SECAUCUS, NJ (AP / CBS 2) – All but one of the escalators are back in service following a mishap that left five Jets fans injured at New Jersey Transit’s Secaucus Junction train station.

NJ Transit spokesman Dan Stessel says they were going up when the 25-foot long escalator came to a sudden stop Sunday.

Stessel says a man and a woman were taken to Jersey City Medical Center with head injuries. Two men sustained knee injuries and a woman injured her ribs.

Stessel says none of the injuries appeared life-threatening.

All 31 escalators at the station were turned off until they could be inspected.

All but the one where the accident happened were back in service Monday.

The cause of the incident remains under investigation.

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  1. Jessica DeMartino says:

    I was a first hand witness to what happened yesterday. Even helping the 2 SEVERLY ingured people. I understand that nj transit has to cover their butts in case of a lawsuit but it doesnt mean lie. The escalator was abut half full maybe less and was heading upwards then abruptly started heading backwards sending most people flying. Some werent that lucky. The escalator literally chewed them up!

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