NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – New York City is looking for a new taxi producer and wants the input of everyday New Yorkers.

The Taxi and Limo Commission announced this week that it’s seeking a new company to make all of the City’s taxis and that the public can help, WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reports.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reports

Commissioner David Yasky said they’re looking for the next modern taxi and that they’re weighing plenty of factors to find the city’s taxi of tomorrow.

“Obviously comfort and performance the most important factors but also points for sustainability and for accessibility,” Yasky said. “How do you weigh these tradeoffs? Leg room v. fuel efficiency. Which of the specific features are most important to you?

There are three finalists for the city’s taxi of tomorrow and all are tall minivans. So far the finalists are Ford, Nissan and Karsan, a Turkish company.

Yasky said they have a complicated scoring grid to weight out a number of factors, but that’s because they want to find the best taxi.

“Cars that are durable enough to be mass market sold often are not durable enough to be New York City taxis,” Yasky said.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg hopes that New Yorkers will offer their input. You can do so by going to the City’s Web site.

“Tell us what you think are the most important features in a modern taxi,” Bloomberg said.

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  1. Applepie says:

    hey josh read in depth before you complain, one of the selected vehicles is a FORD an American brand…..but probably made in Canada…but anyways its American

  2. pat says:

    I’ll bet the one that Doomberg selects is from China. Bloomberg should be going back to Peeking soon for the annual Mao Ts Tung institute alumni dinner.

  3. otto says:

    How about the “Johnny Cab” from the movie Total Recall ???

  4. Josh says:

    How about NONE OF THE ABOVE, since they are all made outside the US? How about letting taxi cab owners decide which currently available car is best for them? Isn’t that how an open market is supposed to work? I though Mike Bloomberg was all about the open market, but I guess not in this case. I wonder which firm he is already investing in and therefore will receive the city’s business?!?!?

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