NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Archbishop Timothy Dolan takes a hands-on approach to help needy families.

The archbishop was handing out turkeys and other Thanksgiving staples in Harlem Tuesday. The event was a pre-holiday food giveaway conducted by the Catholic Charities group.

Dolan said he was especially thankful to those who work to feed the needy all year long.

“These people are an inspiration, aren’t they? I mean they come and they seem so happy and peaceful and grateful, and here they don’t have anything. I guess that’s what Thanksgiving is all about,” he said.

Catholic Charities said its goal is to provide food to more than 12,000 people during the course of this year’s Thanksgiving celebration.

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  1. Fr. Joshua Wagner says:

    Archbishop Dolan has long been one of my heroes- from my days when he was my Rector at the NAC. The nice thing is, having known him, I know this isn’t just a photo op, but he probably did some real work… (Also he got a photo op out of it 🙂 )

  2. Father Bob O'Connell says:

    Good Job Archbishop…this is what SHEPHERDS DO…Thanks for being the example for others to follow in your flock…

  3. Austin Jusu says:

    The Charitability of the Catholic Church has been known down through the ages, it has and will always come to the aid of the needy. We are a committed church.

  4. Benjamin Tyler Burkhardt says:

    I am a proud Catholic to be a part of a Church which cares for those less fortunate than us.

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