Says Officer's Behavior On Sabbath Left Lot To Be Desired

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Members of Brooklyn’s orthodox Jewish community were angered Monday after a rabbi was given a ticket for jaywalking and then subjected to what they say was insensitive treatment by a police officer.

Rabbi Sholom Emert and his wife are upset not so much that he got a ticket for jaywalking on a busy avenue in Midwood, Brooklyn. But rather, he said, that the police officer forced him to violate the traditions of his Orthodox Jewish faith.

“This officer did not understand my religious life,” Rabbi Emert told CBS 2’s John Metaxas.

Rabbi Emert goes to a synagogue on Avenue M to pray three times a day. On Friday evening he was coming home, as he does every Sabbath, on foot.

While crossing Kings Highway, the light turned and he was stuck.

“And he stopped traffic and he pulled me to the side, right over there,” Rabbi Emert told Metaxas.

The officer began to issue a summons for jaywalking and demanded identification.

“I told him I’m a Sabbath observer. I don’t have ID on me. I live down the block. You can come to my house and I’ll give you my ID. So he said if you have no ID we have to take you to the precinct,” Rabbi Emert said.

After 15 minutes of back and forth, Rabbi Emert said the officer told him to write his name down instead or face arrest.

“Finally I was forced to write my name down on the Sabbath, which is something that is not allowed in the Jewish community,” Rabbi Emert said.

Already the incident is reverberating through the Orthodox community.

“If you are an Orthodox Jew and you follow the rules, you do not carry on the Sabbath. You don’t carry a wallet, keys, money,” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn.

Civil rights attorney Norman Siegel said there is no requirement in the United States to carry identification, but: “If you break the law, you have to have ID so the summons can be filled out.”

But many here said the officer went too far.

“The only thing the policeman should’ve done is instead of writing a ticket, advise him of the dangers and give him a warning,” resident Tony Ross said.

“They should have a talk with this cop to brief him about the Jewish community. I’m sure he’s been around long enough to see there’s plenty of Jews around here,” said Shira Emert, the rabbi’s wife.

The sentiment here seems to be this could have been handled better.

An NYPD spokesman said the Department is looking into the incident. Rabbi Emert has a court date in February.

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  1. mike says:

    he should’ve gotten fined for poor taste in clothing instead 😉

  2. Sophia Weisheit says:

    So tell me, what is the difference in making the rabbi “break the Law” by using a pencil, and making a follower of Islam break the law by stopping him from blowing us all to bits? They are both following their religion- where do you draw the line?

    1. steve says:

      What law is there that you must write your name? He could have just given a ticket

    2. Adam says:

      Well, if you don’t see the difference between using a pencil on Saturday and killing people, I am deeply worried for you.

  3. james says:

    It seems that the cop thought he was being lenient by allowing him not to have to come down to the precinct. If you don’t have ID and you are ticketed how can they know who you are? Running or Jogging isn’t a crime in itself. Some cops are plain hardA#$es as we all know and some are not. many people speed on highways and have never received a ticket but that doesn’t mean that a person who gets a ticket should not. Calm down. Oh and every group of religious people believe they are chosen from the smallest cults to the largest religious groups. Personally i think the hawai’ins are the chosen people because those beaches are heaven.

  4. Doris says:

    Meggafish iscrazy. How does he account for Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel in this administration together with so many Jewish offoceholders including the mayor of NewYork?

  5. Johann von Braun says:

    We live in a nation of laws. The law is, as the statue indicates, blind. It is blind to color, Blind to race. Blind to sex. Blind to religion. Religious zealots have always wanted special treatment. In this nation we are all free to practice our faiths unless and until we violate a law. Jaywalking is a crime and therefore those who violate that law should pay the fine. It isn’t religious discrimination to expect Jews to abide by laws on their holiday. In fact, it would be discriminatory to exempt them from laws that apply to everyone else.

  6. Michael Steinberg says:

    The rabbi is not well versed in Jewish law. It is permissable to carry on an Island. Brrokly is part of Long Island…it becomes like an “eraf”…you could look it up.

    1. steven says:

      Since when do you have to carrry an id in america he didnt say he cant carry an id he happend to not have one and did not want to write his name
      “I told him I’m a Sabbath observer. I don’t have ID on me. I live down the block. You can come to my house and I’ll give you my ID. So he said if you have no ID we have to take you to the precinct,” Rabbi Emert said.

    2. David Zarmi says:

      I don’t get why he was allowed to write his name instead of going down to the precinct. Writing is d’oraita. Being forced into a jail is ones (and even riding in a car voluntarily is a d’rabanan).

      The comments here are truly shocking – as if nobody has ever heard of the First Amendment or reasonable accommodation. This isn’t a good situation, and Jews really need to be careful not to jaywalk on shabat (although it’s the most likely time since we walk everywhere and our cities are no longer designed for walking), but there is no reason the officer couldn’t go to the man’s house or write down his name himself. Why would it make a difference if the jaywalker writes or the officer writes? There are 5 million Jews in the United States, probably 600,000 strictly Orthodox (and some more Conservative who keep shabat), and hundreds of thousands of those live in NYC. That ain’t a fanatic religious sect – it’s mainstream Judaism. Just like Jesus.

  7. Geez Oh Pete says:

    My Yahweh, this guy is a whiner. He sounds like the flip-side of the Muslims who want Sharia law imposed in the US. Hey buddy, this is the US, you follow da rulz, mmkay? It must burn him up inside to have a Goyim in a position of authority over him. Isn’t that the real issue? He’s been brought up to believe that he’s Yahweh’s little favorite, and then he was confronted with the authority of NYC cop, it’s time to call CBS.

  8. Adam says:

    It is amazing how many people hold anti-semitic views. The anonymity of the Internet brings it out. You guys wouldn’t have the guts to say these things offline, but online, they are everywhere.

    I will only say that the United States is a place where religious freedom is supposed to flourish. Sometimes people of every faith are given some accommodations because of their beliefs and there’s nothing wrong with that. Orthodox Jews will often have to jaywalk on the sabbath because pressing the button at the crosswalk is prohibited under Jewish law on the sabbath. He is also not allowed to carry things outside on the sabbath unless he is within a zone known as an “aruv.” He is also not allowed to write, or ride in a vehicle no matter who is driving it. In the United States, people are allowed free exercise of religion and sometimes we have to allow exceptions to civil law in order to allow for free exercise of religion, within reason, of course.

    1. BLAKE says:

      Perhaps then maybe he should move to Israel? EQUAL RIGHTS! NOT SPECIAL RIGHTS!

      1. Adam says:

        In the United States, people have religious freedom. Period. I would highly recommend reading John Locke’s Letter on Toleration, which served as the basis of our Founder’s intent for religious freedom. Madison, Washington, and especially Jefferson, would have fully supported leniency on an orthodox Jew jaywalking on the sabbath.

        No one is talking about “special rights.” It’s about being tolerant of each other’s beliefs.

    2. billyjoejimbob says:

      When he steps out on the street he is subject to the laws that the rest of us have to obey. He needs to carry his ID and push the traffic control if necessary to cross the street like the rest of the populace. He’s probably the same guy touting the right of abortion clinics to chop the fetuses. Next up, Sharia law proponents. Freedom of religion doesn’t allow you to supersede the laws of society

      1. chuck says:


        The rabbi wasn’t superseding the “laws of society.” This is America. There is no requirement for you to carry ID when walking. Period.

    3. Sam says:

      You dont need to press the button – WAIT LIKE THE REST OF THE COUNTRY DOES – By the way the buttons dont work

    4. Eric says:

      I’m a Jew and am appalled by the Rabbi’s behavior. Jewish law does not trump American civil law. if they want to lead religious lives, there are daily flights to Israel from JFK. People like this all Jews who are real Americans a black eye and fuel the fire of anti-semites.

    5. KPMc says:

      His religion prevents from crossing at the corner and waiting til the light turns green?

      You know… pressing that button doesn’t really do anything… the light changes in a few minutes no matter what. I learned that when I was six years old.

  9. joel goodman says:

    Sam, you are a fool. If you keep your mouth shut people may wonder if you are stupid, but when you speak, you remove all doubt.

    1. Sam says:

      Explain Joel or is that too hard for you!

    2. Ed says:

      Joel, well said…

      Although, I do feel that regardless of your religion, you are still subject to the same laws as everyone else and should abide them and not argue (“Back and Forth”) with an officer of the law.

  10. Tracy says:

    What makes you think that this man “came here” and was not born here ? Besides your brain cramp that is

    1. Sam says:

      Learn how do read – I did not say that – Maybe you had the brain cramp!!

  11. USAF says:

    Meggafish, have you served in the military? I bet you didn’t! If you have, you’d know they are plenty of jews who serve! They make up less than 2% of population and it’s proportional in the military.

  12. Sam says:


    1. steven says:

      He would have paid but why did he have to write his name? Did you read the article or just let your hatered flow?
      “Rabbi Sholom Emert and his wife are upset not so much that he got a ticket for jaywalking on a busy avenue in Midwood, Brooklyn. But rather, he said, that the police officer forced him to violate the traditions of his Orthodox Jewish faith.”

  13. Warren says:

    The man’s religion and the police oficer’s alleged (albeit likely) rudeness are relevant for discussion, but are not truly at the heart of this issue.

    The heart of this issue is that the police oficer clearly stated that because the man was not carrying ID, he could be arrested. (Don’t even try to argue that he wouldn’t be arrested if he hadn’t jaywalked, because clearly the officer was only going to write a ticket for that. The jaywalking was only a pretext for demanding ID.)
    The heart of the issue is:
    Why is it a violation of a person’s rights to ask for a person’s ID for them to vote for leaders who will hold over us the power of life and death;
    but it is not a violation of a person’s rights to demand that they carry ID when they go for a walk on God’s green earth?

  14. Marty says:

    I don’t understand why the Rabbi didn’t just let the cop arrest him? Wouldn’t a very religious person rather get arrested than break a religious law?

    1. Craig says:

      I’m not positive, but I believe that riding in a vehicle on the sabbath would also be considered “breaking a religious law”.

      1. wcgreen says:

        But aren’t traffic signals that control how one crosses the street also a forbidden technology?

    2. John Patricio says:

      Good call.

  15. Manny Maravilloso, LIC NY says:

    And here comes the hate… its amazing the anti-semites seem to crawl out from every little crack when theres a story about a Jew..regardless what the story is. its like they are consumed with hating. so consumed they actually spend the time to (anonymously of course) get on here and post some negative, insensitive remark so they somehow feel better when they do. Then they can go to sleep feeling more powerful and accomplished. You can all say your comments, they just prove your ignorance. Why not one of you actually stand up for your views and be counted. Post your real name, first and last, so we all know who you are. Youre proud of your anti-semtic views right? So stand up and be counted for them. Stop hiding, show your face and own your views. Otherwise, keep your thoughts to yourself and go back to your lonely pathetic lives.

  16. Annej says:

    jenna… if youre from ny then your a biggot and an idiot. jaywalking? seriously? what kind of azzhole in nyc gives a ticket for jaywalking? and jenna i youre not from ny then you have no clue what youre talking about so stfu. everyone else does it and gets a ticket? you know someone that has? youre just gross. go away

  17. David says:

    Why do blacks whine about everything? Why do Muslims whine about everything? Why do Christians whine about everything?

  18. Jenna says:

    You are the one who is whining. Oh–why are Jews so special…waaaaaa.

    What if you went jogging without your ID and got arrested for it? That would be fine, I suppose?

    Jews don’t whine over everything, bit thanks for showing your true colors.

    1. roberto says:

      What if you went jogging without your ID and got arrested for it? That would be fine, I suppose?
      Yes. That would be just fine, and a lesson learned for me.

  19. Robert says:

    I don’t understand the comments relating to whether the rabbi deserved the ticket; that’s not what this story is about. The rabbi was forced to write on the sabbath, a day on which writing is forbidden. The rabbi was forced to violate a religious belief because the officer didn’t care to understand the rabbi’s situation. The officer likely needs sensitivity training.

    1. John Patricio says:

      He could have gone to the precinct instead. He chose to write instead. How is that the cops fault? Better yet, maybe he should use the crosswalk like every other American is required too and he could have avoided this situation altogether.

  20. Rattlingbones says:

    You have to carry an ID at all times, unless you’re an illegal alien, then you are above the law in this backward land.

  21. Ian says:

    meggafish What a crock! Your statments are Sooooo full of bull. There is nothing valid in your ranting. The Rabbi know’s the rules just like he know’s the rules in the Torah. You don’t J-walk and expect a pass just because of your religion or in spite of your religion. If he was a Catholic priest I’d ticket him on Sunday just as fast if he J-waled as well.

  22. Rascal says:

    Lolz-you are 100% correct

  23. GUS says:

    everybody jaywalks in nyc
    and the lights turned while he was crossin..i mean seriously??

    nypd be hatin tryin a catch me walkin dirtay

  24. Jerry says:

    The Rabbi is wrong in this case. Deal with it.

  25. annoyed says:

    obey the rules you say do you know all the rules where does it say you have to carry ID with you at all times where does this rule exist and who says he is not an american more than you if you are that is

    1. porknbeans says:

      Almost every state has this law to carry ID They certainly have it in California. I disagree with the cop – but know why he did what he did if they are starting to enforce jaywalking. Once you decide you are going to agressively enforce jaywalking – which raises revenue for the city and state (they CLAIM it saves lives in Los Angeles – but it’s drunk and stupid people that get killed, so I don’t care because they won’t follow the law anyway.) Technically if the Rabbi wants to not carry an ID, he shouldn’t break the law, this wasn’t a deserted street.

  26. Peter says:

    Why couldn’t the cop write down the Rabbi’s name?

    1. Jim says:

      The smartest comment yet. Thanks, Jerry!

      1. Jim says:

        Oops, sorry! I mean Peter, obviously. Jerry’s comment was terse but dumb. Peter’s makes sense to me.

  27. mike says:

    who do you think you are you are probably the most anti semitic person i read I am not Jewish but you have no right to call their religion a scam if G-D told them not to write on the sabbath then they can’t and where do you get your info about them paying taxes how do you know, my neighbor is Jewish and he doesn’t claim his house is a temple so before you open your fat trap check your facts arrogant piece of trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dean says:

      Mike said: “if G-D told them not to write on the sabbath then they can’t ”

      Hey Mike, Just wondering…if Zeus or Apollo had certain behaviors required of their followers, could I use that as an excuse to jaywalk or do other minor crimes when obeying the law was inconvenient? Maybe I could go swimming in a public fountain on a hot day, and say Poseidon told me to do it when the cops came to bust me? Sounds reasonable to you I am sure, since blind obedience to ignorant primitive.superstition seems to be very important to you.

      How about this for a radical idea? How about worshiping whatever you want, but don’t ask for any special applications of the rules of society just because you think you have a little invisible magic friend?

    2. james says:

      Mike, I don’t believe you when you say you’re not Jewish. As far as I know, only orthodox Jews write God as G-d.

  28. Ted says:

    Rabbi should know the law… next.

    1. Rex says:

      And you obey every law Ted I hardly doubt it NEXT…………..

    2. Rex says:

      Ted do you obey every law I find that hard to believe NEXT…………….

  29. Greycoat says:

    Had this been a Muslim iman, NYPD would be apologizing profusely as Muslims got all up in arms. Then again Jews don’t fly planes into buildings, wear homicide vests, and engage in threats and intimidation.

    If you’re not driving a vehicle you are not required to carry identification.

    I know of a judge one morning out doing his walk in sweat pants and sweat shirt. He didn’t have any ID and wouldn’t have given them any if he had. They arrested him and quickly apologized when they found out who he was. I was threatened with arrest when I refused to tell the cops who I was when I and a friend was out late walking at night in a nice neighborhood. However, my friend blurted out I was a lawyer and they backed off.

    This rabbi allegedly committed the infraction of jaywalking and this rude cop made it out to be a federal offense or a felony. The rabbi offered to take the man to his house a block away, but no the cop had to be an ass.

    1. KPMc says:

      Jews don’t engage in threats and intimidation? Tell that to the politician that dares disagree with something favorable to their (Hasid/Orthodox) community.

      Are you suggesting no Jews receive preferential treatment in NYC but Muslims do?

      Now that’s funny!

  30. Aaron says:

    “Auchtung Juden! Are your papers in order?”

  31. bill says:

    Guess God nor the Rabbi cares about breaking the law on the Sabbath? Pretty easy, don’t break the law!!!
    Secondly the officer had every right to ask this moron for proper identification, maybe , just maybe a potential criminal may give false information to avoid an arrest….lol

    1. Will says:

      bil, your an idiot.

  32. jw5745 says:

    Poor baby….

  33. Lou says:

    “This officer did not understand my religious life.” “I told him I’m a Sabbath observer. I don’t have ID on me.”

    What exactly is his excuse? How does orthodox Judaism condone or excuse jaywalking and/or not carrying ID on the sabbath?

    The Rabbi sounds like just another indignant but guilty party.

    1. roger says:

      you are not allowed to carry extraneous objects (objects not used for observing) outside the aruv— but i didnt expect an ignorant anti semite like you to understand that

    2. erin says:

      did this rabbi mention anything about being wrong for jwalking no so shutup about it and as roger says its against jewish law to carry anything so keep your mouth shut you antisemite

    3. Methodist Reverend says:

      You are obviously ignorant when it comes to Jewish law. It is against Jewish law to work on the Sabbath. Carrying anything or writing is considered work and is therefore breaking religious law. This rabbi’s CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO FREELY PRACTICE HIS RELIGION were violated by an officer sworn to uphold the CONSTITUTION. Even Jewish inmates in US prisons and rabbi’s who visit them are not forced to carry ID or write on the Sabbath. The officer was insensitive and should be trained on how to deal with the Orthodox community. I am a Christian, not a Jew, but understand the Rabbi’s anger and hope he sues for his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS being violated to freely practice his chosen religious faith in America. PS- He can only walk a certain number or steps from home to synagogue and back before it becomes work. Hope this was his reason for crossing the street where he did. A warning would have sufficed.

      1. Dean says:

        Blah, blah, blah reverend. You too seem to think that religious belief trumps the laws that the rest of us have to obey. Does the rabbi’s constitutional right to freely practice his religion (I won’t yell that in capitals like you did) trump the safety of the drivers in the traffic into which he is jaywalking? If someone has to swerve to avoid someone as they “jaywalk for god”, whose fault is it if an accident occurs? How dare you think this guy or anyone else has a right to walk out in front of my vehicle in a manner that is against the law, and endanger me and the drivers around me, just because they think they have a little invisible friend who told them to do so? What is it about religion that makes people think they are above the law? What pompous nonsense.
        I live in Ottawa. Last summer, I saw an Ultra – Orthodox man in his 60’s look right at my approaching transit bus, and then jaywalk out on the red light in front of me as I was approaching on the green light at 50 km/hr. That would have been bad enough, but he was followed by a child of about 5 years old who lagged so far behind the old man that the man was on the curb when the child was just at the center line. He completely ignored the child as he crossed, and never once looked back to see how the little guy was doing. I tooted my horn to get the attention of this negligent jerk, but he didn’t even turn his head. He walked on with his head held high, as if he were proud of the gross negligence his behavior displayed.
        I of course stopped the bus far short of endangering the child. But I will never forget the look of arrogance on that man’s face as he endangered that child.
        And you dare to think this kind of behavior deserves some kind of special consideration reverend? From what I can see, the more fervent the religious belief, the more likely the person is to be somewhat mentally unbalanced. You and your religious beliefs/delusions aren’t special reverend. And neither is this rabbi, no matter what your little magic friend tells you. Get over yourselves and obey the laws like everyone else.

      2. Methodist Reverend says:

        I for one do obey the laws of the land INCLUDING THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF OTHERS. Many of you anti-religion idiots in this country simply have no respect for those who WANT to practice their faith. No, the Rabbi should have used a crosswalk, but the way it was handled in respect to his faith is irresponsible, insensitive and in this great country we used to at least show respect for one another including our differences. The greatest threat to the law and liberty is people like you who don’t respect the FULLNESS of what the Constitution protects.

    4. David says:

      Perhaps if the Rabbi, was, instead, a black Harvard professor, he could defy the cop and ask President Obama to chastise the officer, who would then be required to apologize on bended knee.

  34. lou says:

    i am jewish and it is very simple we live in the usa and we have to obey the rules like anyone else. The Rabbi could have easily found a different route to his synagogue. He could easily hire a driver to drive him if he is not allowed to drive himself.
    This is not Israel, not Mecca, not the Vatican. We are Americans .

    1. louis says:

      you are jewish you say but you dont know basic jewish law first of all if he cant write on the sabbath how could he go into a car and how can he find another way he still has to cross streets and what does this nhave to do with being in america you make absolutly no sense think before you write

    2. Henry says:

      These are neighborhoods that a predominantly filled with Orthodox people who have walked to synagogue for their whole lives and everyone around them knows exactly why they don’t drive. He got stuck in the street and was apologetic about it. Does this guy have anything better to do? Do you see cops writing tickets to street performers and homeless people drinking liquor out of a paper bags? What about every person who doesn’t use their turn signal when they change lanes in New York?

    3. billyjoejimbob says:

      Probably the most sensible post on this entire issue. Freedom of religion does not impose special rights for one religion over another in the public forum. Using the anti-semite card is just as repulsive as using the racist card. Most of us Christians are sypmpathetic to the plight of Israel with the terrorist muslims. This behavior doesn’t help the cause of Jews.

  35. Jason says:

    Just sign the damn ticket. You cannot jaywalk no matter who you are.

    Also, we demand to see your birth certificate Rabbi. Who are you to break the law on the sabbath. No excuse!

  36. born catholic-converted to Judaism says:

    Pubs, Angel, and the others that appear to vent hate for the Jew; educate youselves – read Genesis 12:2-3. Just for knowing, the Jew doesn’t consider himself/herself as ‘chosen.’ They didn’t crown themselves as such; THE Creator did! Why not redirect that anger/hate towards that ‘other group’ that like to blow people up. You know what I mean?
    (If you’re Christian, remember that your Savior was a Jew..observed the Sabbath, and observed ALL that the Orthodox Jew observes……..AND was ‘Chosen!)

    1. Bob Sakamoto says:

      I’m sorry but I found your comment to be “idiotics”. 🙂

    2. ppavli says:

      save yourself by becoming Atheist!!! u have too much hatred for religious groups.

  37. David says:

    Hmmm… You’d think that a cop in NY would have just a little knowledge of Jewish tradtions. And some of the people leaving comments don’t seem to have much respect for the religious beliefs of others…..

    1. steve says:

      very well bsaid finally someone with some brains thank you

      1. steve says:

        i mean very well said

  38. Rolly says:

    antisemitic? I never said a word about an Arab !!

  39. K.S.Sidhu says:

    After 5000 years its about time that jews start understanding what they were told.
    Moses told jews not to work 7 days a week like slaves. take a day off and on that day thank God who released them from slavery. in those days as well in modern
    times jews do have a tendency to islam they have word called ‘ramz’.
    what it means is that when a wise man says something, always go to the depth of his words. jews over the years have attached all kinds of idiotics to whatever wisdom they were given by wise jews. so be rational understand things then act.

    1. IDA says:


  40. JJ says:

    Bad cop, bad Rabbi. No reason for ticket, no reason to call CBS

  41. dave says:

    Why did he have to write down his name? Why couldn’t the cop just give him a ticket?

    1. Niall says:

      How could the cop give him a ticket when he had no ID and refused to write his name down?

  42. Carlos says:

    Nice to see the antisemitic commenters are back in action.

    1. Alex says:

      It’s not antisemitic to believe that everyone should have to obey the same laws regardless of religious beliefs.

      1. dave says:

        What law is there that he had to write his name down? It seems that some are quick to judge before we know all the facts?

      2. Seamus O'Reilly says:

        Apparently it is.

    2. dave says:

      Why did the cop insist on him writing his name down?

  43. ammo17 says:


  44. Pete says:

    Question is, is there a double standard? What about Muslim women who are not required to uncover their face for photo ID’s? What if this was a Muslim woman?

    1. Oberon123 says:

      I believe that drivers’ licenses are denied ton women who refuse to show their faces.

    2. ppavli says:

      covering your face in public in New York state is illegal my friend.

  45. KPMc says:

    It’s also nice to know you can live by a different set of rules than the rest of us.

    The next time I see a cop stopping some kid or immigrant and asking for ID can they just say they don’t carry any because of their beliefs?

    I’d like to see how well that goes over.

    It’s not the cop’s job to provide special treatment to people.

    But don’t worry Rabbi… if you are a decent person I am sure G_D will forgive you for using a little ink at the insistence of a law officer.

    You didn’t commit some mortal sin. I’m sure there are plenty of other areas in your life that could use some spiritual improvement. Get over it!

    1. IDA says:

      Nice…intelligent….correct. Pity I did’nt hear the Rabbi admit his mistake by jaywalking. If he had most cop’s would have let it slide.

  46. Larry says:

    Oh good gravy just write your name down and move on, if you were a Christian, then Jesus would have understood

    1. Steve says:

      If you would have read the whole article you would have read that the rabbi offered to have the cops go to his house (a block away) to show them his id or is reading and comprehending a whole story only for chosen people as well

      1. Hagen McNalley says:

        If you knew jack about cops, they don’t do Ted Kennedy favors for unpriviledged citizens who jaywalk. Including Rabbis. You have to have ID on the street.

  47. Teresa Montgomery Wendt says:

    Sabbath or not I did not realize it was mandatory to carry ID at all times. This did happen in the United States of America???

  48. Alex says:

    Awww. Better get the ACLU out in full force. Dopey religious fanatic.

  49. ChezDee says:

    If this were a Muslim Imam instead of a Jewish Rabbi…

    1. IDA says:

      The Rabbi would have blown himself up and we would not be having this discussion……sorry just had to say it 😉

    2. Dean says:

      Hmmm…If it were a Muslim imam, he too would likely be whining, wanting special consideration, and expecting the rest of us to conform our rules to suit his religious beliefs. Kissing people’s butts because of their religious fantasies is a slippery slope that never should have been started down.

  50. Mike says:

    We have so many problems in the city, its reassuring to know that police has time to issues tickets for jaywalking, Resources well spent. Its a joke.

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