Just Like In The Movies, They Elude Cops At Moment's Notice

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Screeching and speeding is out of control in one Queens neighborhood and residents are desperate and demanding action.

Street racers are keeping homeowners up through all hours of the night and police crackdowns haven’t worked to curb this racing nightmare, reports CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

It’s been going on for years – street racing in Maspeth. CBS 2 has obtained videos of the illegal activity from as far back as 1995 and still today the racing is just as bad.

“I swear don’t these guys, didn’t they ever have a mother?” Maspeth resident Deann Roth told Dennis.

Roth lives on Maurice Street in Maspeth, but it might as well as be a drag strip. Her home is surrounded by “for sale” signs from other homeowners said to be desperate to get out.

“Every Friday, Saturday, I can’t sleep, windows are closed. You still can hear them. It’s crazy,” resident Elaine Figueroa said.

“Revving engines, motorcycles, you can imagine the people, music playing, and this is like 1:30–2 in the morning,” resident Felix Rivera added.

Rivera’s house is just steps away from what he says is the starting line. The road — paved just weeks ago — leaves a perfect line in the tar. Add to that the fact that the street is a no-standing zone overnight, giving racers a clear shot up and down the street.

They’re gone before the police even get there.

“They do come. They’ll break it up but they have people, spotters, all over the place so when they see the cops they hear them coming, they’ll just all scatter before they get here,” one person said.

“Drag racers are a pretty cunning lot. They do it at late hours,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Kelly has acknowledged the problem, and admits crackdowns, like the one by the Queens district attorney in 2005, haven’t worked because the drag racers keep moving.

So what about this idea?

“I don’t know, put a camera up there or something where they can catch ‘em,” Roth said.

“I have to take a look at it,” Kelly responded. “We do use cameras for a variety of things, but we’ll look at it.”

It’s a promise from the commissioner for a neighborhood that’s losing homeowners as quickly as they come.

“Uh, under a year, February makes a year, and I’m already thinking about moving,” Rivera said.

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  1. Jerry Bainbridge says:

    when will you bozos get it right? street racing is NOT drag racing. drag racing takes place at a DRAG STRIP, where there are safety standards. also there are rules concerning speed in the pit areas ete.

  2. Dominick says:

    How would you react if it were your sleep being disrupted amd these enthusists were racing down your street, driving down your property values? We have a track 60 miles away and we have to drive there if we want to race 1/4 mile. Its lack of respect and this idiots doing what they dame well want to do. I say stand out there in groups and protect your neighborhood, family and investment. We have laws you mindless chumps. if it were my neiborhood, you’d be fishing bricks out of your windows.

  3. JDM809 says:

    im curious as to what exactly is the definition of a criminal to many of you people. first off we are not out here committing crimes, shooting, robbing, or raping anyone. so next time any of you want to come out and call us criminals think about what your saying first. have any of you seen what the crime and homicide rate is like in NYC lately? really does not seem like much is being done to cover that. however so much is being done to target us younger crowed. to me its ironic how everyone puts us in “the fast and the furious” category, but i bet many of you don’t know that when muscle car runs go down there are cops out there watching and sometimes even helping organize the run. i say the media does a coverage about us now and let us tell our story. all we ask for is a track closer to us instead of having to travel out of state to be able to race.

    1. NyceSupraDevin says:

      i really enjoy Filming Muscle car runs.
      i don’t know why everyone says “Kids” i know over 30 street racer that are 35-55 years old.
      JDM your right ! in know some cops who drag race

    2. CSI says:

      For those cops helping you organize an unplanned and unsafe event are just as much breaking the law as you are. Going high speeds on a street not meant for it. Disturbing the peace and not being considerate to others around you makes you a law breaker. There are places for that where you pay for entry and race your cars. So you are no different old or young.

  4. no green card says:

    street racing problem? just build a track in nyc.
    floyd benefield or li

  5. Neticz says:

    as journalists dont you think its wrong and goes against what journalism is to just produce a one sided story that attacks the people on the other end. you didnt even let us hear what the racers had to say about it. and a correction for all you that dont know DRAG RACING is Not ILLEGAL. you must understand that drag racing is only one forum of automotive racing and probably one of the safest. street racing can be used to discribe all forums of automotive racing done on public streets. if you think this is dangerous or bad wait untill you see everyone move towards highway racing since this senseless city is making the wrong moves.

  6. Johnny says:

    I don’t see why the rest of us have to be subjected to “Speed Bumps” on a major thoroughfare. Why doesn’t the NYPD do their job instead of installing garbage that places extra wear and tear on everyones vehicle.

  7. Nick says:

    I like how the supposed “criminals” are more civil and respectable than their detractors. Shooting from rooftops? Deliberate oil slicks? That’s advocating for deliberate murder. Grow up. Street Racers simply race because the nearest track is 50+ miles away, a drag strip nearby would cost at least $10-30 million dollars and would never fly in Nassau or Queens simply from all the NIMBY whiners who would buy houses near the strip in a few years then lobby to get it shut down from the noise like the last track we had in Long Island during the 1970s. This is assuming noise regs would even allow it to get built in the first place.

    Either way, street racing has been going on in Maurice Ave for a good 15+ years and in Queens since the 1950s. How come its suddenly a problem when kids are showing up in Civics and get called from the “Fast and Furious” generation? I never saw articles during the 80s and 90s when kids were running in Mustangs getting called from the “Grease” generation.

    This is a very one sided story, this is just a bunch of car enthusiasts in their late teens up to their early 30s of all backgrounds and races gathering together to meet up and race. Nothing more nothing less. The most dangerous part of this event is when the cops come and people panic, 50-100 cars trying to leave at once makes it easy to get run over or hit another person. I’m more worried of a drunk driver running into the crowd than I am of another racer when I go. NYPD should be going after real criminals, the drunk drivers and car thieves of this city, not harassing young people who can’t defend themselves or don’t even vote.

    1. JdmEJ8 says:

      What this person is saying is correct. I’ve actually been to this location and a few others, and all you mostly see is people from the ages 17-40 . But I will not lie there is a few laws and traffic violations that happens when street racing, how ever there are more far worst crimes goin g on. I love cars, since little and everytime I go to illegal street race, or track races (when I have the money to travel out of state to get to the track) I feel such comfort and a live. The only solution to actually reduce illegal street racing is by opening a track in new York. As of now the only possible place where they could even debate is long island. But even then there would still be street racing, just not as much as today.

  8. dont be nosey says:

    lets just say its streetracers v. police.

  9. NyceSupraDevin says:

    drag racing in NY will ever stop. people have been racing in NY since the 1950s why would we stop now ?

    maybe you guy should watch how much Money the MTA spends and leave us alone

  10. REDEK says:

    NYC needs to open a motor complex ASAP!!!!! THAT’S ALL WE NEED PERIOD.

  11. DanTe says:

    What’s terrorized? Just a few drops of oil on the road and problems’ solved. Hopefully, it’ll take out the T ARDS before they’d spawned and further infest the gene pool.

  12. ex0904 says:

    oh brother. here we go again. their fighting a losing battle here. cause they can always move to another location.

    What’s worse about this is that people are blaming the fast and the furious franchise for ” the rise of street racing ‘ in the country since it targets the teenage and the 18-29 dempgraph for boys.

  13. Lucas says:

    Make a league for them and build tracks in non residential areas.

  14. StormsNYC says:

    simple solution, change the speed limit and put in speed bumps, nobody’s going to drag race if it’ll rip their transmission out from under their car…

  15. unknwn says:

    So you telling me some of you idiots going to shoot at innocent ppl cause there racing cars. Let’s be honest one of you ppl shoot at these kids you really think they won’t think about getting revenge on the person that shot at them???

    1. KPMc says:

      I certainly don’t advocate shooting anyone but they wouldn’t be shooting at innocent people. They’d be shooting at criminals that are making their lives miserable and their property values worthless. People have killed for less.

  16. jdm809 says:

    Honestly drag racing has been going on since cars first rolled on to the streets. Its never going to stop. This situation is being handled in a real bad way. These racers are not criminals. They are fathers, mothers, sons, daughter, and come from all sorts of professions. It is done around secluded areas such as these where all this factories and shops are and the streets are empty at night. No one is out to harm anyone, or steal, or sell drugs. Many have even been fighting for years to get a track opened up here in NY it would reduce the amount of street racing quite a lot. Instead of treating these people as criminals why not hear them out too? Seems to me like this is a one sided story and no one give the racers a chance to plead there case.

    1. KPMc says:

      But… they ARE criminals. Drag Racing is ILLEGAL and they are doing it in residential neighborhoods? People live there.. or did you not read the article??

  17. Wibawa says:

    RPGs will stop them.

  18. lee mondesir says:

    PLEASE-PLEASE-looking to build a 1/4 mile track-keep those people off the streets-call me-518 812 3425

  19. lee mondesir says:

    i’m trying to build a quarter mile track.need some money-its got to be done-518 812 3425-

  20. nome says:

    I would simply shoot the cars from roof tops…that would stop those kids real fast. Or lay out spike strips when racer’s aren’t paying attention!

    1. KPMc says:

      I wont advocate the guns… but having your neighbors throw in for a few pounds of black top and creating your own speed bump sounds good. I’ve seen a few city blocks where it looks like the residents did it themselves. I say go for it… but of course then it will be the decent people that get cited for vandalism or something stupid like that.

  21. Godzilla says:

    I just think they should leave the kids alone. They have nothing else to do. The economy is horriable. There is nothing for kids to do anymore. Street racing as been going on since they made cars. And its been getting stronger every year. From the 50’s on. I dont get why now people are making a stink. At least these kids are not sellling drugs, rapping someone, killing anyone or robbing bodaga’s. The state is just mad they are not making any money off of it. Like I said last time street racing on the news. Someone should make a drag strip so people have somewhere to go and get them off the streets. Opening up a drag strip will create a lot of jobs at a time people really need them and it will also make money for the corupt govenment and state.

    1. KPMc says:

      Where do you LIVE? So we can make noise while you try to sleep and create a dangerous environment in front of YOUR house!

      Know where decent kids with nothing to do are at 2AM??? Home.. making way for a better life than drag racing.

      1. Ryangtr says:

        Exactly which house is yours kpm so we know were to make the most noise cause we will be out there every Friday Saturday and Sunday. Except for when it rains and snows because that’s DANGEROUS

      2. Neticz says:

        you keep saying decent as if these people arent. you are talking out your rear end because you know nothing about the subject. its obvious you only know what you are watching on the news.

  22. bob says:

    So what’s New. Did the same thing in the late 50’s. nad 60’s.

    How do you say “Build a legal strip to run ion”

    the old timer

  23. john says:

    Another reason to buy a gun.

  24. john says:

    they are Muslim drag racers here to kill americain children

  25. cassandra says:

    This is another excellent reason why we need a drag strip to be created on Long Island where proper supervision can be provided and residential areas are not disturbed.

    1. KPMc says:

      We??? as in the government? taxpayers? WHY???? Pay for it yourself!

      1. NyceSupraDevin says:

        your dumb.
        Last time i went o the track there was 15,000 people watching and they paid $15 to get in. NY would make a ton of money.

      2. Neticz says:

        we are taxpayers. and we are entittled to have a say in how our tax dollars are used. and theres a great percentage of new york that is made up of car enthusiasts. theres one thing for sure we need a race track more than we need a pointless ski resort.

  26. ranks says:

    To the residents who are complaining,would your rather those guys running up on you in your house or on the street and jacking up your ass?Live and let live people its only drag racing no crimes here.

    1. KPMc says:

      Umm yeah there are crimes here… It’s called Drag racing… on a residential street no less. I bet you can justify anything just by saying would you rather have…

  27. trek says:

    Hey I bet 2 grand my morped up evo can beat any dragster out there
    will b bringin it out this Fri at the above address nec u all gonna b chicken feed

  28. ranks says:

    lie lie lie the streets are made clear for @ least two miles then the ACTION takes place.Its a fun sport.

  29. Rob says:

    Drag racing is cooooooool.

    1. Keron says:

      Same here. I dont see the problem alongs as it’s not in the big city area where it can get really risky.

      Never seen a street racing before , Other than in the fast & the furious movies , though i would not mind watching it.

      1. Ryangtr says:

        Well it’s on the news there broadcasting for us come to Maurice ave around 11pm on a Friday Saturday or Sunday. Your more then welcome to watch

  30. zain says:

    All the cameras are focused on Muslims and their house and mosques. Kelly and associate need to watch us more than the criminals and thugs because that’s what his zionist friends tells him.

    1. John Crumb says:

      Go FK yourself

      1. Devenio says:

        I guess John Crumb is a zionist.

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