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There are no ‘style’ points in the NFL, a win is a win, but after the Patriots dismantled the Jets last night in New England by the tune of 45-3, I think the Russian judges would have awarded the Pats a ‘perfect 10’.  Boomer called Bill Belichick’s Patriots performance last night pretty close to perfect, but unlike Craig, Booms was not ready to write off the season for Gang Green.  Craig called the loss the worst loss in Jets history, taking in one step further and saying Rex Ryan looked like a ‘deer in the headlights’.  Boomer hopes the ‘stink’ from last night doesn’t follow the Jets back home to the New Meadowlands where they will take on the Dolphins this Sunday, which is now a huge game and Booms warned that the Jets better get their act together.  So a lot of reaction to the Jets embarrassing loss at Foxboro from both Boomer & Craigie to open up today’s Radio Program…

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Plus, Craig thinks Jerry used bad judgment when choosing the audio for his update, a young Craigie was known as ‘the Bagel’ back in the day, the Knickerbockers are making positive strides, NJ bear population problems,  we find out what is behind Jerry’s foul mood, a Moment that explains a lot about Craigie and an ‘Attention Grabber’ that stopped everyone in their tracks…

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Jerry started off his first update of the day by playing a cut from last night’s Jets-Pats game that Craig thought cast the Booms in a bad light.  So if you listen to the Show on a regular basis and I know you do, you know that Jerry would be fighting an uphill battle with Craigie for a good portion of the morning, which rang true.  Jerry did move forward with his update and reported on the Broncos becoming the 3rd team this season to let go of their Head Coach midseason, when they fired Josh McDaniels yesterday, Don Meredith’s passing, the Knicks winning their 5th in row (10 of their last 11!!!) and Boomer’s friend Bill Guerin retires from the NHL after 18 seasons…

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This morning we learned a little bit more about what experiences as a child helped mold Craig into the human being he is today, when he talked openly about being known as ‘the Bagel’ to truckers and ‘smokey’s’ across the tri-state area…

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According to reports, David Stern says the NBA is ready to proceed with a plan to buy the New Orleans Hornets to keep the franchise in Louisiana.  This could bold well for the Knicks with Chris Paul highlighting the Hornets roster.  That brought up a discussion about whether or not Paul could do a better job than Raymond Felton is currently doing running the Knickerbockers, who are 13-9 with Felton running the show…

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There is an over population of bears in New Jersey so the hunt is on.  Tracy reported on this story during her 8 o’clock news cast and Craig wanted to know what they do with all of the bear meat…

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Craig noticed that Jerry wasn’t himself today and was acting a bit moody so he wanted to get to the bottom of it.  After asking around he learned that Al played a role in what was irking Jerry, the two of them commute into work together and apparently they are starting to wear on one another…

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During his highly anticipated Moment of the Day, Jerry harkened back to the days that Craig ruled the CB airwaves under the name ‘the Bagel’…

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***Now we get to one the Blog’s most popular features, the daily ‘Attention Grabber’.  We have teamed up with the folks over at and today’s gal is from Bothell, Washington and her name is Roberta.  With all due respect to all of the other Roberta’s out there, you are probably all beautiful people in your own right, but this gal has to be the hottest Roberta on the planet, heck she is one of the hottest chicks on the planet period…All together now…HELLOOOOOOOO Roberta!!!
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