ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Anglers fear state budget cuts will reduce the number of trout and salmon stocked in New York state’s waterways next spring, despite hefty license fee hikes last fall.

Jason Kemper, chairman of the state’s Conservation Fund Advisory Board, says the recommended staffing level in the state’s fish hatchery system is 80, but early retirement incentives and unfilled vacancies have brought staffing down to 67. He told an Assembly hearing earlier this month that staffing is insufficient.

The price of a fishing license was raised from $19 to $29 last year to bolster the Conservation Fund, which pays for fish and wildlife programs.

Eric Kriss, spokesman for Gov. David Paterson’s Budget Division, says every part of state government has to cut back as the state endures “the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.”

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  1. Bob McNitt says:

    Past time that we pull FWMR from the DEC and form a DNR that would be entirely funded by the Conservation Fund …and the DOB had better keep its greedy hands off it and use the GF to fund DEC.

  2. Dr. Russ Williams says:

    Eric Kriss (and the Governor he serves) needs to take a lesson in what the conservation Fund stands for, whose dollars fill it, and to what designated ends. Those are not tax dollars. They do not come from the General Fund. They are decidedly not under the jurisdiction of the Division of the Budget, but MUST be spent to fulfill the mandate for which they were donated to the Conservation Fund. IF he, the Governor, or another power think otherwise, the united sportsmen of the state well ought to take the matter to the courts, as was done by the Conservation Alliance of New York and New York State Rifle & Pistol Association when the Executive threatened shut down of the Reynolds Game Farm about a year ago, when it was made clear that the Game Farm must remain open owing to the mandate upon the state by the federal government.

    Ladies and gentlemen: New York State government is well out of hand, overstepping the bounds upon it with impunity, and its managers ignorant of the limits placed upon them – so often, when sportsmen are involved, limits that CREATE MONEY that benefits all citizens whether or not they contribute to the costs of improving wildlife stocks and the habitats upon which those various forms of wildlife depend. Too many sportsmen and citizens also have not stayed informed of either how such seed moneys are generated, to which costs and purposes they are DESIGNATED; but they are not PAID by The People to do so: elected and appointed government officials are. They should get back to work.

  3. Bill says:

    Patetrson and ERIC kriss wouldnt even make good Cut Bait

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