NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — An actor, who once appeared on TV’s “Ugly Betty,” is accused of stabbing his mother to death with a samurai sword inside her Brooklyn apartment after delivering a religious rant, police said.

1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney reports

Neighbors told 1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney that they heard Michael Brea, 31, screaming Bible verses and saying “repent” as he apparently chased his mother through the Prospect Heights home.

One neighbor said he called 911 after hearing a woman shrieking for help but said when police arrived the screams had stopped.

Yannick Brea, 55, was found dead in a pool of blood inside the second floor apartment at 501 Park Place around 2:20 a.m. Tuesday.

The actor was taken to Kings County Hospital for evaluation.

Residents in the neighborhood said the Brea family was friendly and hard-working.

Charges are pending.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the son had no prior arrests and was not sure if he had a psychiatric history.

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  1. No L matter says:

    My heart felt condolences to the Brea family in their moment of sorrow. Be with God Mrs. Brea.

  2. No L matter says:

    What this town needs is a good samurai sword control law. A long, expensive, and extensive background check on all applicants before you are permitted to carry a concealed samurai sword.

  3. jtorres says:

    I’m sure she didn’t raise him to be a “religious fanatic” who would then kill her with a samarai sword. The man was obvously imbalanced and went off the deep end. It’s a tragedy pure and simple. A lot of people who have mental illness quote religious verses and the Bible, thinking that will save them and/or others. And the people who ragged on the cops for not breaking down the door are the same ones who would have criticized those same officers if they had gone in and killed the suspect in the midst of the attack. Cops never get credit — only criticized. It’s pathetic

  4. John S says:

    I loved that show Ugly Betty! What a shame it was taken off the air.

  5. lewis says:

    donT you all think there was some sgin of mental disorder and no one paid him any attention i dont think any body in they rigth will do some thing like that i work in the health field most time the sgins are there but to may times we ingored them until its to late

  6. Mario H. Casuga says:

    Chanting religious verses and slashing one’s mom with a samurai sword are the stuff of psychos. No one who’s in control of his/her faculties would commit such a heinous act. Would he be locked up to rot in jail? You bet your bottom dinero he should and suffer for the “carnage” he’s done. But, I’m afraid, he’s going to wiggle himself off his handcuffs by virtue of insanity. What a darn shame!

  7. thebob.bob says:

    When Joan of Arc heard voices and killed hundreds with her sword, she was yelling biblical verses too. They put up statues and she’s a hero!!

    Now we lock up our saints.

    1. The Chief says:

      Yeah!! Now we only lock them up; we should be burning them at the stake like in the good ole’ days!!

    2. raynay42 says:

      I’m afraid for your mom

  8. The Chief says:

    You know you people are something else!!!! The guy wasn’t even convicted and there you go acting like he’s automatically guilty!!! Back the frig off

  9. otto says:

    samurai swords are for samurai’s … not actors !!! see what happens …

  10. Summarex says:

    Give the guy the Charlie Sheen award!

  11. poet says:

    carved her up like a thanksgiving turkey……..jkjkshesh lightin up

  12. LESGal says:

    @S of D — it’s always the mothers, huh? Stupid comment.

    1. Blame it on Society says:

      So who spawned the whacko, if not the mother?

      T ARD.

  13. Cari says:

    Yes, poor lady! A mother can’t block every influence that will come her childs way. I’m pretty sure she didn’t raise him to kill her or be a fanatic or wacko. Show some respect, a sad thing happened here.

  14. Kevin says:

    Why does it say Ugly Betty Actor, the guy was on the show once. This is just so people read the story

    1. sk says:

      what different does it make if he was on a show once or many shows? He was on the road to fame. Either way he killed his mother so what do you mean by “just so people read”? you obviously read this article also! what a stupid comment!

      1. Amy says:

        Maybe she read it because she’s a huge fan of Ugly Betty and was disappointed that it wasn’t Betty herself?

  15. liwingnut says:

    Poor lady…..Dead at the hands of a religios fanatic / wacko.

    1. Sick of Drunkards says:

      Poor lady?? This is the stoop that raised the “religios fanatic /wacko” and foisted upon society.

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