NEW YORK (AP) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg is asking New Yorkers to share their ideas on how to create a greener city as it grows in the coming years.

His office announced Friday that three public forums are planned for December in eastern Queens, upper Manhattan and south Brooklyn.

They’re designed to help the city update PlaNYC. It’s a master plan to meet the city’s infrastructure, transit, environmental and other needs over the coming decades. It was unveiled on Earth Day 2007.

The update is due on Earth Day next year.

The mayor is asking for help to enhance the quality of life, protect public health and the environment, create economic opportunities and fight climate change.

Forums already been held in other parts of the city.

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  1. DanTe says:

    Here’s a way to stop green house gas, FAST:

    Kill all politicians. The resultant drop in hot air will be refreshing.

  2. GreenGo says:

    Bloomberg is eons ahead of previous NY leaders in vision. NY has transformed since 9/11. People need to support this.

  3. Josh says:

    Well done Hugo and ZZ!!! Bloomberg contributes to global warming with all the hot air that comes out of his mouth. More importantly, he should actually pass some legislation which requires all new construction to have some green standards & they should also require existing buildings to upgrade their windows, insulation, HVAC, etc… by partnering w/ local banks on low interest loans to stimulate the economy. They should also detain pedestrians for 15 minutes or fine them $25 any time they jaywalk and slows the flow of traffic.

  4. beal says:

    make taxis all electric. as well as the buses(hybrid)….more jobs to sanatation, cleaners.

  5. HUGO says:

    We could enhance the quality of life in NYC by having Bloomberg resign.

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