputation, Galette has lost more. She is also going through a divorce.







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  1. ThreeDoorsDown says:

    You don’t see a soldier trying to sue the terrorists when his legs are taken from him.

    They performed a medical procedure. There are always risks with any type of surgery… this time they recognized what happened – and instead of not being trained to know what could have happened had they not taken her legs, they saved her life.

    1. Kurt says:

      Let’s say you’re driving down the road, headed for your next Tea Party circle-jerk, or whatever it is you people do, and some guy looks left when he shoulda looked right and pulls out right in front of you. Bam. Next thing you know you’re in the hospital with a shattered femur, a punctured lung and some sort of permanent brain damage.

      Would you hold the other driver responsible for the accident? I mean, it was just that.. an accident, and you accept a certain degree of risk the moment you hit the road.

      1. biff biffington says:

        Apples and Oranges, Kurt. A procedure involving voluntary consent to have one’s abdomen sliced open, and an MVA while driving to your next Obamatron 5-minute-hate session (or whatever it is you people do) are two entirely different things.

        You really need to learn to appreciate the nuance in complex issues like this.

      2. Kurt says:

        Pardon me, sir? Our liberal hate sessions last far longer than 5-minutes. Since we’re all unemployed welfare-recipients, we have nothing but time to run week-long liberal circle-jerk marathons and gay agenda parades.

        Anyway, please explain to me these nuances… if both accidents are caused by negligence, then why should one guilty party be held liable (in this case, the driver) and the other not (the surgical team)? Both driving and surgery are voluntary and both come with accepted risks. However, I’d say that some surgeries, while technically voluntary, actually present little choice to the patient since avoiding surgery could lead to a worsening condition or even death.

  2. John K says:

    Hmmmm…. Another one of those “doctors” form India that gets let loose with too little supervision?

    1. Jef says:

      If you think Indian “doctors” are bad the Filipina “nurses” are worse. I have no issue with people who speak English with accents. But when they are not proficient enough in the language to do their job it’s a major issue. When a nurse can not pronounce penicillin that can be a major problem. But at least the Filipina nurses are pleasant and hard working. The American nurses are fat, lazy, sadistic cows. They would rather spend the effort protecting their petty fiefdoms than doing their jobs.

  3. Ranbo says:

    This was an unfortunate accident but she needs to get up off her ass, on her new legs and stop being a victim…We have soldiers that have lost both arms and both legs and they still get on with their lives. “Can’t fix my daughter’s hair anymore” seems pretty lame compared to opening can with your teeth because you have no arms. Man up and get your life back or sit back and feel sorry for yourself, it’s her choice.

  4. Ron Murray says:

    I’m sorry for the hospital and doctors but dude, they cut off her legs!!! This is beyond accident.

    1. Steve says:

      The lawsuit has no merit – she does not have a leg to stand on!

      1. anna says:

        very funny . could not stop laughing.

  5. Pbo says:

    Was this article written by a third-grader? What happened to this woman was a tragedy. But what has happened to CBSs’ journalism standards is just as big a tragedy.

  6. pigbert einswine says:

    Never Forget! Some Doctor finished last in his class!

    1. Kary says:

      But how intelligent a person has to be to even get in med school in the first place puts them miles above the average citizen.

      1. AG1 says:

        Kary: I assure you. Your are as intelligent as most doctors. The majority of people on this earth are capable of becoming a doctor if that is their true passion and desire. I hope you’ll take my comment as a compliment to you (don’t sell yourself short. No one is “miles above you”).

      2. kew says:

        kary, that is what they want you to think As a CPA and MBA who has worked in medical practices, I can assure you that most docs are morons.

      3. publius_option says:

        Oligarchic hype. A lot of women get thru on their back or on their knees. Psychiatry and Oncology aren’t medicine and (you would only know this if you were homeschooled), affirmative action is the primary determinant.

      4. giaduc says:

        You’ve never heard of “affirmative action?” How about corrupt medical schools? Maybe even medcial college professors too bust teaching socialist medicine to concentrate on actual medical procedures?

  7. Real Rick says:

    Sounds like bs to me, BUT if it’s true, she’s gonna be rich.

    1. BARZ says:

      Dude, it’s a bad combination for the defense. plaintiff is a black woman, single mother and she has a Jew lawyer. I’d settle now.

  8. James Bond says:

    Betcha twas an affirmative action dr like they are cranking out at UC Irvine!

  9. Mike says:

    Sounds familiar…I knew a gal that went in for an adventuresome…wound up with a tubal libation….this isw not new.!!!

  10. Calvin Hobbes says:

    The doctor and the hosptial can just chalk it up as another unsatisified customer and continue to raise their rates.

  11. Eric says:

    “I can” is a very powerful statement. Accidents happen, other wise they would be called “on-purposes”. We as a nation have to embrace the “I CAN” value. (NOT the “Yes We Can”, which means 48% work their butts off and 52% leach off them.) She should have signed a waiver for surgery. If she did, then she should have to stand up and make the best out of what she has. The hospital and doctors shouldn’t be destroyed for and ACCIDENT. I’m not unsympathetic, but she needs psychological help, and a little self esteem, rather than a couple of ambulance chasers.

    1. David says:

      @Eric: If she were Tiffany Hartley, you wouldn’t be thinking or writing what you did. Shame on you.

    2. libertarian chick says:

      eric come on. i think a lot of lawsuits are crazy, but if the procedure was done incorrectly and it wasn’t the fault of her own it’s a little different. i don’t think she deserves millions, but she certainly shouldn’t be forced to pay for it and maybe a few years of pay while she learns something else if she can’t do her job for some reason. losing both legs for a mistake is really bad.

      i hardly call someone who lost both legs an ambulance chaser. i’m sure most people would rather work hard the rest of their lives than lose their legs.

    3. Harry Slikker says:

      Dude! They cut off her legs! haha! I agree that we need tort reform for our health care but dude…. THEY CUT OFF HER LEGS!

      1. Lucky V says:

        EXACTLY!!! Just to say it one more time……Dude…they Cut Off Her Legs!!!!

    4. JENN says:

      Eric, I wonder if you would have said the exact thing if this would have happened to you…”lost my two legs, it’s okay everyone…it was an ACCIDENT!.”

      1. Andrew says:

        How about this? DUDE…they saved her life! DUDE…they saved her life. You know nothing about the medical condition she came in with, nor the infection she developed. Many people DIE from minor surgical procedures even when all is done “right.” This lady is alive!!! Wait for all the info beofre passing judgement.

        When lawyers go to the press before the court, you need to be suspicious. It usually means experts in the field will find standards of care were met. But, a less educated public will believe malpractice simply because of the poor outcome without hearing any additional facts.

    5. Kurt says:

      Eric, you’re a dolt. There’s really nothing to comment on beyond that simple statement.

    6. mike says:

      Dumbest comment i have read all morning, Eric. You need to work on your grammar skills too. I guess this lady had “and accident”.

    7. Barack says:

      I’d like to see her chasing an ambulance on her two stumps! Something you’d see or hear on one of the late night comedy shows.

  12. rob f says:

    This article is quite vague. First how does anybody know it was the doctor who who did it. .Now of course she should be compensated, i would bet if she went to the hospital and made and offer that was reasonable they could work it out. No doctor or nurse wants to know they did this to a patient. Every procedure has risk.

  13. James says:

    At this point, the hospital, its doctors and nurses who participated in this horrendous incident must be sued into non-existence. A hundred million is merely a starting point. There is no excuse for what happened.

    1. se8957 says:

      What everyone does not think about it the $100 million will raise everyones medical care cost, The insurance company pays then raise the it’s rate then the hospital raise cost because the rate went up, it is a never ending cycle……This was terrible but all parties need to be real on the compensation and she needs to get help and realize we have service members in her shoes getting nothing and quit feeling sorry for herself.

  14. tickyul says:

    Wow, I feel really sorry for this lady,must have been a horrible life changer to wake up a double amputee. I can see the logic in people flaming certain “victims” in news stories…….uh, but not this one, this lady deserves sympathy.

  15. Chuck says:

    How can she sue? She doesn’t have a leg to stand on!!!!!

  16. Petra Hush says:

    With respect to the innocent life that she decided to snuff out before it even had a chance, I don’t think that losing her legs below the knees is all that bad.

  17. Mike says:

    I hear that they are putting RFID tags (like the ones in ID badges that let you into secure buildings) into surgical sponges so that hospitals can locate then after surgeons sew them into the patients by mistake. We should be glad we don’t know 99% of what happens in the OR, else we would be too scared to get any surgery done.

    1. JPMCT says:

      It’s a safety measure to keep track of the foreign bodies to PREVENT them being left in the patient. A simple s-ray will show these things when they are left in after a procedure. The idea is to prevent it. I suspect the companies that make these things will stop making them when there is no profit potential.

  18. Ben Linus says:
    Tony Melendez – armless guitar player

  19. JPMCT says:

    Lesson: There is no such thing as minor surgery…only minor surgeons! Perforating the uterus during a D&C or injuring the intestine during laparoscopy are well recognized complications and NOT malpractice. It is the recognition and the treatment of the complication that is the issue…and that may or may not have been malpractice. That will be for the court to decide. The article is disingenuous at best and juveline at worst and portrays only one side of a very complex story. For those of you who think doctors are the problem, I hope you are preapared for life without adequate surgical coverage with Obamacare – because that is EXACTLY what you are going to get.

  20. YOODLE says:


    “Guzman asked Galette what she can’t do with her daughter now that she misses.

    “Walking … doing her hair,” she said”

    1. Dan Smith says:

      perhaps your feet will get infected by you own teeth marks…..idiot.

      1. Jacopo Belbo says:

        Did you even read what Yoodle wrote? How in the hell do prosthetic legs prevent her from doing her daughter’s hair? Quick to judge, speed reader. Slow down and smell the toe cheese…on the toe…pulled from your mouth.

  21. Krystal Dawn says:

    I have news. My hubby is an amputee and he was on his feet and going to work within a month and a half. Within six months, he was going to the gym, taking me out, and never missing a thing. It has been 6 years and not only does he lead an active life as a parent, but he can walk for miles and cycles more than 30 miles a day. She may have been wronged and this doctor may have been negligent, but she is CHOOSING to be bitter and say, “I can’t”. You CAN, if you want it. But you have to want to do it. If she wanted to go back to work or do her daughter’s hair, this wouldn’t be slowing her down one beat. Never give up! Fight!

    1. Dan Smith says:

      krystal, you are proud of his recovery. I’m sure having a great spouse helps the recovery. I bet this lady will recover with time, too. Let’s not forget, she lost her legs and her spouse.

    2. kimba says:

      I’m happy for you and your husband. Not everyone has the drive to survive and thrive after life has dealt them such a horrific fate. Ppl are different. Doesn’t make them any less of a person. She still deserves the wrong to be righted as much as is possible. Hopefully in time, her bitterness will abate somewhat as it will eat her up if she does not work to overcome it. .

    3. Suzy says:

      YES!!! Your HUSBAND had a good woman by his side. A lot of women will keep a double amputee husband, but HOW MANY MEN WILL KEEP A DOUBLE AMPUTEE WIFE!!! This is a tragic turn for her.

      Be more understanding Krystal, please, see the Dawn…

    4. Eric says:

      Thank you. “I can” is a very powerful statement. Accidents happen, other wise they would be called “on-purposes”. We as a nation have to embrace the “I CAN” value. (NOT the “Yes We Can”, which means 48% work their butts off and 52% leach off them.) She should have signed a waiver for surgery. If she did, then she should have to stand up and make the best out of what she has. The hospital and doctors shouldn’t be destroyed for and ACCIDENT.

  22. rod says:

    Bad news; ain’t got no legs. Good news; Own a Hospital.

    If this story holds, up reguardless of why she went in for any proceedure there are pre surgery protocalls to ensure that this kind of FUBAR doesn’t happen.

    My guess is that this is a back-door ploy on the part of law firm who needs to make payrole.

    1. Timothy Mallow says:

      High 5 to you! Good point, Rod.

    2. says:

      my father died from a similar mishapop. Mibnor surgery, lieing surgeon, complicitous nurses, disappearing records, no code blue ordered without family consult … bad day for a drunk doc, worse for my dad. He died.

    3. Dan Smith says:

      I’m reminded of a couple who lost their daughter in an accident. A cotton candy surgeon sweet talked them out of every organ in her body. Than sent them a bill for 40,000 dollars to keep her body alive to harvest the organs.

      Hospitals make millions exploiting the misfortunes of others. Charging recipients of organs is understandable. Charging the parents of organ donors is exploitative and unscrupulous. At best, it’s a shakedown on unguarded hearts.

      Now you think this losing her legs at the obvious ineptness of the surgeon and the attending assistant should be excused?

      1. gaymedia says:

        It is 100% illegal to charge for organs. They would be arrested/sued into non-existance/shot/black listed/ hated if they tried it. You don’t know how serious this would be for everyone involved. They would never work again if implicated and news got out about it. A doctor who GAVE an organ to someone who needed one is losing his license right now. Very strict about organ donation procedure in the U.S.

    4. Dr. J says:

      This sort of mishap and subsequent tragedy is NOT something that pre-surgical safety protocols are designed to or are likely to prevent. I am an (3x) Ivy League-educated Board-Certified MD, Anesthesiologist, and spend my working life in the trenches every day, including today. What is even more unfortunate here is that ultimately a court and its officers and players, who know NOTHING about the realities of medical practice, let alone the actual science involved in medicine, will decide this patient’s and physician’s legal and financial future. This patient’s horrendously unfortunate outcome could have stemmed from infection or other causes. Now it will become a game of hide-and-seek, not of “justice”, but of which “caring and compassionately dedicated and aggressive” attorney can convince a jury (who also know nothing about medicine) more effectively. Law and the courts predominantly run not on “truth”, but on the psychology of intimidation.

      Dr. J, ScM, MD, DABA

  23. Timothy Mallow says:

    This is a malpractice event. Docs trying to cover thier butts will put up excuses. You don’t go probing around in the female reproductive tract and accidentally puncture the intestine. That is sloppy medical work. I hope the surgeon loses his licence and has to pay resitution. This would never inherit at any self-respecting medical institution.

    1. biff biffington says:

      “You don’t go probing around in the female reproductive tract and accidentally puncture the intestine.”

      Netter’s Anatomy. You can get one on Amazon for $30. Do yourself a favor.

  24. Editor in Chief says:

    The article seems to be have been written by 12 year old. Very poor writing indeed.

  25. Mb says:

    What kind of “man” leaves woman, let alone his wife to deal with this alone?

    1. yofro says:

      John Edwards

      1. Duster says:

        Ha! Perfect.

  26. Kevin says:

    If we just had more special rights laws for women this would never happen….

  27. harryobrian says:

    Better she sue now than before Husseincare puts a 50 dollar cap on litigation and before that hospital becomes property of the government, at which point she couldn’t sue.

    1. TT says:

      Tort/malpractice reform is the one thing left out of Obamacare. Three guesses as to why…

      1. Joy says:

        Because the Democrats offered it in return for Republican cooperation, but when they didn’t get any R’s signing on, they took it back out of the bill. There’s plenty enough blame to go around on that one, actually.

  28. David Shampo says:

    I am pretty sure your “procedure” was a lobotomy. One of the risk factors ( besides 100% death to the affected frontal lobe) is losing personality and talking like a complete and utter imbicile and looked at as a cretin for the rest of your pathetic existance. And I do not feel one bit sorry for your idiotic tendencies.

  29. harold says:

    its not your place to speculate on what type of surgery she had nor does she need your sympathy. learn to look at the situation objectively. she deserves compensation for medical malpractice, just like you would if this happened to you, even though you sound like a horrible human being and don’t deserve anything. you are not God nor are you in a position to judge another persons actions or decisions. if you want to get all holy moly, you should remember that the bible says, “judge not for you shall be judged.”

    1. Beauxdog says:

      I think the Bible also said… “you reap what you sow”.

    2. Rob says:

      The Bible also says that we should own slaves and stone kids to death. Who the hell cares what the Bible says?

    3. Kurt says:

      Sorry to break it to you, but to leave decisions of any sort to an invisible space wizard is a pretty stupid idea.

  30. Matthew says:

    Sounds like an opportunity for an entrepreneur. Isn’t there any way to filter blood or something to prevent this from happening? I have heard a few times about blood infections and they are always a very bad thing. My uncle died from a blood infection maybe 8 years ago. Similar deal bacteria from his intestine got into blood stream. Coma then a few days later he passed.

  31. Rob says:

    Details about how it happened are obnoxiously absent. Till we know more, we can only give condolences. I would really like to know how your feet have anything to do with such a procedure.

  32. Jon B says:

    I love the internet tough guys. “Deal with it!” Really? Deal with losing both your legs? Morons.

    We have malpractice laws for a reason, and not every lawsuit is frivolous. If you can’t tell the difference, then you are part of the problem.

  33. max says:

    MR Wheezer. Soldiers put themselves in harms way by choice. This lady did not.

    1. Rob says:

      No actually she did put herself in harms way by choice. Nobody forced her onto the operating table, and she knew that there would be risks.

      ALL SURGERY HAS RISKS PEOPLE. We can do amazing things, and it’s a lot
      safer now, but sometimes things happen that are out of anyones control.

      1. SJ says:

        surgeries have risks, but I don’t think anyone is signing up for thinking the doctor will a mistake. Some procedures are less dangerous than others. It a statistical fact. You go for heart surgery and the heart can’t take the stress. That’s expected. No one is expecting to loose their legs because of a routine procedure. If the doctors had no business in her intestine, then they are at fault for going there.

      2. Heywood Jablome says:

        So, you think she should accept it as an accident and just forget about it? Is that what you would do?

      3. Dorie says:

        Rob … you are mean cold and heartless…. Please put on a garment of compassion, understanding…. and care

  34. Contessa61 says:

    This will be obamacare.

    We will be taken care of by people who received their medical degree in some other country. They will not be board certified and will speak poor english.

    No one will want to go to school for 12-16 years after high school, have 100k debt and make less than a vet or a plumber. Our country will import doctors and nurses and this is the type of care we will get.

    1. OptmiAge says:

      Board certification is like the “medal” you get in a Cracker Jack box. It has NO bearing on the quality of any particular physician.

      1. Joe says:

        You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking talking about. Board certification means a physician has trained in a residency for years to hone the skills required for the specialty he is board certified in. I hope you have some type of abdominal procedure done by a non-board certified “surgeon” since it makes no difference to you. You deserve the results.

      2. MARY says:

        UC Irvine has a “special” minority program for people who get 20% on the MCATS! But they habla espanol so it’s all GOOD!

  35. Wheezer says:

    Poor dear. I don’t hear that kind of whining from soldiers who lost limbs and more in battle. You can either wallow in self-pity or pull yourself together, go back to work, and do the kid’s hair. Unlike the soldiers who have to accept whatever the VA gives them, she’s hit the lottery.

    1. Michelle Souza says:

      They know that’s a risk, She didn’t volunteer for that, so your post is beyond stupid ridiculous and @ssholic. She was totally wronged, you cold rotten pig. Totally apples and oranges. No enemy did this , her DOCTOR did.

      1. Lester Figgler says:

        Allopathic quack doctors are your enemy. They profit quite handomely from disease, never from health. They cause disease and mayhem. Allopathy is pure, unadulterated quackery. Their hospitals are full of staph infections, nosicomial infections caused by quacks.

      2. Aaron says:

        She most likely signed a waiver. That’s a legal assumption of risk. Therefore she knew there was risk involved. During surgery, anything can go wrong. They wouldn’t just remove her legs for the hell of it. Anyway, it is apples to apples, so the post isn’t that ridiculous. Question. Are you a fat hispanic lady? Just asking ’cause the “pig” comment.

      3. Allopath says:

        “Lester Figgler”; now that sounds like the name of a guy with alot of medical knowledge. You must be a DO, DC, or acupuncturist. People who didn’t make the cut into regular medical school often go that route and then “sour grapes” whine about the field. Popping a back or sticking a needle in an ear doesn’t cure cancer, bowel obstruction, pnumonia or anything else for that matter. Talk about quackery; go play with your “chi”.

    2. Sam The Man says:

      You’re a complete moron. Simply put, this woman is a legitimiate victim of medical malpractice. And when Obamacare hits, she’ll have no redress whatsoever.

      1. Aaron says:

        Please tell us every detail of the surgery and why they were wrong for removing her legs. What’s that? You have no idea? Well then stop typing your nonsense Dr. Dochebag.

    3. MZStitch says:

      She wasn’t going to war, she was going in for a gynecological operation. There is no comparison here to a soldier.

  36. Your Conscience Dr. says:

    You’re a cold hearted fellow. I doubt surgery or $$$ could fix you. Heartfelt prayers will though. Good luck.

    1. Aaron says:

      Why is he/she cold hearted? It’s the truth you bleeding-heart crybaby. My prayers go to you to survive in the real world.

  37. Matthew says:

    First off I have to say what a raw deal in life. But brings up a good discussion really, is any “surgery” with out risk? Not that I think Doctors should have immunity but there should be some balance to retaliation from surgeries. There are just so many risks. We have had it so good for so long that we expect everything and everyone to be perfect. Take away all doctors and people would be dieing left and right from infected teeth or sinus infections, colds, rusty nails all kinds of stupid things. We go in to have our flesh cut open and tools inside of us and things removed or stitched together and believe that nothing could go wrong. I hope she gets a reasonable settlement and finds a way to support her daughter. But more could be said about settlement caps and wavers for risky surgeries. It is just not possible to be perfect.

    1. SJ says:

      Your comment is foolish. Give doctors immunity and they lose insentive to be careful and responsible. You would not be saying that if someone made a mistake that permanently changes your life. Your comment is an insult to doctors who actually do their job well.

      1. Tim says:

        Sj, hmmmm where to start? maybe you should try and reread the paragraph by Matthew

        It seems you want to make issue with “immunity”.
        I will try to explain what Mathew said, he said “Not that I think Doctors should have immunity” You see this means that he does NOT believe that doctors should have it.

        There for making YOUR comment the foolish one, and also and insult to people who actually read before posting.

  38. ItsGoingToBeHotDownThere says:

    Middle name – Ilene.

    1. YeahI says:

      Or as the call her in Chinatown “Irene”.

  39. Jeremy says:

    Wow, that is one of the most poorly written articles I have read in a long time.

    1. Franklin says:


  40. Dutra says:

    Something doesn’t sound kosher. There is more to this story than the author is telling.

  41. Jon says:

    I would bet there’s more to this story than what’s reported, otherwise her husband wouldn’t leave her at this moment in time.

    1. mssc54 says:

      “Well we couldn’t afford any more children with the economy the way it is. So when I found out I was pregnant I decided (without telling my husband) that I would just go and have an abortion.”

      Now I’ll never put me feet in a stirup again.

      1. Aaron says:

        Why didn’t you just use common sense and practice safe sex you lazy jackbag.

      2. Dutra says:

        And her husband had a vasectomy a few years earlier.

    2. Joe says:

      Her husband is a leg man.

  42. Huh says:

    Did she do her daughters hair with her feet?? Not getting that?

    1. U.S. Common Sense says:

      I commented on the same thing. Poor writing in this article.

  43. Anon says:

    Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola is a hell hole – Go there to die.

  44. former ACLU member says:

    Winthrop is said to be a good hospital.

    The problem is that there are no good hospitals anymore. You take your chances these days.

    This is clearly medical malpractice, even after any form of tort reform.

  45. Erp says:

    Trigger finger still works.

  46. DR says:

    Welcome to Obama care

    1. Gman24 says:

      Actually this happened 1 year ago…before Obama care.

      1. Aaron says:

        Actually it was 386 days ago exactly you toolbox. It was an Obama joke you sad sack.

  47. Mary travers says:

    Hmmm—can’t help but wonder how many affirmative action “doctors” were involved. UC Irvine has such a program for Hispanics. One in particular failed organic chem and got 20% on MCAT! She travels shops and parties like there is no tomorrow–best at taking credit for others’ work. Will probably kill someone when IRVINE gives her an “MD” degree.

    1. Rob says:

      You can’t get a “20%” on the mcat, you moron. It is scored out of 45 points. And nobody with a 20/45 gets in to medical school, regardless of their race. Fact. Look it up at

      But thanks for your unrelated racist diatribe against Hispanic people for no reason.

      Also, bowel perforation can be a complication of surgery, especially where the uterus is located. She had the risks of the procedure explained to her and she signed a consent form. Mistakes happen, and this does not sound like it
      was due to negligence whatsoever.

      She should get nothing, and her disgusting malpractice attorney should be thrown off a cliff for helping turn medicine into the impersonal mess it can be today.

      Also, what the heck is this “obamacare” nonsense? You realize that all that health bill did was increase Medicare funding and stop insurance companies from denying you coverage because you got sick, right? The bill doesn’t actually take anything away…

      1. DK says:

        Actually, it will take away your right to sue as you can’t sue the government

        1. Kurt says:

          A citizen can sue the government. I assume you get your information from the Drudgereport.

          1. Jes Beard says:

            Kurt, because government makes the rules about who it will allow to file suit and for what, and also routinely will set limits to the damages that can be awarded when it does allow itself to be sued, simply saying “a citizen can sue the government” is a gross oversimplification.

            Sometimes then can. Often they can not.

        2. JuJu says:

          There is nothing in the bill that says the government provides your health insurance or your health plan, or your medical care. The bill assists in setting up state-based private insurance exchanges where people can buy private insurance plans in a competitive market, and it also puts a number of restrictions on private plans so they cannot rescind your coverage when you get sick, cannot deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, etc. Your comment about not being able to sue the government is a complete nonsequiter.

      2. gaymedia says:

        You might want to wait il the dam breaks on Obamacare before deciding what it was designed to do. The water pressure is several months away from cacking the facade. But standby, massive destruction is coming. Unless, by the grace of God, we can roll it all back. Look up what AARP did this week and ask yourself why they might be motivated to support Obamacare? Things thatmake you go “Hmmmm”

  48. Fred p says:

    I would recommend suing. Too bad she doesn’t have a leg to stand on

  49. RickOShea says:

    My rule of thumb is never go to a hospital unless I’d rather be dead with whatever malady I mught get.

  50. Curly says:

    Calling Dr. Howard Dr. Fine Dr. Howard

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