NORTH BERGEN, N.J. (1010 WINS) — An atheist group that has paid for a large billboard outside the Lincoln Tunnel reading “You KNOW it’s a Myth” says it is targeting “closet” atheists as part of its Christmas season campaign.

The large billboard featuring a silhouette of a traditional manger scene is located on the New Jersey side of the tunnel and sponsored by a group called American Atheists.

David Silverman, the president of the organization, spoke to 1010 WINS Saturday and said the purpose of the billboard was to “attract atheists who are currently in the closet.”

Justin Schrager of 1010 WINS interviews Silverman

Silverman described the target audience as “people who are secretive not only to their friends and family, but maybe even to themselves about [their atheism].”

The billboard is causing some controversy among those in the Garden State.

“I don’t think it’s any good for the kids. I’ve got a 7-year-old daughter — she believes in Christmas,” one woman told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports

“I don’t think that’s right. We don’t go around telling them what we think about [atheists], so why should they put up something like that,” another man said.

The billboard went up the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and is expected to be up through Christmas Day.

Silverman said atheists were unfairly targeted in the “war on Christmas,” a phrase often related to the public display of Christmas imagery on government funded property.

“We get blamed for a war on Christmas every year. This time we’re actually going to pay attention to that. We’re actually going to earn a little bit of that,” Silverman said.

“We have been blamed repeatedly for being unpatriotic, we have been told that there are not atheists in fox holes, we have been told that we are immoral. Nobody has ever cared if we would be offended.”

While acknowledging “everybody has the right to believe as they see fit,” Silverman said his group believed there were “a lot more people” who were atheists, but feared publicly admitting it.

“A lot of people in church, a lot of people in the mosque, a lot of people in the synagogue know they’re praying to air,” Silverman said.

Silverman said despite the fact that the billboard has only been up for a few days, he and his group are calling the campaign a success.

“We’re getting a lot of response from closeted atheists saying ‘thank you for putting it up.'”

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  1. I just saw the ridiculous coverage on channel 2. I wholeheartedly support the message on the billboard and believe that channel 2’s coverage wad really one sided. How about interviewing a few atheists rather than nervous outraged Christians.

    1. sansgod says:

      Sadly I did not see this news as I do not live in this area. but it is sad they don’t get both sides…

  2. BARBARA says:


  3. M says:

    Aethists are just stupid infidels and educated morons who don’t know their history.

    1. sansgod says:

      Atheists are educated humans who know their history and are determined not to repeat it.

      You can’t even spell Atheist correctly.

      1. Maurice says:

        You have quite an education coming , and soon.

    2. sansgod says:

      ohh how fun… I love learning.

      1. Jan says:

        Ignorance is bliss!! I totally agree Sansgod

    3. JP says:

      Wow, I’ve never heard so many contradicting statements in one sentence, well done.

    4. WriterWriter says:

      Really??? PROVE YOUR POINT!
      What ‘history’ don’t atheists know?
      Statistically, atheists are much more educated than the religious. The average educational achievement of tea baggers, for instance, is 12th grade.

      You believe in a historically invisible character whose existence is not supported by ANY archaeological or textual information and who’s mother disappeared into thin air after managing (for not the first time in mythology) to produce a child while still being a virgin.

      You do NOT know what you’re talking about.

    5. Jordan says:

      We’re all made from inter-stellar star waste from dying stars. ‘Nuff said. If stars did not die, you would not be here today. A dying star creates the elements in which life is possible, such as oxygen, carbon, and heavier things such as lead and iron. We exist because of imperfection. Christians are stubborn, more stubborn than atheist, and also more dangerous.

  4. M says:

    You people are all stupid infidels – we expect you to destroy each other – and we can, then, take over.

    1. sansgod says:

      you really need more of an education… there are about 6 billion humans on this rock. only 2.1 of you believe in the Judea christian god.

    2. evolved intelligent being says:

      When was the last time you heard of a radical fundamentalist athiest blowing himself up in a suicide attack? If all the athiests were destroyed you’d just attack the next closest group that you didn’t agree with. Eventually you could have a religion of one. Just what you always wanted.

      1. Bandid0 says:

        thats bec0use they fear death, silly

  5. Ziggy says:

    These same people do not dare attack the Muslim faith – they are afraid.

    1. sansgod says:

      NO we do it all the time We attack all faiths. We don’t believe in any deistic religions

      1. tfb says:


        show just one such billboard, dare ya

    2. Atheist says:

      go drinki in your lodge Ziggy

  6. Frank says:

    atheists sure spend a lot of time thinking and talking about what they don;t believe in!

    1. pny says:

      Yes, that’s exactly right! Most atheists probably reach this conclusion after much soul-searching and painful acceptance that what they’d been taught just doesn’t add up.

    2. sansgod says:

      What do you know of what an atheist thinks?

  7. Miss T says:

    Ok… I have one question. If we were not created by God, have no purpose, and all happened by chance. Does any of this really matter at all? The answer to the debate, would not even matter… We die, and its over… So why argue?

    1. Ashley says:

      Why would you want to live a lie?

    2. rich says:

      Because this “god” of yours causes much pain and suffering to many with what little time we do have on this planet.

      1. Ninja says:

        The Bible states that God does not entice anyone to commit sin. The source of temptation is inside you. Your own lust, desires and wishes causes you to be tempted with sin. The Devil only plays a part when your wished and desires cooperate with him. (read James 1:12-18) God is love. He would never do anything to cause you pain or to make you suffer. It is between you and the Devil that causes those things. God created us and if he wanted to, we would all love and accept Him. But instead, He gave us a choice. Pain and suffering was created by man, the same “man” (mankind) that is “tempted” and led astray by the Devil. The Devil can’t defeat God and the Devil can’t defeat me!

    3. william2010 says:

      Are you so uneducated as to think that atheists don’t live with purpose? We love life, family, adventure etc. and we seek to be great people who benefit mankind and the future. Your analysis of us is absolutely rediculous and childish. However, your complete lack of knowledge isn’t going to stop you from judging us, is it?

  8. Ryan says:

    Before the world began there was nothing? Are you serious!?.. even before this universe started there was something.. There’s always something, you can’t make something out of nothing! What we believe and know to be fact is that everything in the universe is created due to reactions of the elements that exist in the universe over some 13 billion years. Not some magical hocus pocus of some deity that exists only in human minds that don’t wish to see the truth.

    1. Satan says:

      Actually Ryan, there is no something until the universe begins. Something is matter. Something is time. Neither of these existed, or if they did, they were convoluted with the other forces. Effect could precede cause and whatnot. It’s really a mess when you get right down to it, but something isn’t necessary, nor is nothing. It’s just downright inexplicable to humans.



  10. Jessyca says:

    my 10 year old son jas been an atheistsince he was 4. when he asked about god at that age, i told him what i had been told in my lutheran daycare. At four, he could see the holes! He kept saying, that doesnt make sense. And when the worst examples of Christianity continue to make the nightly news, and blur the lines between church and state, it only rei nforces his belief–as well as mine–that christians are increasingly distasteful and useless. The only good they do is make it too easy for me to raise an antheist! And we do celebrate Christmas–by GIVING. Giving food, money, clothing and time. By tolerating and accepting the diversity of our nation, including the misguided Christians. My son is the most Christ-like little atheist I have ever had the pleasure to know.

    1. Bandid0 says:

      please dont celebrate christmas. Dont just steal the g00d things fr0m religion and then turn ar0und and talk smack ab0ut it, u hypocrate. ur pride will b ur biggest downfall

  11. Pike Hemmings says:

    Atheists lack vision and clearly do not know how to look for God. This ridiculous poster is childiish and laughable. These are people who are crying for attention in order to fill the the void in their empty lives. They will think that they have accomplished something after getting some attention and getting high but they will inevitably come crashing down. They could not recognize God even if God was staring at them eyeball to eyeball.. My advice to them is to try harder!!!

    1. Jan says:

      And it is not the same for Christians??? Please…Spare me.
      I have never met some of the most judgemental people in my life. I find it completely interesting a Christain feels validated for doing wrong because they can ask for forgiveness when they go to church. I think it is much easier to just do right to begin with.

    2. Tempest says:

      It’s hard to stare something in its imaginary eyeball…

    3. sansgod says:


      You sir are a perfect example of someone who like to say things they know nothing of. I know many atheist that are very quite and just live normal and most cases a life with many more morals than my christian friends. However none of the atheist I know self included have any void in our lives that needs to be filled. Have you have had the childhood indoctrination in the the world of a controlling deity who also apparently also did a part time gig as a zombie a few moons ago you’d stop tiring to look for something that is just not there and never will be. Earth = 6 billion people 2.1 of believe in the Judea christian god

      1. Pike Hemmings says:

        Sure, they live normal lives and are good decent people, but what is the point in bashing people who believe in something they know nothing of? It is not very hard to discover God because God is within thyself. Look for God within thyself and learn to recognize this incredibly powerful force that’s all around and within us. God actuallycommunicates to you in so many diiferent ways(i.e.,dreams,premonitions,etc..) you simply must learn to recognize how he communicates his messages to you. No, God will not be coming down from heaven to speak to everyone. You must be able to recognize and discover God within yourself and you will find him. I guarantee it!!!

    4. Mike in FL says:

      Wow Pike, you’re a veritable fountain of wisdom and human insight there. Tell me, just how did you come to those conclusions? Did you actually study the issue critically or are you just spouting what somebody else told you? Also, can you actually provide material evidence for the Creator Being which you believe in? I mean, have you actually seen Him (and not in the metaphorical sense)? Does he come over on the weekend and knock back a few beers with you while you and play poker? Ever seen him magically create a living breathing man out of a big blob of clay? If such a Being does exist, would YOU know what this Creator would look like? The answer, of course, to all of those questions is a big resounding “No!”

      We, the human race, have telescopes scouring the sky able to see galaxies billions of light years away and billions of years in the past. Other telescopes can listen to the background energies of the universe in the form of radio waves. We have microscopes powerful enough to see the dance of protons, neutrons and electrons. With all of those tools at our disposal to look at the world, you’d think it would be a simple matter for an all-powerful Creator Being to make use of one of those to send us a message along the lines of “Hey! I really do exist!” and then clarify to THE WHOLE WORLD just what He was doing and maybe even show us a basic overview of how He did His work.

      But nope, there hasn’t been one peep. Why? Most likely because He was never there in the first place.

      1. Voice of Logic says:

        Wow Mike, how’s that for a conclusion. ‘God didn’t speak to me directly so therefore he must not exist.’ I guess if I never typed this message to you directly that would prove conclusively that I don’t exist?!? If you don’t understand the ways of someone or something who’s intelligence far exceeds your own does that prove conclusively that if that someone or something doesn’t act the way you would expect he/it must not exist?

        Have you ever stopped to consider how those protons, neutrons and electrons came to ‘dance’ as well as they do? Could you explain how matter was imbued with the magical ability to transform the way you say it did? You might be able to explain how different particles of matter react to each other. Consider the fact that if that matter had not had the ability to react that way this world could have never existed. Who or what designed that matter so it would have those tremendous powers? For every step you take, try to take one step backwards. Without belief in a power beyond our understanding at some point you’ll be stuck.

      2. In-Sanity says:

        @Voice of Logic–>

        Of course we could choose to look at the universe on a quantum level, which would in turn nullify our consciousness and all conceived therein. At that point, both God, and the man he created in his image would both cease to exist.

        Two other points not mentioned in this (pointless) debate

        1. Say there was some being so outside of our ability to conceive it. Having such power, as you might ascribe to effect things on the grand scale as the Universe, does not preclude the possibility that it is inversely proportional to its level of intelligence. Armies and governments and wrestlers are powerful, but I am sure we can find ample examples whereby those entities, with all their power, seem to be operating without a head. or any real sense of (intelligent) design.

        2. In one of your posts you wrote, “What does offend me is the fact that people will put so much effort into trying to attack me when there is little or no gain for them in the process. Someone who attacks another just to make themselves feel better with no true benefit to themselves is a very low form of humanity indeed.” had you left it there, and not added all your additional posts, I might not have noticed. After reading through your own replies, and accounting for your time and effort, wouldn’t you have to agree that you are guilty of the thing you say DOES offend you? Of course, you might just say that you really aren’t attacking anyone, but don’t think it’s too far a stretch that someone here feel’s attacked by your comments.

        I would be remiss if I didn’t point out two things.

        1.that my last post came before I had a chance to read yours wherein you noted that you are not a Christian. You also clarified that your argument was not based upon your religious views, which having re-read your posts I would have to admit seems true. In any case, like others have pointed out, your idea that the statistical chances of what would need to happen by chance versus some intelligent “hand” in it all is blatantly devoid of any real statistics. Perhaps we are all wrong, but even if you were able to show the math for the happenstance side of your hypothesis, there would still be a complete vacancy from the other column when trying to attribute an alternative explanation to some “intelligent” being. There would be even a blanker entry (if that were even possible) when trying to provide any level of evidence that the creation of everything within the known universe wasn’t caused by some intelligent “accident” say where two of your Über-beings, for lack of a better term, were mucking around in some Über-sandbox, and just happened to shart all that we have come to know, love and argue about the creation of…

        2. Since I did ask of you to declare your religious background, I feel I should put forth some of my own background. I studied comparative religions as an undergraduate. Many who take to that path end up atheists, or agnostics simply admitting that they “don’t know.” I am most certainly NOT and atheist. I went on to study under several world renown masters of eastern meditative thought and other lessor known ascetic practices. I would have to say that the results of my “process” or practice have left me in a place that might best be described as a gnostic, or one who knows.

        Of course, none of this has anything to do with the billboard, which will continue to be there no matter what any of us writes here, right or wrong as we may each be. The point of the billboard is valid, and logic might dictate that we should all just go back to our respective family’s and enjoy them while we still have breath in our very human (quantumly impossible) lungs

        Peace to all, and to all…

    5. Satan says:

      God has an eyeball? So much for an all powerful deity. I’ll just rip it out and eat it…then we’ll see.

  12. Johnny says:

    Elizabeth – 1 Timothy 2:11-14 states “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. / But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. / For Adam was first formed, then Eve / And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression” These are the words of your Scripture – your so-called god – not my words. Rev. John Wesley (1703 – 1791) – a founding member of the Methodist Movement. – explained this sentiment thusly in his biblical commentaries: “The serpent deceived Eve: Eve did not deceive Adam, but persuaded him.” Referencing Genesis 3:17, he goes on. “The preceding verse showed why a woman should not “usurp authority over the man.” this shows why she ought not “to teach.” She is more easily deceived, and more easily deceives”. In other words, according to Wesley – and I’ve read other commentaries from this period & going back to 1540 – women are spiritually inferior and are not to speak on religious. According to your religion – and how it was widely interpreted until very recently. You – as a woman – do not have the right to make an unsolicited comment. This is one very small, concrete example why I am not a Christian.

    1. Steve says:

      And you believe this book… why, exactly? Because someone in your past – maybe parent, maybe preacher, maybe someone else – told you that it was “the word of god” and you should accept it, and so you did. Blindly, without critical thought, simply because you were told to. NO one reads the bible without any other input and buys it – it’s too riddled with contradictions and hypocrisy. Every person that buys into the bible does so because they chickened out when they were told a lie… and therein lies the history of religion.

      But what makes it the word of god? Why it does, of course! It’s circular logic: It says you should believe the bible. Why? Because it’s the word of god. Who says? The bible does!

      If you want to argue atheism vs theism, you must learn that first, you cannot use the bible as your point of argument because ultimately it’s just another collection of toilet paper.

  13. pny says:

    Actually to be an atheist is just as arrogant as belonging to any other organized religion. To say you KNOW the answer is to say you KNOW how we got here and how the world began. Agnostics simply say that they are only human and they can’t possibly be expected to have so much power and wisdom as to KNOW all this.

    1. Carmen says:

      Actually to be an atheist is to not believe in God, much like Christians don’t believe in Allah. We don’t have all the answers.. we just don’t believe in yours. Get it straight, YOUR ignorance is showing.

      1. pny says:

        Carmen, I never said atheists are ignorant and you don’t need to be so defensive. I just think that for anyone to claim that they KNOW that God is real or not real, they must have the facts and the evidence to support such a claim. Admit it: no one KNOWS.

    2. Q.Hall says:

      Most don’t claim to know everything. They just claim the stuff in those old books isn’t the truth. simple as that. nothing more, nothing less. Read your own religious book front to back, & see if you agree with it.

      1. pny says:

        What you’re describing, Q.Hall, sounds like agnosticism, not atheism. Atheists go further than what you’re saying and don’t believe in any kind of god. To make such a claim (i.e., “there is no god”, for example) they must have a degree of certainty, which is arrogant since there is no scientific evidence to prove that there is or is not some kind of god. Why not simply say that it is impossible for humans to know?

    3. Tempest says:

      Well I hate to point this out to you, but the evidence for there actually being a god, is basically non existent. However the evidence for how the world formed and even the universe IS described in scientific principals.

      I’m still yet to see and sort of indication that their is or ever was a god. We don’t say “there is no god” we say “given all of evidence its very VERY likely there isn’t one”.

      1. pny says:

        Tempest, if you go to (the group that sponsored the billboard), they describe their belief as “there are no forces, phenomena, or entities which exist outside of or apart from physical nature, or which transcend nature, or are “super” natural, nor can there be. Humankind is on its own.” None of this “very unlikely” stuff. They KNOW there isn’t a god.

    4. Steve says:

      Wrong, pny. On the contrary, we are fully aware that we don’t have all the answers. The difference is that WE’RE OK WITH THAT. Unlike you, we don’t feel a need to invent some fantasy or – worse – buy into someone else’s invented fantasy in order to accept the world around us as it exists. We accept that when we die, we’re done, so we must make the best of each day in this reality – we don’t lean on the crutch of “life after death” silliness.

      1. pny says:

        Steve, I am pointing out the difference between what atheists believe and what agnostics believe. Atheists say “There is no god.” Agnostics say, “I don’t know if there is or there isn’t a god.” How do atheists KNOW that there is NOT a god? Why not just humbly admit that they don’t know?

  14. Lutzyboy says:

    As a recovering Catholic ( left the church 22 years ago…I attended grammar school for 8 years, so thankful my parents did not force me to attend Catholic HS), I am proud to be an atheist. After reflecting on what I was taught in school (and then the Sunday brainwashing and pick-pocketing), can truly say that I have no regrets. Creationism does not add up. From Noah’s Ark to Adam and Eve thru Jesus and Book of Revelations, how can anyone read this and not consider it the equivalent of fairy tales? This can be applied to ANY religion, not only Christianity. I have not read the Torah or the Koran, but how can any religion be taken seriously?

    Can anyone who considers themselves learned truly believe in any god? There are those on this board who say we are going to hell, eternal damnation, etc… only if you believe in such folly. You don’t need religion as a moral compass: parents with virtues can accomplish the same thing.

  15. Jason Sharke says:

    I have no problem with the message in these billboards, after all it’s true that the Nativity story is just a fictional legend. My problem with the atheists behind this is that we all know that they would never, ever in a million years have the guts to attack Islam with the same language.

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Jason, I’ll do it. Islamic myths are just as ridiculous as Christian myths.

    2. James Mills says:

      careful, this is a typical red herring. islam is not the dominant religion in the US, so what is your point? atheism subjects all religions to scrutiny.

  16. Waldo Faura says:

    In the end we will just be maggots 6 feet under. Some of us will rise from the dead, as flies.

  17. Jason Sharke says:

    The problem in the Soviet Union was not atheism, it was leftism. The reason why Marxism causes so much death and destruction has nothing to do with a lack of God and everything to do with an ideological “religion” which holds that individuals are subservient to the collective and that their lives as individuals don’t really matter. This is what leads Marxist regimes to treat life so cheaply, not atheism. Anyone who says atheism is responsible for mass murder is obviously choosing to ignore that religion has, throughout history, also been responsible for violence on a massive scale. What is their excuse for that?

    1. Satan says:


      Marxism =/= Dictatorship

      I wish people knew what Communism and Marxism really was. We’d all finally understand that it has never existed at all, and probably never will. The end.

  18. Ziggy says:

    Science and religion are converging to the same destiny – the truth!

    1. Sgeo says:

      When did science and religion ever converge? They always seem so… opposed. The Church vs Galileo, for instance

      1. Ninja says:

        You mean the Catholic Church vs Galileo, big difference.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    God help them.. Forgive them father for they know not what they do…

    1. pny says:

      Oh, Elizabeth, please don’t be so righteous. There are many religions and all of them truly believe they are right. So don’t pretend to know that God sides with yours.

    2. srs says:


    3. evolved intelligent being says:

      Yes, We do know. We know because we’ve read more than one book for the last 2000 years.

    4. Melina Rodriguez says:

      I don’t need your forgiveness or the forgiveness of your to-this-day imaginary father. “There’s probably no God. So stop worrying and enjoy your life” – Richard Dawkins

    5. Nicholas says:

      Giant Spaghetti Monster help her… forgive Elizabeth Creature for she know not what is true…
      and now i wait for my religious hate-mail

    6. Tempest says:

      Actually we know exactly what were doing.

    7. rich says:

      The Greeks believed as strongly as you do in their gods and look what time did to them. All gods die; sooner better than later.

    8. Jordan says:

      Please don’t pray for us, it’s insulting.

  20. mark says:

    god is simply an adults imaginary friend.

  21. Chassidish FishZaft says:

    Atheists are just stupid. That’s all. If they can’t see that there is a god out there, they just plain old silly.

    1. Sgeo says:

      “If you can’t see that there is a Santa Claus out there, you just plain old silly”
      Please tell me the difference between this statement, and your statement. If you think it’s silly, please explain why, exactly.

    2. evolved intelligent being says:

      You meant “they’re” not “they”, right?

  22. Ninja says:

    “Atheism: the belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason what so ever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs. – Makes perfect sense” ….every time I read this, it cracks me up! I believe that there is only one true God and he sent his beloved son Jesus down here on earth to die for our sins so that we can be saved. It doesn’t matter what day He was born. I celebrate Christmas as a reminder of Jesus’ birth and a day to thank God for family. I pray that you people have a change of heart before it is too late! wow, I can’t believe people have come down to this. My heart aches for you.

    1. evolved intelligent being says:

      Good for you! Keep praying to that nice Jewish boy. By the way, does anyone know what Jesus got for his Bar Mitzvah?

      1. Ninja says:

        I pray to one God through Jesus Christ. And I always will. I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas!

    2. pny says:

      Atheists don’t believe that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason what so ever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs. Atheists simply choose to not join an organized religion. Who says that atheists haven’t thought long and hard about this question? And believe me, it is not a fun expereince realizing that everything you were taught as a child doesn’t add up and doesn’t make sense for you. It is not fun explaining your feelings about this to your friends and family. You can’t help having major doubts. You can’t help wishing it were otherwise.

      1. Ninja says:

        Atheism, in a broad sense, is the rejection of belief in the existence of deities.[1] In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities.[2] Most inclusively, atheism is simply the absence of belief that any deities exist. – Wikipedia

        A true atheist denies the existence of ANY god/God. I believe that many “organized religions” can confuse anyone, but I have to disagree with you about the belief and faith that I have for God. I truly believe in God and I have never questioned his existence. He has proven to me over and over again that He is real. I read the Bible and it makes plenty sense to me. Have you ever gave thought to give God a try? God is LOVE and he is a forgiving God that DOES exist. You should give him a try. He is still waiting on people to accept him and not “except” him. You still have time, you know. It is hard for me to accept that when we die, that is it. What is the point of our existence? I believe that there is a place waiting for me when I die and Heaven will be my new home.

    3. Herzbrecher says:

      Christianity – The belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie, who was his own father, can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master so that he can remove an evil force that exists in your soul because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

      Atheism – Not believing insanity like this.

      1. singularity says:

        That, sir(or ma’am), is possibly the greatest thing I have ever read online.

    4. Melina Rodriguez says:

      Ugh! Stop offering to pray for atheists. We don’t need nor want your prayers. Stop trying to evangelize everything and everyone. At the end of the day, what makes your god any better than the jewish or muslim version? It’s all the same fantasy.

    5. Nicholas says:

      “Christianity: The belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathicaly tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. Makes perfect sense.” If you ask me, nothing sounds better than that

    6. James Mills says:

      and my mind aches after your ridiculous attempt at humor. do you really feel it necessary to repeat what 100% of what christians believe? Do you really think we don’t know this is exactly what you and your kind believe? I hope you research how the holiday of christmas came about, who it was assimilated from, and exactly how little is has to do with the implied historicity of the celebration, and how it, more appropriately, is a propagation of mythology.

    7. Tempest says:

      If your heart aches you need to see a doctor… Perhaps you need to read a few good books on evolution…

      1. Ninja says:

        @James, uuummmm let me copy and paste a line from my statement… “It doesn’t matter what day He was born. I celebrate Christmas as a reminder of Jesus’ birth and a day to thank God for family”. I know my History for all of you that think otherwise. As I recall, science has been proving the existence of God more and more through the years. Ever heard of the “Big Bang Theory”? It shows that the universe was “WILLED” into existence. God’s will.

        @Tempest, evolution? I have never, ever seen any being completely transform from one thing to a completely different thing. Micro-evolution and adaptation has been proven. Untill the day I see a blue fish get up on two feet, grow hair and turn into a white polar bear…. I’ll believe in your evolution. I’de rather take the “Jewish Zombie” that has been proven by HISTORY to have existed and walked the earth.

      2. James Mills says:

        from what do you ‘recall’ such a thing as science proving the existence of a god? and your ‘big bang’ argument sounds like textbook presupposition.

    8. Satan says:

      Ninja, or should I say scarecrow, because that strawman is downright flawless. Atheism isn’t a belief firstly; secondly, no one is saying nothing happened, or there was nothing; thirdly nothing rearranged itself for no reason, fourthly dinosaurs were not the teleological result of evolution; fourthly, self replication is very well defined by biology, and well understood, just a few things are eluding us at the moment such as the way that DNA can wind itself back up perfectly even if untangled and left free-floating. I forget the name of the effect, but it’s peculiar. But in any event, you are just a dummy who doesn’t know anything at all and thinks you do.

      Also, if God is so perfect why did he send down his son so he can get killed and so you can be forgiven for your sins? Couldn’t he have done it without all the melodrama, blood, gore, and excruciating pain? If you heard about some guy down the street doing that, wouldn’t you want them in jail, hung, killed, or have their kid taken away?

      It’s amazing how the context changes from benevolent god to malevolent, sadist when you put it in human terms. If God exists, he is the most evil force I’ve ever heard of, and I’d rather burn in hell than worship something of such destructive and ruthlessly violent power.

      Just use your brain. You will get it…it will take time though; your level of stupid is impressive.

  23. evolved intelligent being says:

    So Jesus died for us and we are supposed to respect god sacrificing his only son for us. But if Jesus is now in heaven with god where was the sacrifice? No loss… No respect.

    1. Sgeo says:

      But he must have felt some pain when he was being crucified. Obviously, this bit of pain is the ultimate sacrifice. The pain of a dying cancer patient, people who are real surely does not outweigh a crucification. The pain of all the nonbelievers in hell for all eternity, that’s nothing compared to the crucification.

      1. evolved intelligent being says:

        But he also had no choice. The Romans crucified him. It was not a voluntary act. And god can make as many jesus copies as he wants.

      2. pny says:

        Really? What kind of loving god sends someone to hell after a lifetime of hard work raising good, loving children? Why has christianity become such a group of righteous, judgmental, fearmongerers? I thought christianity was about love.

      3. Sgeo says:

        pny: If I accidentally gave you the impression that I believe in such a God or would support such a God, I’m sorry. It’s the wrong impression. I was being sarcastic

      4. Nicholas says:

        dude, people feel worse pain everyday in Africa. stfu

  24. BILL says:

    I guarantee these people are also left wing democrats. george Soros must be paying for the billboard.

    1. Evolved Intelligent Being says:

      So you’re on the Right and also completely wrong.

  25. Ziggy says:

    Everything living is energy,
    And energy can neither be created nor destroyed – it only changes form,
    Therefore, when we die, our energy changes form.

    1. Sgeo says:

      But “energy” is a scientific concept, and not consciousness. “Energy changing form” does not in any way imply a soul, or an afterlife, any more than saying “Ice melting cooled down the nearby air” implies consciousness.

    2. Satan says:

      Yo Zigs…here’s a little secret…energy may change form, but dead rotting flesh doesn’t seem to do much. Your consciousness doesn’t just leak out of your brain at the moment of death. Tell me about how much you remember in a cold sleep…think about it…okay, you got that mental image? Total blackness? Devoid of thought?

      Yeah, that’s as close to ‘death’ as you’re gonna be able to think about. It’s absolute.

  26. Ziggy says:

    There same people dare not attack the Muslim faith!

    1. Reason says:

      Oh…poor Ziggy. You must live in a closet to not know that those who criticize your faith also criticize Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc…for the exact same reasons. Belief in god(s) is dangerous and foolish. We have gained much knowledge in the last few centuries and we no longer need to believe in fairy tales. Leave the gods in the past, recognize them for what they are…myth.

      1. A says:

        When was the last time you saw a billboard that had a depiction of the revelation of the Koran, and had a big, fat, “FAKE” on it (or something of that sort)?

    2. singularity says:

      There is no Allah either, Ziggy. Sorry mate.

  27. Walter says:

    When I read this comment, I laugh ….I don’t think it’s any good for the kids. I’ve got a 7-year-old daughter — she believes in the Easter Bunny.

    These American Religious fruit cakes.
    They are doof.

    1. Kent Tullis says:

      I have to know…what do YOU think happens when you die? Is that it…

      1. evolved intelligent being says:

        No, that’s not it. Like a Disney ride you end up in a big gift shop.

  28. Alan says:

    I think this is great and about time. Christians for centuries have murdered people who refused to convert to Christianity. While the murdering may have stopped, they still use underhanded and illegal tactics to do the same, such as using public funds to sponsor prayer and using government property to post their messages. They can’t just help and feed the poor because it is the right thing to do, they have to use that help as an opportunity to prostheletize their religion, sometimes with the help of taxpayers’ money. So if an atheist group wants to use their own money to spread their message and try to get people to think, that is wonderful and no one has any right to complain.

    1. evolved intelligent being says:

      Don;t pick on Christians. People murder people regardless of the denomination of their delusion.

  29. a thinking person says:

    And the best part is that every christian i’ve conversed with on the subject does not even know where “christmas” evolved from, and they are so proud and it means so much to them… read up on the history of christmas and see how joyous an occasion it was…lol

  30. Joseph says:

    Atheist, do they even believe there is a being called SATAN? If they do, then they will realize they camp they belong.

    1. evolved intelligent being says:

      Must have missed school the day they taught writing.

    2. Sgeo says:

      Joseph, [most] atheists do not, in fact, believe that there is a being called SATAN. [I say most, and not all, because “atheist” is a _very_ broad term].

    3. Reason says:

      Sure, Satan is a member of the Christian pantheon.

    4. rich says:

      How could an all powerful god even allow the existence of a satan?

      1. Sgeo says:

        By not being all good? 😉

        [Please note: Do not take seriously anything I say that looks like a profession of theistic belief. Not having a disclaimer already confused two other people]

    5. Jordan says:

      Good point. Oh wait, no. No point, bad spelling, good job.

  31. Tom says:

    Where is Tony Soprano when you need him? If he’d seen this sign, it would be down in a matter of hours.Someone needs to pay this group a visit!

    1. evolved intelligent being says:

      Nothing like the threat of violence to help spread the gospel.

    2. Melina Rodriguez says:

      Remind me of the episode when Paulie wants to donate money to the church to “erase” all his sins aka murders. Nice Catholic values right there. Yet another example of believing that a fictional character is real…

    3. singularity says:

      Fortunately for the Atheists of New Jersey Tony Soprano is as fictitious as the virgin birth..

      1. Richard Mangano says:

        What exactly does that mean?

  32. Jimmy says:

    Personally I like Christmas. I’m not religious but I do like all the decorations, lights, giving gifts, and the idea of world peace. I hate to say this but it is free speech protected under the Constitution. We don’t get upset when we see extremely religious people preaching their beliefs on street corners telling us we’re going to hell if we don’t believe or join their cause. Its your right to preach. So why should you get upset when athiests say its a myth.

  33. I believe says:

    “Behold, the virgin shall be with child and bear a son, and they shall name him Emmanuel

    1. evolved intelligent being says:

      And verily his friends shall call him Manny and he will play for the Boston Red Sox.

      1. an observer says:

        evolved intelligent being, you’ve demonstrated complete cynicism and mean-spirited-ness here. Why do you feel compelled to ridicule every single comment being made here? What is driving you to so fiercely? Your name claims to be evolved but you partake in childish games of mockery and carry on fairly uncivilized. I suggest you evolve your mind, act like an adult and engage in civil debate. Quit behaving worse than those you ridicule.

    2. Richard Mangano says:

      Yet his name wasn’t Emmanuel… Hmmmm

  34. bobby says:

    hmmm, more people have died in the name of god than any other religion.

  35. Cristobal Ramirez says:

    It’s ridiculous if they don’t believe in God existence why to strugle whit a non existing entity.

  36. patrick says:

    Oh! the guys to petty most and pray for in this world are the athiests, they labor to believe what they do not believe. Why spend energy to believe what or who you think does not exist.

  37. Pat says:

    Before the world began there was nothing so someone or some super force
    had to have started it. The world we know, the planets, the stars were all put there by someone or some force. We are all born Male & Female. Female has been give the gift of life for only a woman can procreate. We all grow old. Whether you are Rich, poor, famous, average joe. short tall, strong weak. God made us equal in this respect. We will grow old , we will all die and all of us born have a destinty. some good , some bad, some will become famous, others rich, but most us about average. So who made all these rules and set our destinty. If not a supreme being or force or a God then how did it all come about. I ask myself this question many times. I had polio when I was 9 months old and faced many challenges, maybe that was destinty, but through it all I struggled and with God’s( or some super force or supreme being) blessing I overcame the challenges and succeeded in life. So whether you believe or you do not believe that there is a God. The question remains so.. who started this all. How did the earth come about. The water, the sky, the planets, the stars the universe. How did it all begin. Many blame God for our sufferings, Illness, physical deformity, blindness, for the all the disease, well maybe it was planned this way as a test for humanity , maybe he is testing our strenght and our will to overcome and succeed.
    I don’t know the answer, but I do know that many times in the past I put my faith in God and asked for his help to overcome the challenges I faced and with his help (I truly believe) I was able to succeed. Is there a God We’ll no one knows for sure what exactly exist, but I am sure that someone, something, some supreme force must exist that created us and started it all and it is because of that supreme force’s care and love for us that our world still exists today.

    Atheist believe that world always was, that mankind always was, that the universe always was and that once we are dead there is nothing left.

    Believe what you will, but you can not deny that the world just came about. pufff and the world was formed and that it just so happened that mankind can suddenly talk but all the other species in this world do not possess the same gift. It just so happened that animals just diid not come with the ability to speak. When I think of all these things I ask myself.. So who started it all..,. was it just puff or is there something more. No one really knows for sure ..

    1. b says:

      in response to this line:
      “Atheist believe that world always was, that mankind always was, that the universe always was and that once we are dead there is nothing left. ”

      i believe you are incorrect. i believe most athiests probably believe more along the lines of what sagan and darwin believe, when talking about the origins of the universe and the species (research, reasoning, and the will to combine them to form an opinion in the absence of logic in the opinions of others – not dogma).

    2. Ryan says:

      So a god can go “puff” and the world comes about? That’s delusional. And no that’s not what atheists think, our universe is created by natural reactions. There are billions of other planets out there.. many other creatures and intelligent life.. You just don’t understand the scope of the universe and it’s beginnings and instead believe in mumbo jumbo created by people 2000 years ago who didn’t even know the world was round let alone anything to do with the universe. Smart people wake up to the fact religion is pure nonsense.

    3. Satan says:

      Aight, Pat.

      Firstly, animals have been known to use communication. We just have a sophisticated music box located in the same place where we breathe and eat (damn that is some stupid design) so we can emulate many sounds, and control a very textured langugage, but Apes can learn to sign, and can have robust vocabularies.

      Why did God give Apes the ability to understand and communicate with humans unless…UNLESS!! Oh my god it just came to me!! We come from a common ancestor! It’s so obvious now!

      But you keep falling into this pit trap that everyone falls into…they think that the universe is too complicated, so they come up with something even more complicated: God. Doesn’t make any sense. Try to understand the universe first, then try to understand God. I bet God will disappear once the universe is understood fully. The gaps are already disappearing in nearly every arena of life, and Christianity is fighting back with powerful ignorance.

    4. Jordan says:

      Do research before you make yourself looks like an idiot. Oh wait, Christians don’t want to do research because they don’t WANT to know. Classic. I can’t wait until the next generation which isn’t full with dangerous religious extremists. (They’d still exist, but not as many.) Sure religion did a good job in creating a working society, but now we do not NEED it. Put your faith in your friends and family, not something you think you’ve ‘felt’.

  38. Terry says:

    Christmas is not about religion anymore, if you think it is your living in cloud cuckoo land

  39. John says:

    This group is correct when they cay that there are many “closet” Atheists. The Bible confirms this as well. Most will not find the narrow road that leads to eternal life, but will remain on the broad way that leads to destruction.

    1. ted says:

      sounds like you drank the kool-aid

  40. Peter says:

    hummmm, actually Christains do tell non believers, other religions and other Christian sects exactly what they think of them, namely that they are destined for hell. Hypocrisy is the defining characteristic of organised religion. If anyone still believes christmas is about religion then they are as deluded in that as they are about their religion.

  41. keith m charles says:

    Attack other people religion not only Christiananity

    1. poppy scott says:

      spoken like a true Christian.

  42. DanTe says:

    The sad truth is that most people are T ARDS and need the threat of an afterlife to make them behave morally. This is what the communist found out when they banned religious mythos.

    A court psychiatrist’s definition of schizophrenia: A fixed false believe and imaginary friends. This applies to most of humanity. Which would explain all the stupidity.

  43. keith m charles says:

    How can atheists ‘celebrate the season’ if they don’t believe anything happened?

    Sounds as if they are quite happy to hijack Christmas while proclaiming they don’t believe it!

    but I’d like t see them try the same thing with Ramadan, Eid, Diwali, Hannukah etc and see what kind of response they get…..

    1. lorena says:

      way to miss the point.

    2. Dave says:

      It’s says celebrate REASON. Learn to read.

    3. singularity says:

      Keith, Not all Christian denominations believe that “Christmas” is the birth of Jesus, the Church of Christ for example. Should little Church of Christ children not get prezzies from Santa?

  44. Dumb says:

    Too bad for the atheists that even the history books do not dispute the birth of Christ.

    1. Eric M says:

      Nobody disputes the existence of Christ. What is in dispute here, is whether he is the son of G-d, and/or if G-d exists at all. Even atheists believe Christ existed.

      My personal question is: Why does it matter to atheists if the rest of the world believes in G-d…or remains closeted about their religious beliefs? Religion is probably the most deeply personal matter a person has to consider in their life. And it should remain PERSONAL to each and every human on this earth.

      1. Sgeo says:

        Except that there have been wars for religious reasons, and religion has been manipulated for other reasons, and religion has held back scientific progress. If religion stayed personal, then there’d still be discussion, but probably more reasonable of a “Hey, I believe you are wrong, here’s why” “And here’s why I think you are wrong” variety.

      2. James Mills says:

        that is probably the very reason such a sign exists. Atheism is not a religion, belief system, etc. It is the absence of a belief in a god or supernatural being. One should not feel closeted by those that DO believe such things.

    2. evolved intelligent being says:

      Birth yes. Rebirth? No.

      1. NYU1232 says:

        EIB, did you just get a computer, or are you terribly bored?

    3. srs says:

      Jewish History books do.

    4. Reason says:

      Actually, you will have a very hard time finding concrete evidence of Jesus of Nazareth, or even mention of him in history. You will only find information about the religion that claims he existed…kinda like Krishna. There is about as much historical evidence that he was a real person too…or Dionysus, or Mithras, or Zeus, or….

    5. Proud Atheist says:

      Uh, I’ve never seen a history book that claimed Jesus Christ existed either. There are many artifacts that claim the existence of Julius Caesar, but none that claim the existence of Jesus. Unless you count that one book called The Bible. So, if it only takes one source to claim the existence of something, then Lord Voldemort surely exists…he’s mentioned in seven books! 🙂

    6. Steve says:

      Ah, but they do. The historical existence of Jesus is far from certain, unlike the existence of several of his contemporaries which can be verified by historically-valid data. The bible is not historically-valid data, because it started as myth and legend and then has been edited, rewritten, had parts thrown away and other parts added, and re-collected over and over until it bears almost no resemblance to the original.

      Nor do christians agree on his birth. Christians celebrate his birth in december, but biblical scholars all pretty much agree that his birthday was in march. So the christmas celebration is a lie as well.

  45. James says:

    If they had any bawls at all they would put up a sign saying Mohammad is a myth.

    1. pny says:

      Those who believe in Mohammed don’t go around trying to recruit people the way Christians do. In fact, Christians just threaten you with an eternity in hell if you don’t believe in Jesus.

      1. LOL? says:

        You are right, they don’t try to recruit them, they just behead them.

      2. dalverian says:

        …and those that follow Mohammed try to send you there post-haste. of course they don’t try to recruit you. 😛

  46. Poppy Scott says:

    Score for the atheists! Some of the most level-headed people on the planet.

    1. Barbara Mallon says:

      Score what?

      1. poppy scott says:

        Score for speaking up and not bowing to the supposed majority of “believers.” Atheists are not out raping and pillaging…..the time has come to stop blindly believing.

  47. Matt says:

    It’s about time we respond to those that think everything should revolve around religion. Those of us who use our ability to reason, don’t have to rely on a book written by MEN thousands of years ago.

    1. Barbara Mallon says:

      You are not “responding to those that think…’ I am still attending mass tomorrow wheather you do or not:)

      1. willaim2010 says:

        Actually he IS responding to “all those who think…..” and that’s why you’re responding back to him. You’re not a very bright person are you? Or do you think that by simply “believing” that he’s not responding to religious people, that that makes it so??? Have fun at mass, don’t forget to put money in the plate so you can keep child rapists out of jail.

    2. Rick says:

      I don’t believe atheist really exist, I think everyone who says they are an atheist is simply in denial. Show me an atheist when he is on his death bed moments away from eternity and I will believe that he is what he claims to be. Other than that, I am pretty sure that atheist are just very intimidated by the unknown. They want to believe that you can reason everything, but no one has ever been able to reason everything, there are not always clear cut answers and no amount of brain storming can answer for why or how we got here. All theory’s fall short of concrete evidence, and the only one that makes any sense is the scariest one of all to those who want to be in total control of their own destiny. An intelligent being other than us is responsible for creating us. Atheist are control freaks who don’t want to admit that they have no control… I used to be one, I came to grips with reality..

      1. evolved intelligent being says:

        You’re right! It’s better to fill the unknown with an invisible magician than to observe the universe rationally. Is it really so hard to just say “I don;t know” when asked the big questions rather than creating a fantasy?

      2. william2010 says:

        So, your beliefs on atheists are based on what you THINK (but don’t know) we might say to ourselves on our deathbeds? How many atheists brains have you examined while they’re dying?

        Maybe you were a control freak with your atheism, but, as will all things, YOU are not the only example something can be compared too. I know it’s a difficult concept to understand, but not everyone is as weak and uninformed as you are.

        So what do you say to me, when I tell you that I was a dedicated, active christian for 23 years, and over the course of the last nine years, my studies have proven TO ME that I was wrong. Not because I read a book that said I was wrong, but because empirical evidence proves that these stories exited in societies LONG before the god YHVH was ever invented, amongst many, many other things. How can I, as a rational person, believe in something that there is no evidence of? How can I be accused of being intimidated by knowlegde when I’m on a never ending quest for more? And you know, until we had a book that said YHVH created us, NOONE BELIEVED HE CREATED US. Why? Because there was never a single moment in time that evidence of his existence was presented in any form. The problem here, is that you have NO CLUE why many atheists don’t believe in god. But somehow you think you’re righteous enough to judge our reasons.Your belief in our reasons is no different than your belief in god. You believe without any facts or evidence.

        If you want to believe in something with no more evidence than a book that was written and edited by control hungry men, by all means, do so. But don’t sit their and pretend you have the right to tell me what’s going on in my head when you obviously have not a shred of knowledge concerning what atheists are driven by.

        P.S. Glad you came in to show your hypocracy, just like a typical christian.

      3. Satan says:

        Rick, you are under the delusion of control. You don’t have control over a comet landing on you right now and leaving you as vaporized dust. Humans naturally have a need to feel in control when we in fact almost never are–even of ourselves, and our behaviors, habits, etc.

        It’s a sad but unfortunate result of our social evolutionary heritage. It’s just always on overdrive, and that’s why we anthropomorphize things we don’t understand.

  48. MG says:

    How can atheists ‘celebrate the season’ if they don’t believe anything happened?

    Sounds as if they are quite happy to hijack Christmas while proclaiming they don’t believe it!

    but I’d like t see them try the same thing with Ramadan, Eid, Diwali, Hannukah etc and see what kind of response they get…..

    1. Ted says:

      We celebrate the season of the winter solstice, as ancient people did before christians hi-jacked the holiday.

    2. kanawah says:

      Christians are celebrating their mythological holiday at a time and with many of the attributes of “heathen” religions that celebrated the winter solstice in one way or another.

      Not only did the church want its own, it wanted to put an end to all other celebrations.

      In comparison, all of the Middle Eastern religions have done far more bad than good. The sooner their mythology is banished into history, the better.

  49. JFK says:

    Atheism is a contradiction of reason. For more on the Christian faith:

  50. b says:

    evolve beyond religion and we will move beyond war and hate to find peace. find the strength in your mind to do the research and think for yourself.

    1. NYC2010 says:

      The Soviets strived to be a society devoid of God. It’s funny how they still managed to create their fair share of fear, mass murder and repression though. Consider that the things you describe have little or nothing to do with religion, but rather the human condition.

      1. b says:

        “the shoe, the shoe – follow the shoe” – monty python. sometimes we follow the wrong voice. in what you referenced, as in many religions, we misuse good, basic ideas for our own personal and political purposes, and become drunk with power as individuals. once we have the power buzz going, we’ll do or say anything to keep it…big, stupid dogs.

      2. John says:

        You are correct.

      3. Dave says:

        The truth is that the Soviets were not successful ion creating an atheist society so you can’t blame all the mass murders they committed on Atheism when most of them were not Atheists anyway. For example in the US we are supposed to separate Church and State but we all know that religious beliefs play a large part in the decision making within the government. No what the soviets had was a state religion and not Atheism.

      4. Richard Mangano says:

        that’s called State as God… Anyone who believes that you can have causation through the non belief in something, might as well say that Stalin killed millions because he didn’t believe in Unicorns, Santa, or Pixies.

    2. Skipper says:

      We also have to dismantle the industrial complex and their controllers because they also contribute to the human condition for their own good, not for the populus.

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