Nicola Briggs Goes Into Detail About Man's Alleged Behavior

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — You could easily say Nicola Briggs is the toast of the town this week.

The tiny New Yorker became a folk hero overnight when a cell phone video surfaced showing her tirade against a subway flasher.

On Wednesday night she’s revealed her name and face in an exclusive interview with CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

It’s the video that hundreds of thousands of people have seen on the Internet: a woman standing up — in fact, calling out — the man who started to rub up against her and exposed himself on the subway. Until Wednesday night CBS 2 had obscured her face. No more.

CBS 2 showed her face because she told us we could do so. Briggs explained to Guzman why she did what she did.

“It’s about getting over the embarrassment of that circumstance; and bringing the shame, taking away the shame, from you, as a woman being violated — and bringing the shame back on the perpetrator,” Briggs said.

“The perpetrator” — in this case – is accused 51-year-old Mario Valdivia. Because Briggs stood up, he was arrested. Turns out he did this to a woman on a train in 2007; and now he’s alleged to have done something similar again.

Guzman: “About a month after this happens with you, he’s made bail. He’s back out on the street. And he does it again.”

Briggs: “He violated yet another young woman and I couldn’t … I was flabbergasted.”

You have to understand what it is Valdivia is accused of doing on the subway. Police said he put a condom on, got on a crowded train, rubbed up against women and then exposed himself.

“I grabbed his messenger bag and I pulled it away from him. I guess just to verify what I was seeing was in actuality there. And there it was again,” Briggs said.

Guzman: “He was outside of his pants?”

“Oh he was. Yeah. And he was wearing a condom. It’s just …,” Briggs said before stopping in disgust.

The suspect tried to get away. He also didn’t know she teaches the martial art of Tai-Chi.

“I put my purse across my body, to free up my hands. And I put my hands up,” Briggs said. “If he had tried to get away from me I would have had to do something. And I was ready and willing to do that,” Briggs said.

She stood up for herself and all women. And Valdivia is now not only in jail, he will be deported, back to Mexico.

Briggs also wants people to know that when she turned for help a lot of men on that train kept the suspect there until police arrived.

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  1. Joe Rizoli says:

    Another Illegal Immigrant doing jobs virtuous Americans don’t want.


  2. Sonny says:

    She should have grabbed it an twisted it then gave his bells a swift kick then her male friends hold until the police came!

  3. Dcampeau says:

    He met more than his match. Good for Ms. Briggs!

  4. Hal says:

    I’m glad to know there are people like this lady out in the world. It’s an all-too-rare occurrence to see sexual assault brought forward as a demonstrative triumph for the victim, and it frustrates me that it took three separate incidents for the guy to finally get booted out of America. I can only hope that the attention brought forth from this will lead to more women taking charge of such situations.

    For those who would attempt to defend this man (and others who engage in similar activities), I can only hope you learn that sexual assault or unwanted contact is NEVER excusable. Mental deficiency or lewd deviancy – however you might want to justify an individual’s actions, it’s wrong.

  5. tony says:

    It sounds like you need a shrink

    1. fern says:

      Dear Tony
      Birth being the first trauma we all need a shrink and by this I mean introspection of which there are three kind I know of, the Freudian, Jung and Reich, now if your problem is about a smelly feet fetish or the seen or not seen pee wee just go to the sports bar next door it’ll cheaper.

  6. HAWAII bob says:

    aloha PAY ATTENTION LADIES there should b more of u like this lady! mahalo aloha

  7. Ulysses says:

    “The suspect tried to get away.”
    “If he had tried to get away from me…”

    Which is it?

  8. Ulysses says:

    Is that a pearl necklace?

  9. friday jones says:

    Mentioning Tai Chi as a self defense skill is like mentioning that one has four years of jazz dance and three years of tap.

    1. sdssda says:

      There are different forms of Tai Chi, both hard and soft, for self defense and exercise. You are probably thinking of the slow movement exercise.

  10. ocean says:

    this woman rocks.

  11. Henry Nerf says:

    Instead of making a federal case out of this, the victim just should have slapped the perp’s face and announce loudly that he’d better not do that again.

    1. Andrea Jacobs says:

      A woman who is sexually violated in a public space has every right to exercise her human rights and doesn’t need your approval. I commend her for standing up for herself and not tolerating this type of abuse women so often endure in silence. I don’t think victims of sex crimes need to be reprimanded for “overreacting.”

    2. chiccaboom says:

      what? NO!!! what should this not be a federal case. He got what he deserved. This isn’t a tiny little inicident. this is a violation of a person.

      1. fern says:

        And now this victim can’t sleep at night and is traumatized for life.
        Had she grabbed his instrument and twisted it real good, she would be laughing and not traumatized, I though feminists were teaching women to be more assertive, saying things like “don’t cry, scream!”

    3. sfsd says:

      Yeah well some creeps are into that. Better to send him to the police.

    4. Dan says:

      This perp has come to the U.S. either legally or illegally, if he can’t obey our laws, why should we slap his face and give him a 3rd chance? You sound like one of those parents that keep threatening their children with some kind of punishment and never follow through and any observant bystander can see who is controlling who. (the child is in charge)

  12. BF says:

    Most sex offenders are not immigrants. They are red blooded Americans. So There.

  13. l torres-shepard says:


    1. Dennis Foster says:

      I don’t see where it says “only immigrants expose themeslves” The article is simply ststing the fact that this man was Mexican. Get over it and get a life!!!

    2. fern says:

      (why not)! And Mr Obama would have invited him for a beer at the white house to tell him this was a no no…

  14. effdat says:

    I wish they would deport MORE foreign criminals! and dont give them 3 strikes! ONE STRIKE and youre outta here! If someone comes to your house and steals your jewelry, or exposes himself to your wife, youre gonna throw him out right? youre not gonna say, IF U DO THAT AGAIN YOURE OUTTA HERE! Why should foreigners get that same courtesy! Get the hell out of here and take your bullshyt back to your own country!

    Living in America is a privilege, not a right! people not from here need to realize that.

  15. randomtandem says:

    you and your perverted friends needed to be in jail right along with the rest of the creeps

    1. fern says:

      Randomtandomtandem you are a brainless twit.
      If kids doing a prank needs to be in jail I’m sure I’d meet you in there too.
      As for this Nicola woman she acted just like a normal woman should no more no less and I’m tired of these gormless women claiming to be traumatized for life by some sicko showing her his pencil.

  16. Jonathan Spector says:

    I agree with fern. Men who expose themselves in public need psychological help, not deportation and/or prison.

    1. EffThat says:

      let them get psychological help in their OWN country! why should we have to put up with their bullshyt! we have our own criminals and nonsense to deal with. they come over here using up our resources and committing crimes, then you want to give them a free ride and free therapy too? get the eff out of here! send those a-holes home and let their own government deal with them!

      1. NY Chris says:

        EffThat you said it the best!!!!!!

      2. fern says:

        To EFFThat:
        To your first comment I would have agreed forty years ago it has been a privilege.
        Your second comment here is even better and shows how right you are, get them foreigners out and your burger will cost you $30 apiece with fries an add on, actually throwing all these no good for nothing immigrants out the country will make the U.S. of A. a third world country if it ain’t already so thanks to the Bush administration.

    2. anyc says:

      DON’T PROTECT PERPETRATORS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE. Plenty of people need psychological help for the problems that lie behind their actions, but masturbating on another person’s body in a public place deserves punishment. This man MADE A CHOICE and he needs to be punished. Don’t defend criminals like this – women deserve to be heard and protected.

    3. anyc says:

      and yes, he should be deported. You commit a crime while here on a green card or visa, you go back; that’s the law! If you can’t follow the rules in a civilized society, you don’t belong in it.

    4. Alex says:

      People who perpetrate sex crimes care more for their own desires than their victims. Why on earth does that deserve therapy and not punishment? Should a mugger with a knife get therapy because he has a problem going to a job and making money like an honest individual? No! He harmed someone! This guy had a condom on, she was wearing a skirt. I have to wonder if rubbing against her was his only intention!

  17. Rick says:

    It should be ‘martial’ art not ‘marshal’ art. Don’t they teach journalists to use a dictionary anymore?

    1. effthat says:

      apparently YOU taught them because they changed it lol. journalists are dumb as hell these days

    2. Meredith says:

      Not to mention that Tai-Chi isn’t the martial art I would study if I wanted to protect myself!

    3. Meredith says:

      Not to mention that Tai-Chi isn’t the martial art I would study if I wanted to protect myself!

      1. Rachel says:

        Tai Chi is definitely a martial art. It’s practiced quite slowly as a meditation but can also be practiced quickly and with force.

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