ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. (CBS 2) — From the turkey to the sides, all the makings of a great Thanksgiving dinner were handed out Sunday on Long Island – $75,000 of food.

It’s not just the needy who could use the help on this holiday, CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis reports.

Rockville Centre on Long Island played host to a massive food giveaway, with tractor trailers full of donated food – stacks of canned corn, candied yams and fresh turkeys – thanks to the generosity of businessman Bob Jesberger.

“I do everything in my baby’s name – Jordan,” Jesberger said. “I thank God everyday for everything I have.”

Jesberger owns Mid Island Collision. Upon taking over the longtime repair shop in 1987, he made it about more than just fixing cars – he made it a cornerstone of the community.

Part of that effort was giving to the needy for Thanksgiving on Sunday.

“I was injured, so I’m not able to work, and I have to be able to provide for my family,” Lakeview resident September Cooper said.

“If you had ten more businesses doing what we’re going today, there’d be no babies hungry,” Jesberger said.

The food giveaway was held in one of the wealthiest parts of Long Island, with fresh turkeys and bags of food for what’s becoming the new face of hunger.

“Oh yeah, absolutely, the trickle down is trickling up,” Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray said.

Murray was on-hand for the giveaway, and she said the line of those in need used to be just the homeless or the jobless, but those times are changing.

“We’re seeing more and more families, who never thought they’d have insecurity in their lives, come into our food banks and asking for Thanksgiving trimmings and a turkey,” Murray said.

What isn’t bagged up and handed out at the giveaway goes by the truckload to area food banks on Long Island, where it will be distributed in time for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

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  1. Peter says:

    God bless this man!!

  2. Ronke' says:

    Please do not be simplistics about the bailout of the banks..if the banks all failed business owners like Mr. Jesberger would not be able to remain in business. “To whom so much is given so very much is required”. God bless Mr. Jesberger and his family. And it is high time that folk stop blaiming Pres. Obama for everything under the sun. Whatever he does, there is going to be some kind of about having an attitude with gratitude.

  3. Glorious1 says:

    God bless Mr. Jesberger and his family…..what an excellent example he has set for communities throughout the country. Giving is not the president’s duty……it is ours. Whether Christian, Jew or Muslim we are required to give to those less fortunate than ourselves. So if it is only a can of corn, or yams, take it to a food bank, or community center. “As you give, so shall you receive.”

  4. Eric Taylor says:

    that is awsome but if oboma had done the same with the trilions in house bailouts to the people instead of the banks we wouldall be happy this thanksgiving

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