This afternoon Governor David Paterson will join WFAN’s Mike Francesa for the day on Mike’d Up from 1 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Paterson, a frequent guest on WFAN, will make his first appearance in studio as co-host.

Listen to the show

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  1. Leslie Grubler says:

    Can someone from Mike Francesa’s staff call me? I need a complete transcript of Governor Paterson’s radio program with Mike from the first of December ASAP. It is important to the children of the NYS Early Intervention. 347 853 4241. Thank you.

  2. bob cohen says:

    mike should hire the governor as his partner

  3. Terry Bazylewicz says:

    Please ask to Governor to pardon former WR Burress of the Giants so he can come back next week to help the Giants with their depleted WR corps

  4. Allan Fields says:

    please ask the Governor how he can justify spending a day on the radio talking sports after he sent out layoff notices to thousands of state workers during the holiday season.

  5. Rogatien Vachon says:

    Hello, is this thing on?

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